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Te clearly in the background this version seemed uite good The narration by Wanda McCaddon with her British accent lent a sense of authority to the storyline Until this time around I had missed the fact that Sayers own outlook on her life s work saw her most fond of her work in the translation of the works of Dante Has motivated me to look again into listen to Sayers The Mind of The Maker Well worth your time to understand some of the life of England through the war years although this work does not go deeply into what that life was like First I hate the star system Would I rate my children by giving them stars SheeshOkay I read this book because I found it while cleaning out my mother s apartment talk about books yes she s fine She has moved to a smaller placeand inside the dust jacket I read that Sayers was terrified of motion Emotion and the dance of freeze thaw that people do with it is my writing obsession I had to read it Since I spent my childhood sneaking around in my mother s diaries looking for a sign of an actual person it seemed appropriate to read a biography in which the author relies on the subject s letters to create a sense of her life It s there Coomes does a good job of bringing the inner life of the highly cerebral Dorothy Sayers to the page no small feat considering that her closest friends didn t know until she died that she had an illegitimate son After spending time in her story I almost understood whywith great sympathy for John Anthony Biggest uibble Coomes doesn t The Management Bible examine her relationship with her son Why not To me that s a big oversight Still the booknlarged my understanding of why people bui. Ters Sayers wrote reveals her to be a complex woman Sayers was a very private person who Zu schnell even hid thexistence of an illegitimate child from her closest friends She was also someone to whom faith was central and wrote many theological books as well as the famous.

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CS Lewis Charles Williams JRR Tolkein you may be familiar with but you may be unsure about Dorothy L Sayers a woman committed to the pursuit of truth and the highest standards 221 Her pursuit of truth wove together all the various strands of her work Sleepless (Bird of Stone, essays letters drama detective novels and As a result Sayers was a woman of great scholarship talent Christian faith and above all commitment to truth 221 Shortly after her death CS Lewis wrote For all she did and was for courage and honesty for the richly feminine ualities which showed through a part and manner superficially masculine andver gleefully ogreish let us thank the Author who invented her 221 Sayers was an xtremely ntertaining and delightful companion What made her so was her careless rage for life which revealed itself in the tensions mostly creative between combativeness and vulnerability between a knock about style and a devout seriousness between bombast and frailty 222Reviews of the biography must focus on the subject because David Coomes captures her as a brilliant student controversial apologist witty bawdy intolerant of fools the woman terrified of motion who is revealed through thousands of letters she wrote Her Christian faith was the overarching force in her life and work Coomes allows Sayers to speak in her own voice as he uotes xtensively from her letters The biography is rich but sometimes slow What an introduction to an incredible writer Coomes study of Dorothy L Sayers life rings uite true from what I have read of her and by her Another reviewer took issue with the uality of the sound production other than one instance of a telephone heard ui. This biography of the novelist Dorothy Leigh Sayers the creator of Lord Peter Wimsey and the bestselling author of a dozen detective novels brings out the spiritual pilgrimage and struggle at the heart of Sayers' life story The author who draws on thousands of let.

Ld the walls they do I absolutely love the Lord Peter Wimsey novels but I have never known much about the author This book really opened my Invisible (The Curse of Avalon eyes about her Part of the fun of this book was how the author wove Sayers books and plays into the biography because so much of her writing has autobiographical bits in it I also loved thatven though the book was written by a man it was read by a woman I listened to this on hoopla and a feminine narrator was uite fitting because so many of Sayers letters were part of the book Sayers was a complex person She was the daughter of a minister attended Oxford had a child out of wedlock then married a man who would not live with her son so she paid someone Yummy Supper else to raise her son She had a lucrative job at an advertising agency for years After she wrote the Wimsey novels the BBC asked her to write a Christmas play for their Children s Hour the result was The Mind of the Maker and this seemed to turn her life toward theological writing She wrote plays and wrestled mightily with her faith Her crowning achievement was a translation of Dante s Divine Comedy Sayers personality also comes through in this biography She was uite intelligent passionate about her work a loyal friend not one to shy from a debate over something she felt strongly about After reading this book I feel that Lord Peter Wimsey is just a peek into the person Sayers was I hope to read of what she has written and maybeven take a trip to the Marion E Wade Center in Wheaton which collects Sayers writings along with other writers of her time I would highly recommend this biography to anyone who wants to know about Dorothy L Sayer. Detective novels Her radio play on the life of Christ The Man Born to be King caused a furore when it was first broadcast and went on to win acclaim She was linked with the Inklings the group of writers which included CS Lewis Charles Williams JRR Tolkien and othe.

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