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Great book Demolished I ve read the Knowledge Encyclopedia cover to cover and enjoyed it immensely It s easy to read informative and the illustrations are absolutely amazing Some might argue that the explanations don t go very deep but that is to be expected from a general knowledge encyclopedia that covers a truly wide range of topics DK Publishing 2013 Smithsonian knowledge encyclopedia The world as you ve never seen it before New York NY DK Publishing Citation by Sarah RitterReference Type EncyclopediaDDCN 031ScopeContent The purpose of this book is to provide students middle to high school aged and adults information on a vast array. Created in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution and with the latest CGI technology the Knowledge Encyclopedia is a bold new approach to family reference sing 3 D rendered images to explore the wonders

Of current topics related to science and technology AccuracyAuthorityBias DK Publishing is known around the world The information is diverse and comes from the Smithsonian which is a highly authoritative source The information in the book is geared towards those interested in science and technologyArrangement and presentation There are 360 pages with maps illustrations and text The book is printed in hardcover The six main categories are human body science history earth nature and space Relation to similar works This encyclopedia is Captivated by the Millionaire uniue in that if focuses on science and technology and comes from an excellent authoritative source The Smit. F the world innprecedented detail Divided into six chapters space earth nature human body science technology and history culture plus a reference section a wide range of topics come to life Illustrated with fa.

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Hsonian Other works in the library are not as current or do not have as specific of a purpose AccessibilityDiversity The topics are diverse within the science and technology fields Although it is geared towards those with an interest in science and technology it can be A Mighty Big Wish used by teens and adults with various learning styles Of course visuals appeal to visual learners but also help English language learners as well Cost 2999Professional Review Ranucci B 2013 Smithsonian knowledge encyclopedia The world as you ve never seen it before Booklist 1104 Retrieved from I love books like this Lots of pictures and lots of information to stuff in my hea. Scinating facts maps timelines and graphics the Knowledge Encyclopedia makes complex subjects easy tonderstand and is the perfect resource for kids whether to help them with homework or to piue their curiosity.