John David Lionel Brooke: Mother Lode

Is is so true in John s case Born in to a wealthy family and yet to xperience so much misery and hate This man s whole FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck existence as a child is unbelievable and to think that any person could be treated in such a way leaves the reader in disbelief His mother most certainly crushed his spirit he also received the same type of treatment from his sadistic sister and hateful brothers He had greatndurance and he did the best thing he could for his sanity he isolated himself from his hateful family What he achieved for himself at such a young age is remarkable This man is living proof that his determination and desire to make it good in life prevailed over his monstrous family I would recommend this book as a good rea. Nion rules skepticism deceit deception criticism hypocrisy prejudices and outright liesThis is my stor.

This is a tale of severe child abuse that will stand your hair on Big Little Man end as you read the torments John suffered as an unwanted child from birth As the book unfolds you really can visualize the scenes as if you were seated in a theatre with front row seatsThis amazing author shares his life of sadness and loneliness fighting to find his own way without the guidance of parents orven his siblings Many abused children often have someone that loves them A brother or sister grandparents aunts uncles neighbor someone but John had only himself I sympathized for John as you will no matter what your life was like It made my heart so happy to see his bravery come through time and again with his spirit to live John has accomp. My Mother Lode is a rich find not of gold or silver It’s 3000 miles long beginning at sweltering Bar.

Lished so much in his life and is still on the positive side of life now as an accomplished author where many would have given up There was a time in his life he could not speak and while his family called him an idiotJohn became a pilot in the Canadian Air Force Obviously his not speaking must have been a gift of sorts as look at him now I do not know why he could not speak but his words are anything but the terms of his family dumb I highly recommend this book so you can open your hearts and The Man from Beijing eyes to what is around you and reach out to help those that may be suffering the same journey Money is the root of allvilThe impression I got from reading this book reinforces the belief that money cannot buy happiness th. Stow in the California desert to chilly Toronto in Canada A bottomless skinny vein rich in shallow opi.

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Observations by an old fart wallowing in a life well spent swinging solo in a hammock on a sugar white beach on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur Mexico Listening to the sounds of surf and sea breezes lasciviously fingering the surrounding high shimmering palm fonds inspired John to become a writer He writes revealing informal and form poetry about nature and and his fellow huma