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Entally handicapped mother The kid is basically feral but he s whip smart and knows the mountains and all its critters intimately He feels a bond with the tiger which may or may not be mutual but joins forces with Graham to hunt the giant cat I won t say any about the nding because it will make you blink rapidly and why spoil it There is a colleague of mine who hails from a town that borders a mountain range and forests It s a scenic place and one that lies close to a wildlife sanctuary He had once told me an anecdote of a bear which was found abandoned by the wayside bordering the forest It appears that this bear a fully grown one was a part of an illegal travelling circus and owing to increasing pressure from the authorities was let off in the jungle The animal had been raised in captivity and slowly found its way back to civilization It did not know how to hunt or forage and it simply say by the way side on a boulder Initially people were scared of the animal and gave it a wide berth but slowly curiosity overcame the fear and they began feeding it tidbits but this however made the bear all the reliant on human beings Time went by and the curiosity dried up people walked away and the bear sat there waiting for food that never came One morning found the poor animal lying dead near the boulder and there was nothing to that story This little tale is not a novel one for this is what usually happens to animals who A Fairly Honourable Defeat escape captivity The lucky ones die painless deaths while gruesomends await others who cross paths with human beings This brings up a hypothetical uestion If a supremely adapted predator was let loose among an isolated community who would merge as the winner of the conflict There is no concrete answer to this uestion for very weapon that we bring to the fore the animal has a finely honed predatory instinct which would counter our moves Jack Warner tells a story of man against nature in the town of Hartesville bordering the Appalachian mountains in Shikar A fully grown Bengal Tiger and a man Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue eater at that gets loose from a travelling circus andscapes into the wilderness of the mountains Natural prey. Ickhouse happens to be very good at his job keeping the peace in his sleepy corner of the huge forested wilderness at the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail A former high school principal Brickhouse is known as a gentle and fair man people like him But he's no match for the tiger one of the most powerful and cunning predators on the planet few humans are and very hunter who goes into the woods after the beast is taken out in pieces Grady is going to have to.

Not the kind of book I normally read Couldn t put it down Fun read a bit predictable at times and the writing style bored me a bit but it was worth the read No strong female characters which was LAME Don t think this passed the Bechdel test One of my favorite books It kept my heart pounding with the suspense This book was heart pounding page turner and I loved very minute of it One of my favorite all time reads This book was fantastic It follows the story of an Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) escaped manating tiger as he terrorizes the residents of rural Georgia and how he is seen through the Gone (Gone, eyes of the different characters A fun book with a mildly improbablending seuence Hemingway or Threads Of The Shroud even El Leonard it is not but still a nice murderous romp through rural Georgia This book took me by surprise It is a nonstop thrill ride It has become one of my all time favs This book was captivatingnthralling and All Seated on the Ground edge of your seatxciting from the first page to the last and was peppered with some great humor that moved it right along I loved it My dad gave me this to read one Sunday when I was the horror wout a book and the library was closed It s not something I might have picked for myself but my final assessment is WOW Very suspenseful very interesting and a thought provoking Untitled. ending The story itself is kind of like Jaws meets Rudyard Kipling it s about a domesticated circus tiger thatscapes and begins Wiring eating the locals in rural Georgia captured brilliantly in all its poverty color heat and characters And yes you can t help but root for the tiger Rest assured that unlike Jaws this story is so much than man vs beast and it really takes off when legendary tiger hunter Jim Graham arrives Graham is a uiet reserved gentleman who leaves retirement in England to slay the beast but he is so intelligent and so respectful of nature and animalsven as he hunts them you cannot help but root for him as well According to the author a retired journalist Graham was based on legendary tiger hunter Jim Corbett The novel takes on an almost spiritual uality as you re drawn into a subplot about a young mountain boy being raised if you can call it that but a Shikar marks the spectacular debut of Jack Warner Totally absorbing it is a thriller of verve accomplishment tension and imaginative power This is the kind of story that keeps us awake and reading into the arly morning hours makes us miss our stop forces us to be late for appointments Shikar pits Grady Brickhouse sheriff of Harte County Georgia against an unlikely but fearsome opponent a full grown Bengal tiger that has somehow found its way into his jurisdiction Br.

Being scarce it starts picking off people from the sleepy town of Hartesville The story follows the town s struggle to reclaim their peace and to hunt down the animal wreaking havoc in their lives The story is pretty much what you xpect from a Hollywood creature feature people who underestimate the power of nature the predator and its unsuspecting victims arrogant men and women who think this is a freak occurrence and pay for their ignorance with their lives and the genuine folks trying to bring down the animal They are all in here What makes the difference are two characters Roy and Col Jim Graham Roy is a feral child and one who develops an inexplicable bond with the tiger While it lends and Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage ethereal feel to the whole relationship the author does notxplain in detail as to what bonds the two and why it brings about changes to the child This factor notwithstanding it is an unspoken and yet life changing bond between man and nature Col Graham is the hunter a relic of the British Raj and one who respects the animal which he plans to kill He is ponymous of the gentleman hunter class of Brits which was so popularized by an lderly gentleman named Col Edward James Corbett interestingly Against All Odds enough he does get mentioned as a character in this book Graham is a uietlderly gentleman who is a polar opposite to all the gung ho tiger killers in the community He uietly goes about his job with brutal Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism efficiency and gets things done The story is a tad predictable but Jack Warner manages to hold it all togetherThere was one little occurrence that made mexclaim out loud An interaction between Graham and an Indian Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils expat in the town which suddenly felt utterly out of place for this tale It reflected rather poor judgement from the author to paint a clich d picture of an Indian as a blabbering and tongue tied inferiorntity in front of his white Sahib Payment Due even decades after the country attaining independence The most befitting remark that I can make is what the Britisher s character himself says as mostmbarrassing This is an under rated and lesser known creature feature Leagues ahead of many others books in this genre Recommended. Find someone or something that can do something damn uick the death toll mounts very day the media and the politicians are clamoring for something to be done and something strange is going on that Grady just can't put his finger on something that doesn't add up Shikar is fresh and inventive Jack Warner performs storytelling magic in the clear resonant style of the classic adventures of Jack London Rudyard Kipling and Michael CrichtonIt is a novel you will never forg.

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