Kent Holloway: The Dirge of Briarsnare Marsh A Dark Hollows Mystery #2

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Reanimated them Ezekiel Crane and Kili Brennan are one the case again with some help from Granny This series is so good Now to impatiently wait for the next A great novel combining old fashioned mystery with Appalacian folklore I highly recommend this continuation of the Dark Hollows MysteriesThe story grabs you right from the start and keeps hold right till the end Looking forward to the next installment and see where Mr Holloway takes Kili Brennan the mysterious Ezekiel Crane and the inhabitants of Boone Creek next Great readwhere s the 3rd book Yes I have a literary crush on Ezekial Crane I am not ashamed to admit and I know I am not alone Maybe there should be a support groupThe little people of the swamp sing a dirge when someone is going to die most people cant hear it Ezekial Crane does and now so does Kili Brennan Yep Kili s back How would it feel to be cursed to know that someone you love is going to die most people couldn t handle it but Ezekial has to And this time there is a lot of death coming to Boone CreekI can t wait for the next installment of this series Mr Holloway takes it up a notch with this one for sure I was blown away by the story as well as left wanting by the end Highly recommend this series. VengeanceHolloway skillfully weaves a back woods tapestry of Sherlock Holmes with TV's Supernatural and Justified into a thrilling Appalachian story of magic and mayhem The Dirge amps up the action menace and mojo for a spookfest of epic proportions with a layered mystery and surprises at every turn Join Ezekiel Crane and bring your ten demon bag for another Dark Hollows adventure This series somehow got even better Kane Gilmour Bestselling Author of RAGNAROK and THE CRYPT OF DRACULA.

Hich I thought was nicely done and it was great seeing a character you know in a very different light The last couple of chapters really grab you and I couldn t help but shed a tear or two If a book can create that sort of emotion you know it s a keeper I revisited this book in audiobook form in preparation for the 3rd installment in the series I was ust as intrigued this time as I was the first time I read it There were some intense moments in the story and the narration was excellent Now if I can Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings just make it until the next one is released Original review from July 20 2015 This was an excellent seuel to The Curse of One Eyed Jack It is always wonderful to spend time with Ezekiel Crane and this story does not disappoint The people of Boone Creek are rocked by death in their community but that isust the beginning The characters in the story are vivid and the settings ump out at you It feels like actually spending time in the Appalachians The action is non stop and the story pulls at so many emotions I even shed a tear I am ready for Ezekiel Crane as I have decided that he ust might be my book boyfriend The story that started in One Eyed Jack continues here All of the dead are coming back and it s a race to see who. Oomed to walk for all eternity in the shadowland between life and death bound by a curse to hunt those who would use uncanny power unleash their udgment on anyone with a connection to those who have returnedNow it's up to Ezekiel Crane the enigmatic seventh son of a seventh son to thwart the Leechers' grisly mission and discover who has sent them to wreak vengeance on the sleepy Appalachian hamlet he is sworn to protectThe dirge is being sung Death is coming to the Dark Hollowswith

Originally read 23 May 2014 re read 13 July 2016A great follow up to The Curse of One Eyed Jack this book takes up about six months after the events of its predecessor and things are heating up again in the Dark Hollows Full of fun weird and uirky characters this book grabs you by the throat and keeps you guessing right up to the epilogue Not allowing any spoilers but there is a very sad moment that while devastating is obviously integral to the character development of the odd Ezekiel Crane One thing is definitely for sure there s still a lot to come from this creepy place Fantastic book Mr Holloway Another grab you from the start and doesn t slow down book from J Kent Holloway Interested to see what Zeke is up to next I liked the bit of crossover character Maybe Kili needs to visit Jack to get a break from the marsh Can t wait to see what Holloway brings us in the next one Book 2 in what is shaping up to be an outstanding series The Dirge reads well in audio form I believe I heard rumors of a book 3 at one point I ho I cannot believe I put off reading the Dark Hollows series for so long I am hooked I ust love JKent Holloway s writing his characters are so fun and interesting This book gives a nod to Devil s Child A song of mourningand warningFrom the depths of Briarsnare Marsh the Yunwi Tsunsdi the Little People sing their dirge when death approaches to claim a soul Sometimes though even death can be fooledThe residents of Boone Creek are shocked by the grisly discovery of seven mutilated corpses their sons and daughters brothers and sisters but an even bigger surprise awaits them when the grave gives up its victimsThis miraculous resurrection has not gone unnoticed The Leechers thirteen men

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