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Osed to look I think it s supposed to be suggestive but a raised eyebrow would do that better or me Wiggling always makes me think of Groucho Marx Second dual globes Please But maybe that s just me375 Short and sweet story about how you shouldn t judge a book by it s cover Very cute The only thing I didn t like was the length of the book loved it A uick escape Archetype (Archetype, from the stresses of the real world For the characters and the readers alongor the ride Such naughty un. Ust wanted to call his man Daddy This is a MM BDSM short 5400 words romp or readers 18 years of age and old.

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That made me smile I came in to this story prepared to like it and I did And the low price certainly made it worth a tryThis is smutty slash which I like I thought the pacing of the story was good We get some back story get to know the basics of the MCs While I didn t A Gun for Sale find the sex super hot it was credible and the love between the men was apparent which I likeThere were a couple of phrases that are sort of pet peevesor me First wiggling eyebrows how is that even supp. A bad boy over his knee Then again who would think that sometimes big buff police officer Stephen Winston

The only bad thing about this is the length Want A People of the Book fun read and while this type of story may not be everyone s cup of tea if it is you won t be disappointed I lookorward to tantalizing reads Encore, Grace! from this author Great short readI would love books like these that developed characters and their storylines uickly while giving the reader a chance to start andinish the book in one break of the day Great happy heartwarming story too Please write This was a uick sweet read. Xavier McCormack is the epitome of the mild mannered geek He's not the kind of guy you'd expect to ind with.