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53081 S6626 2013 This book explores the cosmos at all scales down through cells molecules atoms nuclei and uarks and up through planets stars nebulae galaxie. This book s about how big Can You See What I See? Christmas Read-and-Seek (Scholastic Reader Level 1) is the universe and how small are uarks and what are the sizes of dozens of things between these two extremes It describes the sizes of atoms and planets uarks and galaxies cells and seuoias Its a romp through forty five orders of magnitude from the smallest sub nuclear particles we have measured to the edge of the observed universe It also looks at time from the epic age of the cosmos to the fleeting lifetimes of ethereal particles It s

S and on to the edge of the observable universe Although much of the material will be familiar to anyone nterested The Perfect Edge in science approachingt along this axis Narrative that trips White Rabbit (White Rabbit its way from stellar magnitudes to the clocks on GPS satellites from the nearly logarithmic scales of a piano keyboard through a system of numbersnvented by Archimedes and on to the measurement of the size of an atom Why do some things happen at certain scales Why are cells a hundred thousandths of a meter across Why are stars never smaller than about 100 million meters Richard of Jamestown in diameter Why are trees limited to about 120 metersn height Why are plan.

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