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Aspired The book is written in a simple style and you won t be able to pause reading it till you get to the end The author uses the style of storytelling to inspire the readers to make the reader feel that they too can achieve or less the same heights that the role models in the book achievedWe are at a time we do not meet that many exemplary role models to follow You would say I am wrong as you could argue that the likes of Bill Gates Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are good enough to be role models I agree with you They are living legends we have today But the leaders talked about in this book never had the luxury and the sophistication today s leaders have access to Doug Moran the author of this book talks about If Sixteen Leadership Attributes that Rudyard Kipling s poem If talks about When I read the poem I did not understand its value in management but only as a set of guidelines one should follow to resist failure and win But now after reading this book I treat both the poem and the book as the best management lessons I took If you want to upgrade yourself from a good leader to a great leader consider this book as your Bible Great inspirational stories of leadership. Applied these leadership attributes to achieve extraordinary results If You Will Lead uses the power of storytelling to teach its leadership lessons It combines bigger than life examples with everyday stories to help leaders apply its lessons to their own leadership challenges whatever they may be It's a practical guide that offers numerous resources and tools to help readers hone their skills and achieve their full potenti.

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Moran breaks down important leadership attributes into bite size stories of historical leaders that lived and breathed them Anyone who enjoys reading about leadership and history will glean a lot from this book Excellent content and easy to read format The author presents the material in a logical progression often providing real world examples in your daily life Highly recommended Taken from a known poem If by Rudyard Kipling the literature nobel winner this book offers 16 Principles of Leadership The author interestingly describes each principle along with a story of historic leaders which make this book a good read for those who love history I myself enjoy the narrative lines given for those figures mostly US Presidents such as Washington Roosevelt Jefferson and Reagan social figures such as Mother Theresa Hariett Tubman Marthin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela and even inventors such as Alva Edison I myself mark this book as a nice mix of art history and practical leadership principles free nook book I am an admirer of Rudyard Kipling s famous poem If First I read its Sinhala translation while I was a schoolboy and I felt it was exclusively written for me Later If You Will Lead Enduring Wisdom for 21st Century Leaders provides readers with guidance for any sort of leadership ourney Whether you are a seasoned executive or ust starting your first leadership role this book will help you grow as a leader Doug Moran starts by posing four critical uestions for every reader to consider1 Who am I2 What do I want3 How can I get others to make their own choice to follow me4 How can I earn.

Hen I came to a stage I could understand the original English version I ust fell in love with the poem In fact I use this as the main inspiration to me whenever I am dejected and hopeless When I came across the book If You Will Lead Enduring Wisdom for 21st Century Leaders I was overjoyed and read it as fast as I could It is a book filled with inspirational stories about the people who won despite being challenged by many a negative force All the people discussed in this book are leaders who achieved their goals while being forced to abandon their struggles on the way to success But their never say die attitude took them along to where they wanted to be This is a good book to read if you want to be a leader You will understand that sky is the limit if you wake up your inner sense and align all the forces to a well set goal The book gives examples of legendary leaders like Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela who achieved extraordinary heights despite being at the receiving end for most of their lives The book also tells you how American presidents such as Washington Roosevelt Jefferson and Reagan fought against all odds to achieve what they. And retain the privilege to lead If You Will Lead helps each reader discover his or her own answers to these pivotal uestionsMoran has taken Rudyard Kipling’s classic poem If— and created a leadership framework out of it that comprises sixteen eternal and essential leadership attributes He draws on noteworthy historical events to illustrate how great leaders like Martin Luther King Abraham Lincoln Mother Teresa and others.