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S that rowing in the dark is frightening than he first thoughtWritten by Charles Timoney Abridged by Libby SpurrierReader Mark Heap Producer Joanna GreenA Pier Production for BBC Radio 41 Charles possibly unwisely accepts a challenge to travel the entire length of the River Seine from source to the sea2 Having located the source of the Seine further along the river the author takes his first purposeful strokes towards the English Channel3 With the Seine now officially declared navigable and too dangerous for a rowing boat Charles Timoney continues his ourney in a converted Parisian tourist boat4 On his uest to travel the entire length of the River Seine author Charles Timoney meets Stephane a carp fisherman with a very strange habit5 Continuing along the Seine Charles Timoney tries out an amphicar and stops off in Rouen Seuana pronounce sek oo ANN a is the Gaulish Goddess of the River Seine The source of the Seine was called the Fontes Seuanae the Springs of Seuana by the Gauls and they built a healing shrine there When the Romans took over the area they built temples to Seuana and continued her worship Her waters were believed to heal physical infirmities especially diseases of the eye Her name means the fast flowing one and is also seen as Seuanna Siuanna and Secuana Source height of self indulgence Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing Benjamin Franklin This failed on both scores NEXT. To inflatables he encounters truffle thieving terriers and obsessive fishermen grapples with strong rapids and stubborn cattle and is nearly destroyed by a cheese so smelly it comes with its own health warningThis is the charming and often hilarious story of Charles's uixotic uest and the most uniue guide to the true France that you will fin.

I should have know better When the review on the fly leaf says I laughed out loud I should have known that it wouldn t It is described as A wonderful view of France as seen from the water and through the eyes of a genuinely funny writer This is generous praise in all aspects It s a mildly interesting view of France and a writer who occasionally makes you smile But I guess that in the main that is what most supposedly genuinely funny writers do I misread the early chapter and read this book assuming that the author had agreed to row the entire length of the Seine in the little boat that he has constructed in his garage He hadn t The bet was that he would row bits of it and find other transport for the parts that were too tricky to row He did that And therein lies the description of the book It s his account of that A Deadly Deception (A Constance Piper Mystery, journeyThere were some interesting observations on the French language and eually pertinent descriptions of a few villages towns and some local customs and place names Beyond that there s not too much to add The style is very easy to read and it makes a useful holiday book that you can pick up and put down randomly and never lose any essential thread of the tale You could easily read it in two or three sittings It took me longer wellust because it does It was a pleasant read Nothing nasty to say about it Not great literature nor anything to test your intellect Just a nice little book An enjoyable little. From the author of Pardon My French and A Certain Je Ne Sais uoi this is the charming and hilariously funny story of one man's attempt to travel the entire length of the Seine by boatWhen Charles shows his friends the rowing boat he has spent the last six months building he little realises the adventures that lie ahead Several glasses of cha.

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Story about one man and his boat along the Seine The author throws in bits of French history snippets of his life and how an Englishman gets along living in France for many years There wasn t much actual story but it was fun to read nevertheless We learn a bit about the river a bit about him and get an impression of French life I didn t feel he was very engaged with his uest and I felt the actual rowing of the river was fairly unimportant to him I got a bit of fun out of this book but don t expect great literature This smacks of Lets think of something I can do so I can then write a book about it BOTWBBC Blurb Charles Timoney is an English writer with a French wife living in FranceAfter showing a group of friends the rowing boat he has spent the last six months building Charles possibly unwisely accepts a challenge to travel the entire length of the River Seine from source to the sea using the boat where he can to discover the true FranceBut it proves rather difficult than he imagined Not all of the Seine is navigable by rowing boat so he sets sail into an unvarnished France on a variety of craft hitching lifts in everything from a converted Parisian tourist boat to a sailing boat with no mast He even tries out an amphibious vehicleAlong the way he encounters St phane a carp fisherman with a very strange habit grapples with rapids and stubborn cattle rescues a couple when their sailing dinghy capsizes and discover. Mpagne later it is New Year's Eve he finds himself betting he will travel the entire length of the Seine from source to the sea in the next year and discover the true FranceBut the reality proves somewhat difficult than he had expected As Charles sets sail into an unvarnished France on a variety of craft from steamers to police patrol boats.