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Using on the recise shape of the other guy s cock is maybe not the best detail to The Cowboy and His Baby pick out I had a very strangeroblem with this book which I can t fully explain or say where it comes from or even what exactly it is I generally read this book for a lot longer than I should have Let s start with the fact that I generally enjoyed this book I like John mystery is g I still don t understand why Gabaldon s Lord John books are not Secure Location popular than they are Is the gayness of the main character really such a huge turn off Because I can t find any other reason to dislike these books To me Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade is another great historical novel full of subtle wit and humor details of 18th century London society and entertaining descriptions of military living during the Seven Year War along with a nice mystery this time directly involving Lord John s familyIt should be noted however that Gabaldon turns the gay sexy up here a notch There are some man on man scenes fairly explicit IMO with generous use of words likerick and arse I don t think I enjoyed these scenes too much but I have to admit some of my curiosity was satisfied I only hope I got the logistics right it can be confusing when two he s are involved in the matter But I digress Aside from that I ve learned many other curious things about the The Everyday Witch (Beatrice Bailey, period there were actually chamberots located right in the dining rooms just hidden my screens and they were used during arties officers used to sleep with curling apers in their hair even during war time the ratio of gay to straight men was uite high based on Lord John s experiences Who would have thoughtBut joking aside I really enjoyed this book maybe not as much as the first Lord John novel and will definitely read future Lord John stories Gabaldon is definitely a special writerPS I Reign of Ash (The Chosen partially listened to this book and the narrator is greatReading challenge 21. Stony fells of the Lake District Lord John’s struggle to find the truth leads him through danger andassion ever deeper toward the answer to the uestion at the centre of his soul–what is it that is most important to a man Love loyalty family name Self respect or honesty Surviving both the battle of Krefeld and a searing Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen personal betrayal he returns to the Lake District to find the man who may hold the key to his uest a Jacobiterisoner named Jamie Fraser Here Grey finds his truth and facesa final choice between honour and life itse.

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Read by Gabaldon Onward to the next one with the flash of a blade The one where Lord John s mother remarries which sets in motion new dangers new revelations about his father s disgrace and death and a relationship with an attractive new stepbrother I like Lord John a great deal but I don t like Lord John books very much Partly this is just a bookreader mismatch I don t enjoy mysteries so I m reading these Fline en Lingerie particular mysteries for the character stuff and the historical milieu stuff which is like someone who doesn t like romance reading romantic suspense books for thelot sure to be a disappointmentBut Surface part of it is the booksLord John s infatuation with Jamie Fraser is beginning to call for intensive therapy I didn t actually believe their confrontation in the stable late in the book sexual boasting is way out of character for Grey with anyone let alone with Fraser but its inclusion suggests that Fraser unbalances someone s brain either the character s or the author s Aside from the Fraser bits the character stuff in this book is reasonably satisfying I liked seeing the development of Grey s relationships with his brother and his mother but the romanticlot and the historical milieu were both unrelentingly bleak and hopeless and depressing Significant Orange 5 (オレンジ, parts of the mystery seem like a big mess the involvement of the O Higgins brothers the really unnecessarily large number ofeople named Longstreet and eople with the initial A Grey asking Fraser to send some letters to help solve the mystery and then uite literally forgetting about them until reminded Gabaldon s sex scenes have improved since Outlander which had one sex scene where I actually could not figure out what was going on She had good sexual tension going here and some nice moments If I d been her beta I would have advised her that when you use the genteel generalities with a few details icked out method one guy The Duke of Pardloe shot himself days before he was to be accused of being a Jacobite traitor By raising a regiment to fight at Culloden Grey’s elder brother has succeeded in redeeming the family name aided by Grey now a major in that regiment But now on the eve of the regiment’s move to Germany comes a mysterious threat that throws the matter of the Duke’s death into stark new uestion and brings the Grey brothers into fresh conflict with the The Scot past and each otherFrom barracks andarade grounds to the battlefields of Prussia and the.

Lord John who emerged from the Outlander series as a separate series of novels has a few Spring Snow problems on hislate For one thing he s in love with his new stepbrother For another the bitter feelings surrounding his father s death are still very much alive after a The Greatest Victory period of several years and his brother Hal won t bear his father s title Then there s the matter of theages from his father s missing journal that keep turning up On top of which as a Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, professional soldier Lord John generally has a battle to fight somewhere and the next one may cost him his lifeAs always I m impressed with Gabaldon s command of dialog and attention to historical detail As always herlot is intricate and involves a large number of characters I have decided I need to get a better handle on the Outlander world if I m going to keep reading these books and I will I m a sucker for a lively historical novel so I ve downloaded the audiobook of Outlander and intend to work my way through the series in the order they were written Perhaps my Fates Monolith (MacLomain, poor lame brain can get its head round all theseeople if someone is doing the voicesWhat I like most about the Lord John books is I think the fact that each one is based on a At the Wolfs Table puzzlemystery that gets worked out by the last chapter whereas the Outlander series is very episodic I also enjoy seeing how Lord John negotiates a world in which homosexuality is a crime and a guaranteed route to social ruin if found out And I like this character I always enjoy characters who have a smootholished facade that hides deep emotions Dorothy L Sayers fans like myself may recognize Lord John as a gay Lord Peter Wimsey who according to Sayers is an 18th century gentleman at heartVerdict Good If you like intricate A Family Scandal plots in a historical setting you ll enjoy I m continuing to enjoy the Lord John spin offs than the actual Outlander books This one contains some of the mostowerful scenes I ve. From the exuisitely talented and award winning author of the Outlander Saga come two additions to the oeuvre both featuring Lord John Grey This dashing character first appeared in Gabaldon’s blockbuster Voyager and readers cheered him on in the New York Times bestselling Lord John and the Private MatterDiana Gabaldon takes readers back to eighteenth century Britain as Lord John Grey ursues a deadly family secret as well as a clandestine love affair set against the background of the Seven Years WarSeventeen years earlier Grey’s father.

Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a BS in Zoology a MS in Marine Biology and a PhD in EcologyShe currently lives in Scottsdale Arizona