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I understand why people are so upset with this book but I personally thought this book was raw realistic and heartbreaking Click Here to see the full review After Reading I just don t know how I feel right now Before Reading Edit 3 Here s another awesome cover by a fan 3 brilliant work Edit 2Ok this s so freaky 600 likes guys awesome Edit 1They are probably looking for a title other than those above that s why they haven t named t yetwho rated this I mean seriously the second part sn t even out yet and people rated a book that Risking It All is probably not even written yetI think the cover of this book will have Erudite s or Abnegation s symbol ontI am so exited freaking can t wait for Dog Food 2 itEditme waiting2EditI found this fan made cover on googlesn t t amazingimage error The book starts off with this epigraph from the Erudite faction manifesto Every uestion that can be answered must be answered or at least engaged Illogical thought processes must be challenged when they ariseAnd then fantastically misses the mark Allegiant was so chock full of plot holes unrealistic situations contrived character development laughable explanations and a whole load of wtf moments And that s not even ncluding the disastrous ending of this book How this book managed to have an epigraph about being logical The Moonshiners Daughter is a complete mystery to me INCLUDES MASSIVE SPOILERS view spoilerRight from the get go the book wastes little time with the petty conflict between the factions and the factionless The narrative s Ten Hours laterWhen I don t like a series ending I tell myselft s partially my own fault that the book suffered from my expectations In the case of Allegiant I think Emmas Orphans it went a little beyond that Hours after finishing and sleeping on my crushing disappointment I have to admit that very little of this book worked for me So I m turning to the device that I always turn to when I m stressed or overwhelmed with something lists As alwaysn a review of this nature there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS for all three books Saints on Stage in this series I m using a cut andt means very definite business Things that Did not Wo. Die Fraktionen haben sich aufgelöst und Tris und Four erfahren dass Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, ihr ganzes Leben eine Lügest Es gibt eine Welt außerhalb hrer Stadt außerhalb des Zauns Für Tris und Four.

A fourth book2 Character Developmenta The background charactersNone of the background characters went anywhere significant I did not learn anything new about Cara Christina or Uriah I could have eliminated all three of them from this book and everything would have been the same Even Uriah s njury and death felt like a plot point for Four that was ultimately completely glossed over Peter and Caleb showed no growth or change Peter proved that he s still the same coward he has always been and yet somehow he gets exactly what he wants Caleb too proved a coward He was given the chance for redemption and he didn t take t As for Natalie Prior I thought her backstory was Publish and Perish interesting It was one of the fewnteresting things about the book though I thought the love triangle was unnecessary and slowed the plot down I also couldn t wrap my brain around why when she found out Tris was divergent she wouldn t have told her at least some of this Given Time information she knew something that would help her daughter and her society And even thought was The Book of Lamentations interesting backstoryt didn t change Natalie Prior s motivations for saving her daughter and acting as she didThere was a rash of seemingly senseless deaths Guide Through the Old Testament in this book First Edward dies Butwhy To show that the factionless show as little regard for human life as the Erudite did For the two page scenen which we don t know The Best-Case Scenario Handbook if Evelyns upset by his death The same thing with Tori who died The Last Days of the Romanovs it seems simply to provide the momentn which we find out how wrong she was and that her brother now has to deal with her deathButwhy do I care about George Wu This problem ties back to the world building problem and the need for another book We are The Fate of the Romanovs introduced to so many new characters Some lady whose name I can t remember Amar George Nita Matthew David all the people from The Fringe The people from the Fringe We barely learn anything besides their names Amar and George are theret seems to provide some familiarity for our refugees but we barely see them and they don t teach us anything new about the Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, inside or the outside Then we get to Nita who plays Wahrheit stellthr Leben völlig auf den Kopf Als Tris dann auch noch die letzte Entscheidung treffen muss kommt alles ganz anders als gedacht Der atemberaubende Abschluss der Trilo.

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Rk for Me LOSER in Allegiant a List by Kateview spoiler1 The World BuildingWhen you think about both Divergent and Insurgent there was very little actual world building that went on We established the faction system and the wayt functions Home-Ec 101 in Divergent We also established the problemsnherent with that system In Insurgent we explored those problems by watching the breakdown And then Exterminating Angel in the end of Insurgent we find out thatt s all an experiment Culture and Customs of Norway intended to save the outside world from war and violence and povertyThen we get to Allegiant Everythingn the video The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, is a lie son a lot of ways everything Tris did at the end of Insurgent was for nothing The outside world Shake, Rattle and Roll is basically Chicago 20 onlynstead of being divided by personality type people are divided by the extent of their broken genes It s an A Private Midnight interesting thought and a cool platform for philosophizing but so muchs crammed The Weavers Idea Book into this book that we don t have time for those subtleties Basically we have one book to learn the mass ofnformation we need to know about the outsideThis The Mission of Mooney Rooney info dumps compounded by several things 1 Everything we thought we knew about the outside The Road to There is a lie and some things we thought we knew about the people on thenside Templars in America is a lie too 2 Tris knows nothing about the outside so things that we know about as readers keep being off handedly explained to her and also not explained to her 3 a lot of what Tris has to figure outs science and history and there s not the sufficient background needed to help with suspension of disbeliefThis Used (Getting Inside of V, is clearly supposed to be farnto the future at least seven generations but fundamentally Inside a Barn in the Country it s still the world we know We knew that because of the fact that Chicago was clearly recognizable But knowing that everything on the outsides basically still functioning through our government and that the same kinds of The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums issues still cause problems Something about that made me uestion every piece ofnformation thrown at meThere was too much Athena informationntroduced Tales from the Toolbox in this book fort to be the closing of a series and I honestly think this whole series would have benefited from. Steht fest dass sie diese neue Welt erkunden wollen Gemeinsam Doch sie müssen erkennen dass die Lüge hinter dem Zaun größer st als alles was sie sich vorstellen konnten und die.

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