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About their lives seeing how much they still love each other and their kids I m not sure I enjoyed the kids growing up and how the parents are dealing with thatthat s the kinda stuff I don t like to read about in epiloguesnot my cup of tea really I like to end on that blissful antasy like ending rather than the this is real life ending Just preference there Still maybe a People of the Book follow up story with the two kids was being contemplated I m glad I read this because it allowed me to see how things endedor them but not sure I needed all the sex sometimes there is such a thing as too much se. Ed and always take inspiration rom the contents of the book.

This epilogue was so hot and adorableIt was so cute seeing AM and Bo ten years after they started to date and then 18 I loved it Bo protecting kid and saying she s only allowed to have sex when she s thirty ahahah I love him And AnnMarie being awesome as always and always has an answer or Bo They re awesome together It was okay I really wanted to know where they were years later and it was just a repeat of what was in Noah and Graces epilogue and lots of sex I guess I was expecting a little Hilarious epilogue I laughed so hard Poor Bo and Poor AM Hope he has his shotgun ready Heh. Best ePub, Unspoken Woodlands #21 by Jen Frederick This is

E A 10 year later and an 18 year later epilogue or Bo and AM which includes Noah and Grace and all of their kids It s pretty short and most of it is sex between Bo and AM This probably wouldn t have been so bad if I hadn t read it on the tail end of Unspoken in which I d gotten tired of the sex scenes and started skimming So I wasn t really in the mood or these either I just wanted to know how their lives had turned out and I did so I was happy I was also hoping or some info on Ellie or AM s situation with her Mom and Roger this epilogue did not deliver on that I did like reading. Ery good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amaz.