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S boss Vincent and his wife Lisa one of Joe s key customers Reagan a rubber plantation owner and his employee Ida seemingly a Filipino although her nationality is only alluded to Joe is an avid reader Since the previous ear Joe had been envisaging a magnificent plan to reread all the novels and stories he d ever read in his life so that the stories would be connected together That way he could simply pick up any book and move without interruption from one story to another And he himself would be drawn into it until the outer world wouldn t be able to disturb him he always started right in on the first page of a book and then slowly entered into its web Often the story s background was one he developed for himself Or perhaps it was all in his imagination Invariably as he reached the middle of the book he began to suspect that the sentences were jumping from his head onto the page Otherwise why was it that when he assumed the story was set in Mongolia the hunters wearing short gowns in the beginning section all began wearing long robes And this is where Can Xue uickly takes the novel into a whole different dimension Joe s reading his dreams and his fantasies start to merge with his real life and the dreams fantasies and life of the other characters There is a linear progression to the novel of sorts a form of dream uest but characters appear disappear and morph seemingly at random with various recurring motifs and background characters such as a mysterious black clad Eastern woman West meets East is one key theme wolf cubs wasps dripping wet crows and catsLiterary comparisons are difficult From modern literature the nearest I can come is Murakami s Wild Sheep Chase meets Ishiguro s Unconsoled and from classical literature Calvino Bruno Schulz Borges Dante and Kafka who the author acknowledges as influences My literary works are the same as theirs every piece has a solution a taut emotional logic interview in Bomb She also acknowledges Shakespeare Cervantes Goethe Tolstoy Dostoevsky and the BibleThe characters are all on a journey of sorts indeed over time most seem to join in the long march which starts as Lisa s private reverieWhen Lisa was Playing Sinatra young no one foresaw that the scarlet cheeked incredibly drivenoung woman would be one for reverieBut there truly was a reverie that belonged to her Every day it took place at a set time in the middle of the night a secret of which no one was aware Every night after midnight at the time of utter silence a few strange people assembled at the walls of her bedroom and discussed the long marchobserving the shades assembled at the wall with their unchanging conspiratorial air listening attentively to those tedious nervous dialogues and imagining the army s march through that endless hell ear after ear Lisa came little by little to understand that the long march was not another s it was related only to her own life something she should do her utmost to forget but was also a deep thought destined to be inscribed on her heart Sometimes the stories form memorable vignettes eg a visit to a rural mysterious village where the inhabitants have taken up an unusual form of agriculture farming tortoises who live in jarsAt first they ran into the village in packs jumped into our jars and sat there without moving Then later on we domesticated themBefore this we planted rice paddies for our livelihood After the tortoises came no one planted any For a long time now they haven t eaten anything Just think Zero (The Orbit Series you wouldn t want to run a business that reuired no investment You only have to change the water once a day And a tortoise sells for 200uan As each day lengthens CONGRATULATIONS to translator Annelise Finegan Wasmoen WINNER of the coveted Best Translated Book Award m not on the Can Xue train just Women, Creativity, And The Arts yet so I won t chastise too hard but wtf pub d aear ago and only 19 grratings THE LAST LOVER is the third Can Xue book I have read and the second novel This is a writer w a very distinctive voice and method but it bears some emphasis just how much the two novels I have read have in common Both FRONTIER and THE LAST LOVER feature a number of interrelated characters orbiting around one another almost every chap At first I liked the present tense narration and the idea of reality being little by little permeated by the numerous books the narrator reads if I got that right But as the confusion grew it felt over the top weird to me and going nowhereDNFed. Stical experiments with the household’s cats and rosebushes Joe’s customer Reagan is having an affair with Ida a worker at his rubber plantation while clothing store owner Vincent runs away from his wife in pursuit of a woman in black who disappears over and over again By the novel’s end we have accompanied these characters on a long march a naive helpless and forsaken search for love because there are just some things that can’t be stopped or helpe.

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Nown given the Chinese desire to leave a story with a messed up ending but I even anticipated this and still felt extreme disappointment in the final closing scene I wanted there to be a better wrap up of all that had transpired In its way there is a closure but I wanted something from the intense journeys that were traveled with the characters than the ending that fell flat from such expectations If Captive you are interested in taking a journey unlike any other this book is still worth the read and it is definitely a uniue story of its own I could easily see it being made into a Vanilla Sky type of movie and again I must commend Can Xue on her beautiful originality even if the journey was a bit messed up along the way I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review by Larissa PhamIn Can Xue s prickly and surreal novel The Last Lover the reader encounters a dizzying array of characters who could all in theory be the titular last lover The characters pale eyed businessmen mystic wives demonic corporate clients a beautiful refugee girl with extremely long arms are tossed around the book s interconnected stories like colored beads in a kaleidoscope all roiling with a sexual desire that seems to come out of some dark abyss much like Can Xue s writing itself None of it makes sense there are writhing snakes and screaming cooks grotesuely swollen limbs and boys stung repeatedly by bees and rosebushes that bloom inexplicably throughout theear Yet listing these images does not accurately describe the way the novel unfolds as a performance unfolds my writing them down will not make the novel happen as when reading it happens to Darkfever (Fever, youThe Last Lover is not an easy read But it is incandescent and engrossing ifou are okay with losing Concorso MEF. 400 collaboratori amministrativi. Quiz a risposta multipla per la preparazione alla prova preselettiva di tutti i profili economici e giuridici. Con software di simulazione your sense of self for a few hours Here is how I experienced itHour one I sit in a coffee shop with a paperback copy and a cup of ginger tea The prose is dense peculiar The characters are given to sudden declarationsHour two I am astonished to realize that I have only read less than fifty pagesHour three My head hurts I feel like I have been translating I have stopped tweetingHour four I succumb to the book I let it carry me My cup is empty I do not uestion anything that happens in the novel wolfish faces floating couples inexplicable transformations the motif of heads separating from bodies and hovering there as if still connected Nor do I uestion the characters reactions who take all of these surreal developments gamely as they must as we accept the eerie faces we sometimes see in the periphery of our visionRead the rest here Ok The first hundred pages I was trying to apply some common sense to reading this book and I found this exercise very frustrating But then when i relaxed and let my common sense go out of the window the the book has started working for me and it have become uite an unusual but pleasantly trippy experience actually So my advice would be not to try to rationalise whatou read as it might not work The author calls Kafka as her literary influence But i did not find any existential dread which is so palpable in Kafka It is like Alice in Wonderland for the adults if anything It also reminded me Daniel Kharms and Russian literature of absurd It is not a magical realism per se as there is hardly any connection to the daily reality as we know it So what it is Everyday life has transformed into a dreamland one that was like a chain of interlocking rings says the author on behalf of a character That is exactly what the book was for me a chain of connected surreal stories that play with and often merge the dichotomies of East West love sex and even humans animals There are six main characters 3 couples and the noisy numerous supporting cast All main characters are either lost themselves or lost the connection with their love As a result they are on the individual uests to recover their status But we never know whether they are moving physica The Last Lover written by Can Xue and translated into English by Annelise Finegan won the prestigious Best Translated Book Award for 2015 as well as being longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize and the National Translation Award The initial set up and cast of characters is relatively straightforward Joe is a salesman at the Rose Clothing Company in country A in the west We are uickly introduced in the first 20 pages to his wife Maria and their son Daniel hi. Xue’s vision of snakes and wasps crows cats mice earthuakes and landslides In dive bars and twisted city streets on deserts and snowcapped mountains the author creates an extreme world where every character “is driving death away with a singular performance”  Who is the last lover The novel is bursting with vividly drawn characters Among them are Joe sales manager of a clothing company in an unnamed Western country and his wife Maria who conducts my.

Calling this a difficult read would be uite an understatement Can Xue obviously has an enormous imagination and her ability to weave in and out of reality is truly captivating At times And in extremely small doses I never thought a book could be too weird for me but this one nearly broke me I am glad I persevered however as there were passages sprinkled throughout that were beautifully written and powerful but they were hidden amid a sea of confusion and bewilderment I was never able to really connect with any of the characters so it felt like there were no real emotional stakes for me as a reader just a bunch of seemingly random weirdness It s possible that I just wasn t on the right wavelength so I would like to give it another read in the future In a way I feel like I failed the book rather than the other way around There were several times where I was this close to giving a crap and becoming somewhat engaged only to become lost in the wilderness for the next few chapters I m still interested in reading Xue s short story collections as I feel the short form may suit her uniuely strange vision of the world a lot better and her dense prose may be palatable25 Stars Can Xue s Wikipedia page states As for those who struggle to find meaning in her stories Can Xue has this to say If a reader feels that this book is unreadable then it s uite clear that he s not one of my readers Going by this particular reading experience I guess I belong to the above categoryA series of inanities from cover to cover this book is so bad I don t have adeuate words to describe itIf an imaginatively challenged person is forced to tell a story what would they do I guess they would be stuck in a bind telling the same story over over again recycling the same situation presenting the same characters in different avatars so on Here we have three couples who seem iterations of one another undergoing similar experiences all this to what purpose Can Xue herself can only enlighten usIf the premise is that no matter where Bullfrog Grows Up you Can Xue Its notou Its me Maybe a little bit The Legendary Unicorn you but mostly meI am out S Check out my blog to see Reviews of Books and Movies as well as Recipes and DIY projectsThe Last Lover is written by Can Xue pen name for Deng Xiaohua and translated from Chinese into English by Annelise Finegan Wasmoen If uentin Tarentino was living in a Vanilla Sky esue world in the middle of a Twilight Zone episode and writing in traditional Chinese metaphors this book would be the result This has to be the strangest book I have ever read Having a little bit of background in Chinese culture I was able to understand some of the writing stance of the author Many Chinese stories are told through metaphors much like reading Aesop s fables In the Last Lover we follow along the journeys of the characters Joe a worker at a clothing factory and separately his wife Maria Vincent the owner of the clothing factor and separately his wife Lisa from the gambling city Reagan the owner of a Rubber Tree plantation who buys his uniforms from the clothing factory and briefly his sometimes mistress Ida Each of these characters is on their own journey through their thoughts and every single one of them has trouble telling reality from the created worlds within their minds There is a blending of realities between characters as they each feature at some point or another within the reality of the other characters Can Xue has also created many other interesting characters along the way I can t really say that this is a good book but I can t very well rate it below 3 stars If nothing else the creativity and originality of the Last Lover is beyond comparison Can Xue paints beautiful descriptions of the people when relevant and their locations She does an amazing job of makingou constantly uestion reality just as each character does themselves The beginning is a little hard to get into the flow with her uniue style of writing However once Meeting the Living God you grasp the way that Can Xue has chosen to tell her storyou are easily to follow along with the journeys The characters themselves are definitely interesting to get to know and I think that Maria and Joyner were definitely my favorite characters Can Xue depicts the fears and desires from the depths of each character s psyche Overall I still stand by my 35 star review due to the actual story as a whole I had many grand illusions of what the point of the book itself would be I should have Winner of the 2015 Best Translated Book Award for fiction presented by Three Percent a resource for international literature  In Can Xue’s extraordinary book we encounter a full assemblage of husbands wives and lovers Entwined in complicated often tortuous relationships these characters step into each other’s fantasies carrying on conversations that are “forever guessing games” Their journeys reveal the deepest realms of human desire figured in Can.

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残雪Can Xue Chinese 残雪; pinyin Cán Xuĕ née Deng Xiaohua Chinese 邓小华 is a Chinese avant garde fiction writer literary critic and tailor She was born May 30 1953 in Changsha Hunan China Her family was severely persecuted following her father being labeled an ultra rightist in the Anti rightist Movement of 1957 Her writing which consists mostly of short fiction breaks with the realism of earlier modern Chinese writers She has also written novels novellas and literary criticisms of the work of Dante Jorge Luis Borges and Franz Kafka Some of her fiction has been translated and published in Englishfrom Wikipedia