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Sy to start care and identify with them In someways it reminded me of the Harry Potter books but it also feels like it has influences from the Dune books by Frank Herbert The one things that really impressed me is how Ph. But no changes to the story It also includes a new cover of the bookLibrarian

This is the Second book of the three books in the Nexlord series which I read a few months back The book focuses on friendship loyalty and being true to one another The characters are interesting memorable and it was ea. This is the second edition of NexLord Black Chains with many small corrections.

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Il Blood came p with a magicpower system that is easy to comprehend but has potential that a reader could easily think of new ses for the system I have read the first and the last book of this series this is a must rea. Ote This is an alternate cover edition the original ISBN number is9781452375519.

Philip is a published author of fantasy and science fiction novels strategy guides movie scripts and computer games His published books include two published fantasy epic series Nexlord 3 books and Cathexis 4 books Zone the End and the Beginning and Dragon Slayers Inc Philip's love affair with writing Fantasy and Science Fiction began back when he was eleven years old when he read The