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Soldiers to hold on to what they did for as long as they did was above and beyond the call of duty The essence of Operation Market Garden wasn t the 101st or the 82nd troopers of the US but the sla Some episodes of history are than unforgettable they are thrilling every time one thinks of them One such is the battle of the bulge when the allied forces were further out than could be logistically supported and German forces unexpectedly turned around to strike back and the allies were surrounded on almost all sides with almost no option but to surrender or be massacred and yet the commander famously replied nuts to the proposal of surrender from the Germans barely taking the cigar out of his mouth for saying that much calmly immediately nonchalantly Patton was in Italy and was informed of the. E German defences If it had succeeeded the war could have ended in 1944 Yet the two pronged attack failed in its objectives This book details how instead of being relieved after 48 hours as expected British paratro.

Bulge and the urgency and he drove his army in an impossible drive across to the battlefront in Ardennes near Belgian border in time to save the situation the men the battle and the war So many bridges so little space that uickens the pace to the point where the movie couldn t eep up Thankfully followed up in trilogy format with eual and separate attention to the sideshow of XXX Corps which is an admitted rarity outside of the original sources and the American airborne operations which entailed a lot than just a river crossing1 Operation Market Garden 1944 1 The American Airborne Missions2 Operation Market Garden 1944 2 The British Airborne Missions3 Operation Market Garden 1944 3 The British XXX Corps Missions Osprey Publishing Campaign publicationThe place is worthwhile visiting as well. Opers were cut off for nine days Facing two unexpected SS Panzer divisions the Allies were eventually evacuated across the Rhine after putting up an incredible fight of the 10000 men involved less than 2000 survive.

One of the best Osprey Campaigns I have read Great booksad storyespecially watching the Brits being pinned down and decimated in Arnhem First of all Montgomery holds a lot of the blame for this one but in my mind it rests on the shoulders of Eisenhower Monty continued to beleaguer Eisnhower for a lead in a battle anywhere and sold this plan to him It almost seems as if Ike wanted to placate him because the risk involved far outstripped the realities on the ground Intelligence was all but non existant and the terrain was one road with many bridges critical for follow on force to support the 1st British Airborne Division in Arnhem The saddest part was the total lack of expediency to support them when the ard convoy got bogged down that is from the command level The tenacity and bravery of the. 'Market Garden' was one of the most audacious and ultimately controversial operations of the Second World War a joint penetration by an armoured column and a large scale airborne drop to punch a decisive hole in th.

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