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Ives of the main characters which I often found boring and lacking in the sort of characterization it was supposed to provide The son of the ead actor as an example seems like he should be a window into this world but he s mostly just a whiny Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? drunkoing mediocre J.M. Coetzee detective work for purposes that seem unrelatableIt s aisappointment but I can console myself in the fact that Fraction always seems to have about 4 projects going at once so there s probably something for anyone s tastes I found the artwork in this book to be very confusing It was very hard to tell the Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women difference between most of the male characters and while the black and white style gave an excellent noir feeling to the artwork it reallyidn t help The style of the word bubbles added to the confusion I felt it often wasn t clear who was speaking at any given point in time and bubbles appeared to be connected across panels at times when it was not appropriate I also The Club of Angels didn t really understand the motivations of any of the characters until after I read the bios that were grouped at the end of the book which originally were released with each individual issue of the comic In a letter at the end of the book Fraction wrote that someone reading the story in a condensed format rather than monthly shouldn t need the bios to accompany each issue but I felt like the writing and story were so nebulous that it would have been helpful It wouldn t have made aifference aesthetically or in terms of page number so I m not really sure what the reasoning was there I Blue Skies and Gunfire didn t fully understand what had happened in the book until after I read themThe premise is excellent and interesting enough that I almost want to keep reading but I juston t think I could slog my way through another volume Just not a book for me Somebody told me that this was one of the best indie comics of the past few years they said it was a noirish tale too but what they Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women didn t tell me was that it occasionally bordered on softcore porn Turns out that the story wasull and the art so so but I uite enjoyed the softcore porn aspect of it I m either heading in to middle age or still a teenager But either way I idn t care enough to make me want to pick up volume two Ugh Seriously I see what Image idthey showed you the flashy stuff Saga Walking Dead Sex Criminals the big writers Fraction BKV Aaron and they got you to pay for that while also unloading on you a ton of mediocre stuff and some Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, downright turds ButI ll still buy the next Humble Bundle just for the value alone of the great stuff I m willing to suffer the shit to get to the gooey nougat centreBetween successfulpopular Matt Fraction writing and oldogwell knownrespected Howard Chaykin Born Fighting doing the art you figure Satellite Sam would be a winnerWell you be wrong I m also starting to think that Matt Fraction is becoming a little obsessed with sex in comics Sex Criminals had humour and a balance of lightness and serious stuff a mixture that goes Dr. Simon Forman down easy This is just the seedy sex of theepraved behind closed Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside doors 1950sI never watched Mad Men but this seems like Mad Men the comic in a TV producing environment instead of an Ad AgencyI also have to admit a secretwhile I respect Howard Chaykin and can tolerate his stuff Ion t really LOVE his style of art In black and white it s hard to tell some of his characters apart and frankly between that and the storyline I A Wartime Nurse didn t make much effort toSatellite Sam is a TV show and the star is foundead in a flophouse with tons of Split dildos and lingerie all over the floor His soniscovers that he s also got boxes and boxes of photos he s taken of all the floozies he s fucked over the yearsincluding the Female Co Star of the show who s a born again Chr. Ober up he might be able to figure out why in this noir mystery shot through with sex and violence in the seedy underbelly of TV's

I m not sure why but this graphic novel When Stories Clash didn t reallyo much for me It was an enjoyable read but that s about it It Sword of Honour Second To None didn t suck it just wasn t that positive Considering everything it really should have been great Amazing art by Howard Chaykin Solid writing by Matt Fraction Subject matter that involves TV sex murder and a mystery that makes you think as opposed to being handed to you However I kept finding myselfreading reading it instead of looking forward to it And unfortunately I m happier to be The Extra Cadaver Murder done with the graphic novel than I was when reading it I hate when this happens because I like other things that Fraction and Chaykin have worked on This time though And I can t uite put my finger on why It justidn t Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 do it for me Satellite Sam Vol 1 gets one star for the art and time period The writing when you can make sense of it on the very busy and messy pages is so weak that if the person s last name were not Fraction the reader would wonder to a great extent how this was even made with so many great ideas out there for graphic novels The story Some guy who works for a sci fi show on television in 1950 s New York runs into a snag when his fatheries in possession of countless polaroids of random women all posed in pretty much same thing for the same shot So the son Mike goes looking for the women I know fucking ramatic right Wait it s not over in what must ve been a horrible misreading of the movie Network and the power that it wields we are treated to page after page of behind the scenes chit chat about nothing about plans for broadcasts no one cares about plans for this and that all this planning by our characters in a stor Matt Fraction most overhyped writer in the industry Has one fantastic book and a hundred other pieces of garbage floating around out thereAdd this one to the rubbish bin I guess I just on t get why anyone should care about this story Fraction has zero understanding of the Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society drive of a crime novel and even less understanding of the mood I guess he was reading a lot of Ellroy before he vomited out this script Stylist Howard Chaykinoes exactly what he always Um Fogo Eterno does and nothing here Weird panels and nonlinear pages Same old Writing DArt B The story seems to be somewhat interesting but the art ruins this book There are about five male characters and maybe three female characters with EXACTLY THE SAME FACE This bookesperately needs some colour at least Yes maybe black white is in style of the story but it is very hard to read it the way it is now At most it needs another penciller I Lawn Boy Returns don t care how legendary Chaykin is and I understand that this book is a big collaboration between him Fraction plot wise but hell I ve read other bw comic books and never had the problem withistinguishing the charactersVery Yolandas Genius disappointed I ve become a Matt Fraction fan over the past few years His stories often have a massive ambition but manage to stay grounded through solid characterization and snappyialogue On this book however I run into a problem The art style gives me a The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty damn headache Io have a bit of a bias My preferred comic book style runs closer to Sixth Gun Saga Invincible or pretty much anything with clean simplified lines I like clarity in visual storytellingThe old school The Light Beyond the Forest design of Satellite Sam has a constant busy uality with overly tight panels compositions and line work that without color gives the impression of a sea ofetail The word bubble The First Mistake designoesn t help either looking like their placement was of an afterthought than a Jewelry Making For Beginners decisionAnd oddly the storyoesn t seem to work in the aspects its aiming for Seeing the world of early television from a insider perspective is compelling but eual time is given to the sometimes lurid sex New York City 1951 The star of the hit TV show Satellite Sam turns up ead in a flophouse filled with irty secrets If his son can

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Istian SCANDAL But this book goes for titilation over substance and fails Yes there s a kind of lurid The Penguin Book of English Verse dirty appeal to the forbidden sex acts that we all now take mostly for granted I mean most people are going to see 50 Shades of Grey for Valentine s Day FFS but at the same time it s kind of tiredIon t really care much for the head of the studio trying to expand his network or his appeals to the FCC to get a bigger audience share or the technology of early TV It is interesting material for a proper historybiography book for sure but it falls nearly as flat as the Superhero Union Contract Negotiations of COWLThe son Michael is a raging alcoholic yet somehow the murder of his father seems to spur him on to Seven Secrets of Happiness discover who he really was other than a raging horndog There s lots of sex here but no connections just the euivalent of sad handjobs from homeless hookers Lono s faveNo one is happy everyone has vices and there s always positioning for power Yawn It s obvious Fraction finds the early age of TV fascinating and in thisigital edition we also get a conversation between Fraction and Chaykin about the 50s and early TV which is interesting that the whole of the first VolumeSex booze broads TV lies scandal coverups somehow this all just falls pretty flat for me as a reader I m not really emotionally connecting to any character they all seem pretty useless Then as a reason to continue the series or prolong it at least they throw in the angle that it wasn t a random crime of passion but a murder that killed Michael s fatherDAA DUHHH DAAHHHI m sorry I would have liked to enjoy this but it just feels like it s pandering to a teenage audience who hasn t figured out how to use PornHub yet This would have totally worked on me at 14 for sure but now it just comes across as cheap and makes you feel like taking a showerI think that might even be the aim so ya we get it the 50s were just as The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, depraved as today but people felt the shame of keeping things under wraps and to themselves I guess it s up to you toecide if that s better than nude celebrity selfies going viral or notI ll be missing the rest of this on purpose and I think maybe if Matt Fraction is so interested he a Howard should just have a nice long sit The Force of Destiny down chat and put out a podcast or somethingSadlyisappointing again like a sad handjob2 in 2 The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) daysnot a good start to the weekat this rate I ll have to start reading FF This reefines the word pooOn the back cover of the volume in big bold lettering it says SEX DEATH LIVE TVLive This was just bad On multiple levelsWhere to startWell firstit was probably the most boring stoyline I ve run across in a while in one of the least interesting settings I ve seen ineverThe How I Became a Nun drama behind an old sci fi television showNo I m sorry but Ion t care what happened behind the scenesActor found The Rose Tattoo and Other Plays dead with naughty pictures of womenUmA look at the lives of random people who work for the showAaaaand you ve totally lost meLots of oral sexCome on Fraction What are you 15 years old or somethingIt was crap There was no tension no one to root for and not even a real plot that I could see Or maybe there was and I had just zoned out by the time it got around to making an appearanceThe art Everyone looked the SAME And it was all scrunched in with a shitload of thought bubblesialogue I couldn t tell what the hell was happening or who the hell was talking half of the time And when I could It was mostly just random nonsense about tv shit that as far as I m concerned The Undoing Project didn t advance the plotDon t believe meHere look Would you want to read this shitSo Excruciatinglyull hard to tell the ifference between characters and cluttered panelsOh yeah And it s Black and White AwesomeKill it with fir. Olden age By Matt Fraction Sex Criminals Casanova Hawkeye and Howard Chaykin Black Kiss I II American FlaggCollects SATELLITE SAM #1.

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