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An interesting book Very interesting And different It begins in modern times with this garden designer traveling to an island off the coast of France to restore a memorial garden But things go wrong on the boat there immediately giving the story a sinister feel and it certainly sucked me in and grabbed my attention A man justwalksoverboardYes you read that rightAnd then it gets better with things missing and a very strange old ladyand something about this old lady tells me there s something shocking to comeThe modern story felt almost like a horror at least to methen it suddenly goes back to the war to a blind girl who has a way with perfume and ses her skills both knowingly and The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, unknowingly to aid the French Resistance Americans and BritishI think she was my favorite I really didn t want her part to end She is so brave and handles her disability in an admirable way I wish I d handled my own so maturely soicklyAnd then it switches again to a woman operative in England and the people she knows and the people she watches go to France on covert missions And at 75% I still couldn t see how these three stories tied together I only saw one common denominator a radio operative It was at this point that I began to get impatient I like some clues at leastAnd then it concluded leaving me confused on a few points namely one and I can t reveal what it is without spoiling the book so But I kept asking But why is she And though I loved the blind girl s story best of all I am left wondering how exactly it ties into the other two There s no connection beyond a brief scene at the end The blind girl and the others were two ships barely passing in the night Surely they could have been tied in better than thatFull review on Book Babe I love a good historical novel especially those set in war time Deborah Lawrenson has created a twist on the normal dual time narrative in this book we have three narratives told Breaking the Governesss Rules up to a point with the denouement linking the three together This is all helped by the way the author has captured both the time periods but also the different places our narrators are locatedEllie s story is the longest set in the present day she visits the island of Poruerolles where she has a commission to re design a memorial garden but her trip doesn t begin well with a young man falling overboard on the ferry journey Despite the delay Ellie is keen to get stuck in to the exciting task at hand but soon finds the owner to be a little eccentric and his mother even so There are a number of mysteries hintedp and a strong suggestion of the supernatural which I was. Romance suspense and World War II mystery are woven together in three artfully linked novellas rich in drama and steeped in atmosphere from the critically acclaimed author of The LanternTHE SEA GARDENOn the lush Mediterranean island of Poruerolles off the French coast Ellie Brooke an award winning British landscape designer has been hired to restore a memorial garden Unsettled by its haunted air and the bitterness of the garden's owner an elderly woman who seems intent on ndermining her Ellie.

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N t so keen on and this part of the novel ended with Ellie preparing to leave PoruerollesThe second narrative is that of a blind girl Marthe resident in Southern France during the Second World War Marthe starts of as ite a na ve but loyal girl but as the war continues she is forced to be incredibly brave as her employers perfume makers become involved in the Resistance Reading Marthe s story was Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion uiteplifting and showcased the author s ability to develop a character in a short space of time and exploring without ever being exploitive the problems that someone who has lost their sight encountersLast we have my favourite from all the novellas with Iris s narrative at the heart of the British Security Services during the war based in Baker Street London During the course of her tenure she witnesses loss of friends as well as a love affair with a fellow spy The agents embark on missions to fly into France for The Firefighters Christmas Reunion undertaking various tasks on behalf of the Security Services adding to the tension within the pages This was a sad tale which really bought home the danger that the spiesndertook heart breaking still when the author shows The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey us that not all the spies were on the same side or if they were it could be that they were seeking a different outcomeThis book wasnusual because the three stories appeared to be separate not only because they focus on different characters and places but also in tone and pace Ellie s story is The Amish Midwife (Lancaster Courtships, uite spooky and drawn out whereas Marthe s storyickly picks p the pace with plenty of intrigue to keep the reader s interest before Iris s narrative which has some romance as well as the hard hitting realities of what life must have been like for those involved in this little spoken about aspect of the war storiesA great read for anyone who wants to learn about than the fighting or homeland in war time with characters that are both fascinating and realisticI am very grateful to Orion Books for allowing me to read a copy of this book in return for this honest review My rating 35 of 5 starsPublication Date June 24th 2014 by HarperI received this book free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review In this present hour there was time for anything to happen endless time The Sea Garden contains three separate novellas that slowly intertwine together The first novella shares the name of the title and is set in present day The second and third novellas are all centered around the WWII eraI became an instant fan of Deborah Lawrenson s after her debut novel The Lantern co. Finds that her only ally on the island is an elusive war historian THE LAVENDER FIELDNear the end of World War II Marthe Lincel a young blind woman newly apprenticed at a perfume factory in Nazi occupied Provence finds herself at the center of a Resistance cell When tragedy strikes she faces the most difficult choice of her life and discovers a breathtaking courage she never expectedA SHADOW LIFEIris Nightingale a junior British intelligence officer in wartime London falls for a French agent.

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Mpletely mesmerized me with its Rebecca esue gothic story It was clear she had a talent for the written word and I ve been anxiously awaiting a new book from her The Sea Garden presents a somewhat full length novel broke p into seemingly separate stories but have in common than assumed The Sea Garden novella is the present day story which brings to life a young woman named Ellie who is hired to construct a new WWII Memorial Garden Her short visit is a disturbing one after the mother of the man that hired her is The Amish Nanny (Brides of Amish Country, unkindly to her and after she believes to have seen ghosts in the Garden The real heart of the story comes in the WWII stories that have annexpected impact on Ellie s life even after all that time has passed Thy word is a lantern The Healer (Borderland Brides, unto my feet and a lightnto my path I recognized and enjoyed the authors skillful writing yet found this story lacking in comparison to its predecessor I found The Sea Garden to be for the most part too convoluted and lacking a clear and concise ending that wrapped The Slayer (Time Raiders up all loose ends The affinity between the three tales was a little too slack and wasn t as solid of a connection as I would expect with a multi narrative tale such as this Also the odd supernatural aspects felt superfluous and too extravagant of an addition to this basic tale of history and its effects on everyone it touches The writing was most pleasing but I would have appreciated this story if the three novellas had stood on their own without the compulsory connection between them I simply loved this book It is divided into three novellas which weave together seamlessly at the end The writing is simply beautiful in evoking time and place as the storyline travels between past and presentThe story itself is compelling as it is weaved around historical fact which gives it weight and poignancy and the thread of perfume which weaves it s way from The Lantern through The Sea Garden is prose to savourThe novelnfolds gently with a growing sense of mystery which gathers pace and becomes complex and intriguing and it is not ntil the end when all the links become joined For me it is a book that completely captivates you from start to finish and the beauty and depth of the writing just takes you right thereA thought provokingintriguing and poignant book beautifully written DNFHaving loved The Lantern I was excited to try another by LawrensonSadly this one just didn t take for me although the writing was good and the plotline is one I generally enjoy Who knows why these things happen but they doOh well I certainly wouldn t discourage others from reading this on. But after a secret landing in Provence results in terrible Nazi reprisals he vanishes When France is liberated Iris is determined to ncover the truth Was he the man he claimed to beIngeniously interconnected this spellbinding triptych weaves three parallel narratives into one niue tale of love mystery and murder The Sea Garden is a vivid and absorbing chronicle of love and loss in the fog of war and a penetrating and perceptive examination of the impulses and circumstances that shape our liv.

After a childhood of constant moves around the world my family lived at various times in Kuwait China Belgium Luxembourg and Singapore I read English at Trinity College Cambridge I trained as a journalist on a weekly South London newspaper then worked on several national newspapers and magazines My first novel Hot Gossip 1994 was a satire based on my experiences working on Nigel Demps