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Umbi she made a deal with the devil to supply him with uncorrupted soles She does that true sexual act What I liked about this book was the fact that sex scenes were minimalistic not graphic and wasn t the main focus of the story She enjoys the act in itself but doesn t like the fact that she takes their soles and shortens their lives So she found a loophole There was a guy that she fell in love with a long time ago who she wasn t able to save There is a lot of guilt on her part Suddenly one day he shows up It was 60 years ago since the last time she saw him but he hasn t changed a bit and that aised a lot of uestions Their elationship is complicated because he is angry that she wasn t there when she needed to be It s not an instant love story but there are omantic feelings involvedThen we have a parallel unning story about a mysterious creature killing succumbi She is the next target She needs to get herhim before shehe gets herWe have few pretty cool secondary characters like her demon and angel friends There is a lot of animosity between those two It was eally very fun to ead about them hating on each other The writing is good so is the editing no unnecessary descriptions or grammar errors that I noticed It had couple of twists and a cliffhanger which were very nicely done Overall it was just a very cool ead The pricing is idiculous if you ask me I didn t take away any starts because of it but to pay 10 to 12 bucks for an ebook is a little too much in my opinion I would have jumped on the next book ight away because it ended with a cliffhanger if it wasn t for the price I don t know if it s because I m from outside the US or it s because the publisher is too greedy I had high hopes for this book I love paranormal stories and I eally wanted to like this but I just couldn t If you don Where she's an exotic dancer But when her powers begin to diminish and her fellow succubi start turning up dead all bets are off Monica ealizes she's the one immortal who has a chance in hell of making things igh.

Mystery of these murders and who is stalking Monica as their next victim eally keeps you guessing until the very end This story is full of eally great and well written characters and the ending eally threw me for a loop I eally wasn t expecting that ending at all Can t wait to get my hands on book two I am definitely a fan Due to the nature of the succubus there are a large number of erotic scenes but this book is so much than erotica It is a very well written paranormal murder mystery that will keep you turning the pages Highly ecommend for all paranormal omanceerotica fans ARC provided by netgalley For eviews please visit my blog I eceived this ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview Wow Just wow I wasn t sure what to make of this book from the outset and having finished it all in one sitting I m a bonafide fan of Katana Collins This book was a combo of sci fi and omance and mysteryoh and sex Lots and lots of hot steamy graphic sex Ahem Word of caution if you e used to vanilla sex scenes you e in for a shocker Ahem egains composureFirst of all the book s summary blurb doesn t fully prepare the eader for what is to come Monica is a succubus with angelic origins that has been on the Earth for decades By day she s appears to be an angelic girl next door type and works in a coffee shop in Las Vegas under her boss Drew By night though she strips at a seedy club at her other boss club and prowls for victims In order to sustain her vitality Monica has to feed on souls Sexual 4 starsThe book was actually very cool I don t know why it took me so long to ead it Maybe because it took me a while to understand what was going on But the story is not by any means slow Maybe just a little complicated to understand at firstThe heroine of this story is a badass succ. L with her sexy boss Drew Unfortunately that's as far as a succubus can go unless she wants to take his soul Monica needs mind blowing sex to sustain her and she finds her victims every night at a local strip club.

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35 starsARC eceived from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest eview I like a sprinkling of fantasy amongst the books I usually ead and this seemed the ideal candidateMonica is a succubus a golden one at that She is a fallen angel now dedicated to claiming good souls through the act of sex This not only keeps her on the ight side of hell but allows her sustenance where she displays powers including shifting shining Unfortunately for her she has constant battles about where she draws her sustenance from Monica works as a barista by day alongside the lovely Drew She has a soft spot for him but will not take that any further due to the drain any physical contact would have on him By night Monica is a stripper and this is where she sources a lot of her prey fromThe story sees her life being put in danger so her army of friends and associates come out to assist archangels demons and elementals But are they all keeping her best interests at heartI liked this story finding it very humorous and fast pacedAn enjoyable easy ead Soul Stripper is not the book I thought it was going to be I seriously could not put this book down once I started Monica is a succubus and she works as a stripper because she needs to absorb the sexual energy of men in order to stay alive and etain her succubus powers Problem is each time she absorbs this energy she steals a piece of that person s soul and shortens their life span Monica doesn t like this for good easons she used to be an angel So basically she is a succubus with a conscience She tries hard to take souls that are already lost to help ease the burden that she is taking lives but it is still a difficult burden for her to bear Someone is killing her fellow succubi and apparently Monica is next on the list and the story that builds around the. It's called Sin City for a eason Nowhere else are the temptations so great the sex so good and the demons so badBy day Monica is a barista in a local café It doesn't pay a lot but it puts her up close and persona.

I love coffeeAs an author and a story teller it is the lifeblood to which my ideas take flight And I believe in giving credit where credit is due Occasionally someone ie – my husband will try to secretly switch out my beloved regular coffee for decaf I always know the difference ALWAYS I’m looking at you SEANI am incapable of achieving the perfect ponytail I’m dyslexic I can never we