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It takes a special writer to produce an epic novel Epic and sweeping imply a great breadth of a story line in terms of both time and characters Jennifer Cody Epstein deserves kudos for her new novel The Gods of the Heavenly Punishment which takes the eader from Tokyo 1935 to Los Angeles 1962 with characters who are as different as Japanese and Americans can be in that era The unifying point of the novel is a green Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose ring that survives both love and war and brings those two different peoples togetherJennifer Epstein concentrates onelationships in her story Oh yes there are large events like the 1945 fire bombing of Tokyo that destroyed most of the city and earlier the Doolittle The Kaya-Girl raid in 1942 Thataid flown by brave US army airmen struck the first blow after Pearl Harbor on the Japanese home island Many of the planes didn t have enough fuel to eturn safely to the ships they had taken off from and crashed into Japanese controlled mainland China Their crews the ones who survived the crashes were often captured tortured and sometimes put to death by their Japanese captors But Eps. In this evocative and thrilling epic novel fifteen year old Yoshi Kobayashi child of Japan’s New Empire daughter of an ardent expansionist and a mother with a haunting past is on her way home on a March night when American bombers shower her city with napalm an attack that leaves one hundred th.

E ead that a half of the book I started to feel it and kind of understand it Overall it is not a bad book but I have Omnibus Films read another books from this author and this is not her best I probablly will notecomment it Find the enhanced version of this and other Graeco-Egyptian Magick reviews at Cody Epstein s The Gods of Heavenly Punishment is unlike any WWII fiction I ve ever picked up In many ways it i A lush and elouent portrait of humanity This heartbreaking sensual and suspenseful novel opened my eyes to some grim and also inspiringealities about the second World War As with her previous novel The Painter From Shanghai Jennifer Cody Epstein has done extensive esearch and manages to convey details with a masterful touch Read this book Sometimes characters stick with you and that is the case with those in this Novel A bit predictable in some areas but offers a fresh perspective on prewar Japan through architecture and airmen Americans in Japan and Japanese in America before and after war A guy should learn something he d written to Lacy about a place he s about to bomb I agreeProvided by publishe. A gifted architect who helped modernize Tokyo’s prewar skyline but is now charged with destroying it; and Billy an Occupation soldier who arrives in the blackened city with a dark secret of his own Directly or indirectly each will shape Yoshi’s journey as she seeks safety love and edemption.

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Tein looks at the elationships in both the American and Japanese home fronts and how the Doolittle aid and the fire bombing and the fighting devastated lives in both placesBut if Epstein examines war she also looks at the peacetime which preceded and succeeded the war The prewar years in both countries was a time when the protagonists met and sometimes fell in love Some fell in lust and some just fell into elationships that differed from any they had experienced before The post war period too produced changes in character s lives losses and uncertainties were acknowledged and somehow made ightEpstein s main characters Yoshi Bill Lacy lived and experienced the horrors of WW2 in different lands They all lost loved ones as did millions of people world wide But the history and the promise of a small green ing brought them all together This is uite a story I think most eaders will be uite affected by it I know I was It was an interesting and emotional book but the abundancy of times places and characters made me feel a bit dizzy and I lost he flow of the book Just after I hav. Ousand dead within hours and half the city in ashen uins In the days that follow Yoshi’s old life will blur beyond ecognition leading her to a new world marked by destruction and shaped by those considered the enemy Cam a downed bomber pilot taken prisoner by the Imperial Japanese Army; Anton.