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S who I might have skimmed here and there the story ust didn t grip me like the blurb promised After reading all 3 previous books in the Jo Birmingham series I was highly anticipating the final book were it would all be wrapped up though to be honest I don t want the series to end as I have really liked Jo throughoutSadly this book really fell short I was very disappointed and as a result I got boredthere wasn t that lure to read the next chapter and so forthThis series is about Jo Birmingham and as a character I adore her but she was barely in about 5 percent of this whole book we were thrown tit bits of her and her family even though she was recovering from and dealing with being blind she obviously couldn t be working but this was a massive thing for her and her family to be dealing with but she was A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, just forgot about Oh yes she was there at the end so to wrap the series up but a mere few pages and that was it doneThe storyline itself was good and interesting but it was so confusing there were so many teenagers involved that I was always stopping to remind myself who each one was who she was friends with and I was beyond lost as to who their parents were There wereust too many people involved for it to be a credible plotSexton was featured heavily throughout and in previous books I liked him somewhat but he really came across as sly and underhand at times and uite unlikeableThe female lead on the case McConnigle I think she was Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery just popped up out of nowhere really She appeared in the last book as helping Jo and this one she is taking the lead and is all over it when you barely know a character than half way through a series toust thrust them into a leading roll is kinda insane and in this case not a good move as I could never take her seriously or really cared for what she was doingSo all in all a massive let downAs a stand alone book it would probably have worked better but not for fans of the series I felt the same about this as I felt about Too Close for Comfort really good until the end where it got messy and fell apar. Ive on stigmaSexton believes the girl who cannot move has suffered enough But how far should he go to protect her And what if Jo discovers an uncomfortable truth Blink will grab you from the first page and won’t let

Es What threw me overall was how little Jo actually featured in this book I think you would be hard pressed to say 25% Instead we get to see her colleague Gavin Sexton take of a central lead along with DS Aishling McConigleThe story sounded intriguing but what frustrated me was the feeling that the general story was very disjointed There were huge sections on the if s buts and maybe s and not enough of everything else I also managed don t know how to get really confused keeping track of all the teenagers names This alone and then coupled with the fact that Jo Birmingham features so little made me feel like this book Souvenirs de dbauches just didn t fitI also don t recall Gavin Sexton being such an idiot It seemed like he had morphed into a different character in this book and I felt like I was reading somebody s first and clumsy attempt at a series The book wasn t a total write off and there are glimmers of O Connor s talent as an author But I felt like the series had made a shift that wasn t necessary Overall and towards the end of the book it seemed to be coming together a little and my interest was higher than it had been That said this was way off the mark for NOC and I ended up feeling really disappointedI have been a fan of this series but as I ve said in previous reviews for her books I feel like I m waiting for the brilliance to shine through Thankfully the book ended with an insight and hopefully the return of Jo back as the lead character which is as it should be I hope that people continue reading this series and don t base all of her books on this single one as I feel the readers would be missing out I never like giving books such low star ratings but I really couldn tustify any that this based on this story alone I can only hope that the next book sees the return of that great writing Niamh O Connor has produced in the past Ok so I didn t know this one was part of a series But that being said I didn t even really like the characters or story Talking about characters there were far too many and i had a really hard time working out who wa. It suicideRecovering from loss of sight Sexton’s old partner DI Jo Birmingham is keeping her promise to investigate the apparent suicide of Sexton’s own wife Maura But why does he no longer seem to care Secrets thr.

I ust couldn t read this book past the first paragraph The blurb makes the book sound good enough to read but literally the first line of the book is Lucy Starling claps a GHD down a length of two tone hair dark at the roots peroxide blond at the tips tilting her hair with the tug This is something I didn t expect to read when I read the blurb It drags the whole tone of the book down Plus could the author have not picked a better name that sexton Is that even a real second name I didn t like the fact that I was seeing the word sex everywhere If you want an interesting book then go read something else this is terrible Kept me guessing till the end this book is class Grabbed me from the very start how the chapters were set focusing on different people was a bit confusing and I coildnt uite grasp who was who especially within the polic force but that didnt change how fantastic and amazing the storyline is the plot twists were crazy the entire story was crazy one of the best books ive ever read super interesting A lot of characters and side stories twists and turns An intriguing book that keeps you guessing all the time but can also be a tad confusing as different people are introduced throughout Some parts are a bit far fetched for me but I did like the book overall Well except the ending where the final secret is revealed and which meant I gave a 3 instead of 4 A brilliant book couldn t put it down I received a copy of Blink from the author Niamh O Connor in return for an honest reviewDI Gavin Sexton is investigating a spate of teenage suicides when he meets Lucy school d friend of the deceased who is paralysed with locked in syndrome following a car crash What appears initially to be the result of some kind of suicide club turns out to be something entirely different indeed Sexton I have always enjoyed this series featuring DI Jo Birmingham and the last book was left with a potentially great start for the next book The synopsis also sounded intriguing so I was really keen to get started with the latest instalment in the seri. A hitmanDI Gavin Sexton is looking into a spate of teenage suicides when he encounters a young girl paralyzed with locked in syndrome Unable to communicate in any other way she blinks the words ‘I hired a hitman’Was.

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Niamh O'Connor is one of Ireland's best known crime authors She is a crime reporter with the Sunday World Ireland's biggest selling Sunday newspaper for whom she has written five true crime books which were given away with the newspaper Her job in which she interviews both high profile criminals and their victims means she knows the world she is writing about