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Chef and author Donald Gazzaniga changed the world of heart disease treatment with his aggressive dietary plan that called for no salt in his food Since 1997 he has helped thousands of others recover from often frightening diagnosis with the same plan In Living Well Without Salt he reviews the path he took as a guide fro readers who need to recover from heart disease Meniere's dizziness kidney and iver ailments and any other chronic illness re.

Uiring a very Invisible (The Curse of Avalon low sodiumifestyle A great read a huge help this book also contains 134 recipes that fulfill our daily needsThis is a new updated eBook and Kindle version Revised for much better cookbook navigation via the table of contents and the index and with each recipe From the worldwide best selling author of No Salt Low Sodium CookbooksThe Living Well Without Salt Cookbook is the fifth in a series of books that have proved to help rever.

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Se heart disease stop dizziness from Meniere's and help with all other maladies that reuire cutting salt and sodium The author is well known worldwide in medical and nutritional fields and highly respected for having help scores and scores of patients to avoide a heart transplant simply through a change in ifestyle This how to book is chock full of useful information and guidance Works well with his other books which can be found at megaheartc.

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