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4 to 45 stars This is a very strong second book to a dystopianpost apocalyptic series The events in the beginning are uite mellow as our MC s try to form their plans to find their loved ones The story initially provides a general depiction of how two people adapt to the life after an apocalyptic EMP electromagnetic pulse attack Endless travel Scavenging General boredom It sucks to be a survivor of an EMP There s nothing to do For a little while Cassie and Chris find short moment of peace and est but since it s a state of emergency and general chaos of course it doesn t last when Cassie is taken captive and becomes enslaved by the Omega soldiers the bad guys whose 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life real identity is still in shadows and Cassie was sort of taken back to history and had to go through the ff for several weeks Concentration camp Torture Forced labor Humiliation particularly by wearing potato sack clothes and eating concrete bread and flavored water soup It s funny though that despite all these bad things Cassie is still worried she d be arrested by fashion police Lol This particular attitude of the heroine is what made me feel very fond of this story Oh and speaking of history the plot intensifies when a group of militia men enter the story to free the prisoners and implement guerilla war fighting tactics and guess who has become the leader of the free armyThe hunter becomes the hunted as the militia men and women including Cassie led by the steadyeliable confident logical and let s not forget super hot Chris aim to create chaos upon the Omega Constant attacks and battles mean adventure so yay but less Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, romance so bummer What is good in the situation though is that while in many people such experience brought out the worst in them our heroine learned or is forced to mature and grow up She used to be just a speck of nothing in the used to be big busy world but now she has a clearer purpose I d never thought I d fit into a society like this but life has a way of surprising you For the first time in my life I actually feel like I belong somewhere Cassie I m cheering for you and so is PikachuThat twist in the ending I ve predicted it very early on in the story but I m noteally bothered by that If anything I was just elated when it already happened Defeating Omega is an impossible feat but the Freedom Fighters will keep fighting for freedom for normalcy and for what they lost They will keep doing the ight thing Engaging writing Funny and witty narration in the midst of war and chaos Strong admirable heroine and smoking hot perfectlicious he. Cassidy Hart has had better days Her dad is missing Her friends have been captured And modern society is pretty much gone thanks to an EMP that destroyed the technological infrastructure of the United States Surviving in the foothills of California is a challenge but with the help of.

Ro What can you ask for And that concluding sort of persuasive speech by the heroine cheers for you Cassie girl Woohoo Three wordsRomance action and adventureThe theme for these novels is a great one indeed A perfect dystopian novel if I have to say so myself Summer takes the eader to a world that we are all secretly afraid of in the backs of our mind The one where a foreign military takes over our beloved USA Summer s view on the now common place dystopian idea makes it even a of a ealityState Of Chaos is the second book in the Collapse Series It picks up about 2 months after State Of Emergency ended Cassidy and Chris are trying to stay hidden from the Omega forces to avoid being arrested and shipped off to a death camp All the while looking for Chris s family and Cassidy s dad But soon Cassidy finds herself in a work camp helping harvest food to feed the Omega forces This novel is about her escue and Chris and Cassidy s working with the Freedom Fighters to take our country backCassidy It seems as if this female lead character happens to be the most eal and vibrant fictional person I know She is so stubborn and sarcastic sometimes all I can do is shake my head She loves Chris uietly and will do to anything to get back to her loved ones I was very proud of how far she came in the second book And Chis Ex Navy Seal Chrislong hair muscular swoon worthy Chris OK that s all I have to say about Chris you get the picture Oh yeah And Chris Hemsworth should play Chris in the movie Just sayin And I believe Summer agrees Sometimes when you ead a novel you just connect and for some eason I just connected with these I love Summers writing style the characters and the setting It all makes for a wonderful series If you haven t ead State Of Emergency go get it now Then you will be eaching for State Of Chaos so just go ahead and get both You will definitely not be disappointed More of my eviews at Genre Young Adult Action State of Chaos does not make the crossover from young adult to new adult In spite of the characters s ages there is a juvenile pretense to the ead In addition the author elies heavily on uips and action to entertain the eader leaving the storyline very shallow The youthful tone is primarily due to the main character Cassie who s narration eally hurts the book The side emarks were probably meant to be witty and add personality for me they were overused off key and distracting Rather unfortunate considering Cassie has a significant amount of growth in the second half of the book that is likely under app. Former Navy SEAL Chris Young Cassidy's been able to stay alive Until now Omega the shadow army arisen from the chaos won't stop until every single survivor is either under their control or dead Taken by soldiers and forced into a labor camp Cassidy must turn the tables on her captor.

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Reciated due to statements like freaking Rambo is my boyfriend and weird on steroidsThe odd coupling of the main characters eceived lots of criticism after book one the author crudely addresses this in State of Chaos as Cassie s friend points out the age and personality differences in Chris and Cassie to which Cassie eplies But we are the same too Well there you go This writing strategy is habitual as dialogue is often wordy and annotatingI m not going to continue this series it s not a good fit for me I feel no chemistry between any of the characters and I m not into guerrilla warfare This book had an enormous amount of action which I love but I was let down Maybe my expectations were set too high from the first book and I had to force myself to continue eading Cassie complained throughout the entire book constantly trying to find ways to make her life miserable She should be happy that she is alive when so many were murderedAdditionally there was very very little omance A kiss here and there but nothing special Don t know if I will continue the series since it appears to be going downhill ORIGINAL REVIEW AT LITTLE BOOK STARRate 455 starsWow this book is amazing as the first one if not better I love how there was character development You could eally tell that the characters especially Chris became mature compared to the first book The writing style is perfect and I love how fast paced the story was The characters were still witty and there were some awesome action scenes that will make you say YEAH KICK HERHIS INSERT BODY PART HERE or sometimes it will just leave your jaw hanging In this book Chris and Cassidy are still figuring out who the Omega group is and who is behind it Yeah that s my 1 sentence vague summary for you all because I eally don t want to spoil it A little detail would automatically count as a spoiler so NOPE All you have to know is the characters are VERY kick assy funny and ealistic characters This book involves family friendship survival and trustThe only thing I didn t like is I feel like some of the scenes were just impossible for it to happen The explanation was a bit unrealistic and just too good to be true I didn t eally buy it Overall I definitely ecommend this series to all of you especially if you e a fan of dystopian books There s A LOT of plot twist especially THE ENDING Oh my gosh the ending was a freaking cliff hanger and my mouth was literally hanging I approve of the omance there wasn t any insta love or love triangle fail This is a series you don t want to miss out on. S Escape means everything Unfortunately staying out of Omega's crosshairs is easier said than done You can un But you can't hide Cassidy's about to learn that the hard way State of Chaos is the seuel to the national bestseller State of Emergency a YANA Contemporary Romantic Adventur.

Summer Lane is the #1 bestselling author of 27 hit books including the smash hit Collapse Series The final installment of the series STATE OF HOPE released June 2017 Summer is also the author of the bestselling adventures of the Zero Trilogy Bravo Saga Unbreakable SEAL Collapse The Illustrated Guide and Vigilante Running with Wolves historical thriller was released September 22 2017