Loki Renard: Over Witchs Knee The Chronicles of Lesbia #1

Story and hope there is another book because I was left wanting Lesbian fantasy need I say. Idnaps Atrocious What Ayla doesn't know is that Atrocious is not ust another pretty face Atrocious is trouble – trouble than one witch can handle possibly trouble than even a goddess can bear Come oin Ayla Atrocious and a whole band of sapphic miscreants on an adventure to the very end of Lesbia.

Really funny to readOne irritating thing is the missing r in the word brought throughout Welcome to LesbiaA world where warriors trade in flesh witches are hunted by a hostile Imperial regime and goddesses knit This is a land of magic mystery and matriarchy Here women rule with firm hands Those who trespass against others are likely to be swiftly smacked to their senses especially if th.

He bookAlso there is an excess of spanking involved This was a fun great read I loved the. Ere happens to be a witch about Our story begins with Atrocious Lex a plucky peasant with aspirations to a life of crime Her plans are cut short when in the course of casing a forest home she meets a witch named Ayla who claims to be three thousand years old Ayla is beautifulAyla is seductive Ayla

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Top 100 USA Today bestselling and #1 bestselling author in multiple categories Loki Renard writes sizzling hot occasionally dark and twisted stories of dominance submission and discipline