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Er wondered how she was going to solve a household problem that the reader has never been able to fix themselvesThe plot also lacks a contrast in character strong versus weak or realistic versus idealistic When he learns that his mother is arriving early both characters fly into a panic While this is a believable reaction for the female employee that has no power no dreams and is a victim of circumstance a self employed business man would have reacted by formulating an action plan first things first and then delegating responsibilities according to strength and talent I m good at this ou re good at that I didn t believe that the male reacted as a man would As such the story is a simple pleasant read It moves along nicely and is a feel good book It is of the same uality as the author s other books including Time Will Tell and Risky Seeds Risky Hearts He uses a large dog to trap her in his house refuses to pay her and then stalks her This is presented as romance Fun uick ReadThis book is a fun uick read I loved that it has no profanity graphic sex and violence Enjoy it This is a cute uick romance story While it is sweet there are some problems with the characters from Kara thinking popping a pimple is a good idea any dermatologist will advise against it despite the temptation to B A fun simple story that shows that true love can be found in the unlikeliest of circumstances. His incredibly dirty house lead to love Fly into another of Cindy's good romance books Caskets and Corruption Love on Laird Avenue Braving the Blaze Hazardous Hideaway Not uite Zen Legacy of Lies Time Will Tell A Merchant Street Mystery Book 1 Stolen Horses Stolen Hearts Worth the Wait A Merchant Street Mystery Preuel Seeds of Survival.

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Ause the author has developed a reputation for writing stories that are clean of sexual content and foul languageIn this story a oung woman is selling cleaning products door to door When she rings the doorbell of an artist he assumes that she has been sent by a cleaning service to help him tidy his house before his mother arrives for a visit His mother owns the cleaning service and is a real stickler for white glove inspections He agrees to buy her products if she will help him get ready for his mother s arrivalI felt that the final resolution of the problem would have been better motivated if the story had a little dirt By dirt I mean research or an intellectual element for the reader to think about If the heroine had shown methods or remedies for house cleaning problems that are hard to resolve the ending would have been believableFor example she could have shared the method of using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove baked on grease from metal cookie sheets and bake ware Or she could have combined two of the products she was selling to create a new one Either of those solutions would have made the heroine look ingenious smart and competent A smart woman is a keeper a trait that would have motivated the hero to retain this person in his life It would also have given the reader something to say ahhh about It would have made the plot a little suspenseful if the read. Exactly what she had in mind but it will have to do She ends up knocking on Benjamin Bernini’s door a talented sculptor When his grungy English Sheepdog barrels out the door and knocks her down and Ben assumes she’s the cleaning lady he hired instead of a wrecking crew the place actually needs Kara isn’t certain what to do Will.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Very cuteVery cuteThis was an adorable short book I really enjoyed itI m done but reuires a certain amount of words You ve got to read A Clean Romance by Cindy A Christiansen Kara is a sassy woman who loves clean Ben comes across as a slob but he s really a cool guy with a great dog This short story will keep ou reading until the very enjoyable end I highly recommend it Cute short story about a chance meeting that turned into loveBen is an artist who needs a maid Kara is temporarily going door to door selling cleaning supplies When she knocks on Ben s door he mistakes her for a maid and they clean the house together Good short read First time I have read books by this author however I do look forward to reading another The BookKara wanting to demonstrate her cleaning products stops at Benjamin s place He s expecting a cleaning service and mistakes Kara for that company She s anxious to make a sale and demonstration so she cleans his placeMy ThoughtsI enjoyed this short story The misunderstanding between the two was humorous the romance fresh It s nice reading a book that one knows it s going to be clean love The story has romantic sparks I plan on reading of Cindy s books A Clean Romance by Cindy Christiansen is a short story about a cleaning product saleslady who is mistaken as a maid from a cleaning service The story and the title are a type of pun bec. This is a sweet clean short contemporary romance Kara Bissell loves vacuuming dusting washing and polishing No honestly But most universities don’t offer a degree in Domestic Engineering so Kara plans on figuring out a major later For now she needs a summer job to help pay tuition Going door to door selling cleaning products wasn’t.

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Cindy A Christiansen writes clean and wholesome actionadventure romanceBestselling author Cindy A Christiansen has combined her love of dogs with her joy of writing to create an award winning combination Her novels always include canine characters both in the pages and on the cover an extension of the credit she gives to her extraordinary rescue dogs for their part in helping her overcome