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S of loneliness have taught him how to defend himself but the one thing he wants most is missing someone to care about him Dirk is an x Marine who is trying to adapt to civilian life He is fierce protects what is his and runs into Ricky by sheer coincidence Something calls to him but he doesn t do relationships or vulnerable What he does do is protect those who need it and from the looks of it Ricky definitely needs some help Dirk also wants but he wants Ricky to be the one to askIf you like stories about a white knight riding in to save a guy in trouble if you The Unseen Wonder enjoy stories about men who are at oppositends of the spectrum and make you wonder what could possibly make them stay together and if you re looking for a read that will pull your heartstrings as it delivers a great mix of hot passion and hope there is someone out there for veryone then you will probably like this free short story I loved the prompt image I didn t care for the story Cute funny and sweet I agree that I would love these two guys in a bookThanks for sharing this with us 35 stars yet another lovely story from the LHNB vent This one is short but incredibly cute I d love to see of Dirk and Ricky It would be great to see how their relationships develops as well as to see them get a wonderful. Of a young man wearing a T shirt with the caption “Life is short so is your penis”This story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries vent.

Happy nding This is a great story complete and neat It focuses on Ricky who desperately wants rescuing and Dirk who can t help himself but be attracted to Ricky s need for security need for protectionThe characters are depicted deftly and the narrative moves cleanly Most Sleepless (Bird of Stone, enjoyable 375This is another of the wonderful LHNB storiesI was a little worried about reading this one looking at the tags it had brat as one and I absolutely dislike intensely when one MC calls the other a brat whether it s meant affectionately or notBut I liked the prompt picture and I usually likeMs Lorenz s stories so I went for itGlad I did it s a uick little story about Ricky who obviously has some issues considering he actually goes looking for trouble in the hopes of finding himself a real life Hero Well h Ricky is a twinky brat who desperately needs someone to care and protect him Dirk is a toughx marine who finds himself drawn to this trouble magnet and his own inner need to be a protector is met when he can t help taking bratty Ricky under his wing A match made in heaven Sweet and sexy I really njoyed this free short Very njoyable Lorenz snuck a storydagger through my not so secret armour chink prince daddycharming rescues smartass brat for cocksucking and lurve Thank you Lynn. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short stor.

It s sweet and motional and it has heart Ms Lorenz did a wonderful job at creating Ricky s character He definitely lived up to my xpectations and Dirk was just so swoon worthy While they might be worlds apart in personality and background they couldn t be perfect for one another I highly recommend reading this one Ms Lorenz thank you so much for choosing my prompt I couldn t be happy with how this story turned out It happens a little bit uick but if you can t connect with your hero right away who can you connect with Ricky wounded soul just looking for that one guy who s going to care So glad he finds one This is a great story with a lot of humor some wonderful vibes between the characters and perfect pacing and Invisible (The Curse of Avalon energy Ricky and Dirk jumped off the pages and became real in my mind as I read about their meeting and being drawn together They re very different but like magnets of opposite poles they are inexorably pulled together Ricky is a brat He lives to antagonize people start fights and get in trouble Somehow he alwaysscapes until this one time when it looks really bad for him He has no home to speak of Dirk calls his apartment a crack hole and that s certainly what it sounds like and nobody who cares about him On the streets since he was sixteen ight year. Dear AuthorI’m screwed I never should have done that but it’s not like he didn’t deserve it Please help me get out of this mess I’ve madePhoto Description The photo is.

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Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name1gay romanceI’m from New Orleans that’s N’awlins for those of you who speak the language I grew up in the Riverbend or Carrollton for the old timers but was a uarter rat from the age of 11 taking 3 buses to go to art class on Burgundy Street at the Cabrini Doll Museum and NORD center I attended Univers