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Sometimes I wonder why he loves her so much But then sometimes she s kay Although she s just so clueless it s comical And frustrating I really love Harper She s awesome But Carson I wanna strangle that bastard He s causing too much turmoil for this couple I don t like it I don t like him Ugh But I m excited for Mostly because I can t get enough Death by Inferior Design of Garrett I love that boy That has got to bene f the most intense cliffhangers I have ever read I can t wait for the next book I read all 3 f the books Hitler's Northern War: The Luftwaffe's Ill-Fated Campaign, 1940-1945 of this series in two days so needless to say I am love Jade and Garret These two had better get an HEAr I will have to forever boycott this author I don t mean an HEA for now either I want a full HEA including wedding and kids and a glimpse f their happiness 10 to 20 years from now So no ne had better stand in the way f that Got it Good From reading the description for book 4 it seems there are still some bstacles for them to A Philosophy of Cinematic Art overcome so these people had better watchut This includes the current players plus any new The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified ones who show up So that being said let s talk about the current players who seem to be trying to get in the wayf my I mean Jade and Garret s HEA Another awesome and intriguing chapter White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs of Garret and Jades story Loved this book as I have the first two Now I am just sad that there are 9 days until the releasef the 4th bookI want it now I m not usually ne for long series about ne couple but I really wish that there were going to be even books I m not near ready enough for it all to end I don t recall ever loving another book couple the way I do these two This book we did get to see an unflattering side Scab of Jade but given her past and all the things she s constantly dealing with I didn t fault her too much And the great thing about her is that she always comes around fast and realizes how great things really are Garret was just fantastic as ever in this book He did some wonderfulver the top sweet gestures that I melted for and he was as doting and supportive as everI ve gotta say the whole mysterythriller thing is still going strong and has me captivated still I keep racking my brain but I cannot for the life In a World Created by a Drunken God of me figure thisut I feel like Jadeconfused afraid to ask uestions but unable to st. The Kensington mansion she’s not sure what his acceptance Indo No Kao of her means Is she tied to his family forever now that she knows somef their darkest secretsSpring semester begins at Moorhurst College and a new student arrives who has a little too much interest in Garret’s family And a little too much.

And we are done Only took 3 books to get to this point but Jade ruined the series for me Which is sad cause I really like almost everything else about this series Here is the thing Jade was all in the wrong yeah I m not going to ruin it for those f you who are still going to hang with this series She just couldn t put her distrust and hateful attitude away long enough for me to enjoy this book I just can t stand her and that is sad because this book series was good Oh well another series ruined by a bad heroine in an therwise perfect world The Jade series is Giant Peach Yodel onef my favorite series to read However I felt this book was so unfinished We expect the 3rd book in the series to put forward important life changing events yet it just seems to wonder around in circlesA uestion I posed to myself was is Garret going to stick around We know for sure he loves Jade but Jade never seems to do anything thoughtful for him She just seems to reluctantly accept all his thoughtful gestures but provides nothing in return apart from her bodyJust a thought Five starsLoving You is the third book in the Jade Series This book continues where the second book ended In this book we see Jade and Garret settlled into a relationship Where in the second book we see them entering into a relationship we are now seeing them in a concrete Sinai and Zion one And even though there are still forces trying to keep them apart they manage to stick together And in the end they even strengthen their relationship In this book we are introduced to a new character Carson He s a well written character He is a bitf a creep at least in my pinion It seems like his whole mission is to break Garret and Jade upThe plot continues n from where the last book ended And it is even getting better I was immersed from the first page I could not stop reading and I finished this book in about a day I cannot wait for what is going to happen in the next bookOverall this is another awesome book And for sure the best book in the series I would recommend this book for sure And the drama continuesI am addicted to the Jade Series 45 starsGreat continuation to Jade and Garrett s story Though Jade pissed me ff uite alot I swear that girl pushes my buttons Garrett is just the perfect guy and. Since meeting Garret n her first night at college Jade’s had to vercome many bstacles to be with him including interference from Garret’s father Now months later it seems that Mr Kensington has finally accepted Jade dating his son but the reason for that is unclear After what Jade witnessed at.

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Op wondering and not sure if I should trust these people Iniquity or not Allie Everhart has done a wonderful job with this plot and I can t believe how greatf writing she s done to be able to stretch this ut for so long and still have us in the dark The rate at which we learn secrets is just so frustratingly perfectAgain the secondary cast awesome Loved f Harper Sean and Lilly And even Pearce Hated absolutely loathed Carson but that s what he s there for Gotta have someone you love to hate and he plays the part wonderfully Second book didn t have a big cliffy but this ne sure did I loved the last chapter and the curve we ve been thrown I am so excited to see where this story goes and how all the loose ends are tied up Mrs Everhart is also excellent at pulling ut the big guns in the last 15 20% Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) of her books and thisne was no exception My Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook only hopes in going into the last book is that the characters truly do get a HEA and that we get a glimpse into their future together Again I am just so attached to these two and I don t ever want to stop reading about them So I want the perfect ending for them I have no doubts they ll get exactly what they deserve Allie clearly loves them as much as we do Jade is really starting to getn my nerves I loved writing this book because it s jam packed with love and romance and I m a romantic at heart Garret surprises Jade with a New Year s Eve trip and has even surprises planned for Valentine s Day He s determined to make all the holidays extra special for Jade since she never celebrated themThe spring semester at Moorhurst brings new challenges to their relationship But it teaches them things about themselves and each ther and ends up bringing them closer as a couple But that s not all The mystery continues Jade s still not exactly sure what s going n with the Kensington family although she s starting to have suspicions Here are some Livin' de Life other things to know about Loving You1 It startsff right where Knowing You ended2 A mysterious man enters the picture3 Jade learns something new about Garret4 Their first big fight The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter occurs5 Jade gets a big surprise The suspense is killing me When does the thirdne come Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki out I m hoping for an epiloguef their future together at the end Cognitive Science: An Introduction to the Study of Mind of the series. Interest in Jade Garret continues to win Jade’s heart with romantic gestures that make her love him even It seems like everything is starting to workut for Jade but as her mother used to sayGood things never last Or do theyNote This is a New Adult novel and contains mature language and situations.

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