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This was such an excellent book I actually found myself taking notes I would recommend this book to every erson I knowregardless of genderseriously A uick entertaining read with a wealth of knowledge to boot I d like to own this book My main takeaway from this book was that nobody has it all figured it out Even Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet people at the very top have had failures This book includes lots of interesting stories of women at work It is aretty uick read It was indeed useful to read stories of failures That way I think it is easier to embrace your own failures down the road That s important otherwise it might hold you back and you don t end up doing anything thus failing before startingGood Boom piece of advice forassion If you don t have a assion there s nothing wrong with you I think that life is not so much about following your assion but about realizing that your journey is a long one Focus on developing hard skills like Good Morning, Buddha problem solving business writing andresenting and soft skills like taking initiative getting along with others and engaging in meetings Get curious about what you enjoy doing and don t enjoy and notice what gives you a lot of energy For a long time I didn t know what my Personal Delivery passion was either but slowly discovered it by trying to do as best as I can It was great to see that few of the featured women in the book were fellow Smithies also graduated from my alma mater Smith CollegeFew of my favorite uotesWhen you have major setbacks you ironically begin to feel like you can do anything because the worst has already happened and you re no longeraralyzed by the fear of something not working outBut each of these risks whether small or substantial built my confidenceDoing work that you love can inspire others to do the same Good but not memorable Much better books for women in the workplace Selena Rezvani s Pushback for one It s refreshing to hear stories about bouncing back from low La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I points but not all mistakes are created eual A lot of the women featured euated mistakes with riskingotential failure and they aren t the same thing At all This book hit me at the right time I really enjoyed reading of other women s experiences in the working world and how they choose to navigate issues as they arose Mistakes I made at Work is a must read Not only is the author s voice in the Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton preview sections of each of the fourarts really accessible and down. High achieving women share their worst mistakes at work and how learning from them aved the way to successNamed by Fast Company as a Top 10 Book You Need to Read This Year   In Mistakes I Made at Work a Publishers Weekly Top 10 Business Book for Spring 2014 Jessica Bacal interviews twenty five successful women about their toughest on the job moments These innovators across a va.

To earth the essays themselves are riceless They are easy to digest and end with tips which are great take away messages I book marked and highlighted at least a third of the book to return to for myself or my students whom I mentorThe book itself is a collection of essays by 25 really successful women Part 1 is about telling your own story Part 2 is about asking Part 3 is about saying no and Part 4 is about resilience I loved Live Wire (Elite Ops, part 3 and 4 the best Part 1 was less relevant to me but I see its value for those who are beginning their careers Even so every section of the book had some real gems by luminously amazing women like Cheryl Strayed Danielle Ofri Luma Mufleh and my threeersonal absolute favorites Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive people I want to meet and have a long drink with andick their brains forever Carla Harris Rinku Sen and Shirley Malcom If you ve ever stepped on someone s toes brokered a terrible deal beleagueredly said yes when you really meant no doubted yourself or careereducational choices or did something that makes you want to hide under a rock for the rest of your career then this is a book for you A revolutionary idea talk about mistakes and what you learned from them And then ask well known women to contribute Great Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, premise executed well I enjoyed reading about the various experiences backgrounds androfessions and could see the commonality of rofessional women navigating organizational and relational challenges The chapters that I found most helpful 25 years into my career are the ones about giving oneself time to really understand what will make one happy at work and life and that this can be a trial and error rocessI give this 35 stars because I found it to read exactly like a collection of short essays without much narrative thread or overarching theme besides tell your story leaving it feeling a little choppy Nevertheless a great set of essays especially for younger women who are starting their careers Some very good advice and storytelling in a time that this A Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl promising concept but disappointingly flimsy on the ground I was drawn to the theme and to what I could see of the interviewee list Ruth Ozeki Kim Gordon but with rare exceptions found a lot of the accounts disappointingly insubstantial of arimerintroductory volume for young women just starting out in the workforce than for seasoned Film on the Left professionals This may be because Bacal is the Riety of fields – from the arts to finance to tech – reveal that they’re thoughtfulurposeful and assertive as leaders because they learned from their mistakes not because they never made any Interviewees include Cheryl Strayed bestselling author of Wild Anna Holmes founding editor of Jezebelcom Kim Gordon founding member of the band Sonic Youth Joanna Barsch Director Emer.

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Irector of Smith College s Center for Work and Life so college aged women are her usual audience Unfortunately for the same reason the complete list of interviewees was also a little disappointing Likely because of Bacal s Public Policy Making professional affiliation most of them were Smith alumnae While this makes for a fairly distinguished group it also makes for one that tends to be white affluent and Northeastern and reads like aublication disseminated by the Office of Alumnae Relations I would ve liked to have seen women of color on this list and certainly eople from a less than middle class background because both of these factors dramatically affect one s rofessional experienceOverall while there were some gems in here Ozeki s account being my favorite t left me feeling a little swindled I wanted so badly to love this book but I just didn t The idea behind it was really strong but the execution wasn tFor one there was a lack of narrative throughout This is non fiction of course but instead of building on each other the essays just sat side by side loosely gathered by each art title Even within each woman s story there was a certain lack of depth and detail I wish each woman s voice came out alongside Bacal s Instead they all sounded the same It was hard to keep reading or to be truly inspired Maybe if the number of women was cut down and those given bigger sections to develop their lessonAnother thing I noticed was that some of the essays fell into the very trap Bacal criticized in the introduction Mistake seems to be a very subjective term for a few of these women That is some of the mistakes don t seem like mistakes They were also dealt with from a l I enjoyed this book but many of the essays were from writers so it wasn t representative of many careers it was especially low on examples of women in STEM fields Additionally almost all of the essay writers were connected to Smith College in some way and all were college educated While the book had some valuable lessons I felt a lot of these women were allowed to take big risks and learn from failures because they had significant safety nets No surprise even successful Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, people make mistakes Yes surprise here they reveal some so that we can gain inspiration for our own success Getting there lies in the desire to grow rather than merely impress Entertaining well written as well as audiobook wellerforme. Itus of McKinsey Company Carol Dweck Stanford Who Killed Blanche DuBois? psychologyrofessor Ruth Ozeki New York Times bestselling author of Tale for the Time BeingAnd many Ideal for millenials just starting their careers for women seeking to advance at work or for anyone grappling with issues of erfectionism Mistakes I Made at Work features fascinating and surprising anecdotes as well as tips for reader.

Mistakes I Made at Work 25 Influential Women Reflect on What They Got Out of Getting It Wrong emerged from her experiences with students and from her own steep learning curve as she transitioned into higher education You'll find articles about Bacal's work on Inside Higher Ed HuffPost Women and The New York Times blog The Choice Before coming to Smith Bacal was an elementary school teacher in New York City and then worked as a curriculum developer and consultant She received a bachelor's degree from Carleton College an MSEd from Bank Street College of Education and an MFA in writing from Hunter College part of the City University of New York She lives in Northampton MA with her husband and two children