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This was an okay read but i didn t like it as much as book one I didn t love Lucy or Ryan in the last book but they were alright characters I liked Lucy a bit in this one but liked Ryan less He was alright at the end but up until that point he drove me nutsThe pacing in this one could be really slow in areas just like the first installment so there were times where i felt bored and just wanted the book to et a move on and Inverloch Volume 4 get past the JonRyan drama Overall Alright read but i had a few problems with it I loved this one whereas I liked the first one I truly felt all of Lucy s emotions I fell in love with Ryan and was solad when Lucy finally realized who she needed to be with While I enjoyed the first book so much The Ghost of My Life didn t The Good and Beautiful God give me the same en. The second book in THE GHOST IN MY BEDROOM seriesAfter dying in a car crash Lucy Warner finds she is having trouble lettingo of her old life Facing death is not something she thought she would have to do at so young an age Fortunately Ryan the host that’s been haunting her bedroom her whole life is there to help her find her way as a host The ood news is that he is now very.

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I really enjoyed seeing Lucy row up in this book I really wish the author would make a third to continue what happens at the end of the novel Make sure and pick this one up it s amazing SPOILERS So normally I don t do spoilers but I really Aww a The Horse in Celtic Culture great ending I really enjoyed the interactions between Lucy and her family Ryan was a bit moody and missing for a while but he can through in the end Couldn t put it down I liked this better than the first book probably because of Ryan I feel like we could ve spent time with him and don t see why she just couldn t let her lifeo But I loved the ending WOWIf I liked the first book this one I loved so sad so cute so frustrating and so beautiful This is a book of true love I really loved it Same review as the first boo. E on with their romance and hold onto the threads of her old life But life as a host proves to be a challenge when Ryan’s jealousy causes him to walk out on Lucy leaving her to deal with the afterlife by herself Lucy realizes the only way to et Ryan back is to let Every Boys Dream go of her life andet over Jon already But being a host is lonely business and the living are just so irresistibl.

Joyment The twist in the plot I was waiting for never came So many ways to have taken this book but the author didn t While well written it could have been so much This series was ood but Lucy drove me nuts the way she kept bouncing back and forth between Ryan and her boyfriend I felt so sorry for Ryan I love the book i couldn t put it down it was awesome i love the romance between a A Succession of Bad Days ghost and a human wish they would make books like this Awe I loved this series so much I was sad to see ito I honestly thought that after such an amazing first book that the second would not be that The Multi-Orgasmic Man good Boy was I wrong This book is even better The story evolves so much than just have Lucy be dead now It is such an amazing read I knew how it wasoing to end how could it not But. Real to her In fact he’s the only thing that’s real to her Since Lucy managed to fall in love with the host while she was still alive you would think this would be the happy ending she had been dreaming of The bad news is her old boyfriend Jon can still see her When he comes to visit it’s almost like she never died Lucy wonders if still being in love can be enough to continu.

Scared of ghosts I would be lying if I said I wasn't As a teenager I can remember turning on all the lights in my Philadelphia home when I was alone even the rooms I wasn't occupying I'd turn my music up loud to drown out the random bumps in the night When I went to the bathroom I would run across the three feet of dark hallway to make sure nothing could grab me and then pull back the sho