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Yes Could the story be a little developed Yes I especially wish we would have seen when Dane and Jayden met How much do I care Not very much Oh and have I mentioned that the sex is hot as hell We re talking INFERNO Wowza The conflict is resolved uickly and easily with little angst and lots f love and we re provided with a wonderfully sweet epilogue Oh and we get a great story about the MacKenzie family history I m wondering and hoping something about that plays ut in future books Buried treasure ya ll I definitely recommend this series for when you re short n reading time but looking to scratch that reading itch Since each brother s full story is told in a duo A Philosophy of Cinematic Art of short novellas these are the perfect uick in between books that will give you endearing characters an engaging story and a great family to fall in love with 3 12 starsVery uick read but it was really good to get the follow up to Dane s story and see how his relationship with his son was progressing It was a new addition to Liliana Hart s series the MacKenzie brothers and I swore to myself this year if I start a series I finish it dammit Well I ve read Dane last year and my tastes have evolved since Don t misunderstand me A Christmas wish is a nice uick read with good characters Liliana Hart can sure write characters you can relate to and empathize withIt was sweet it was fluffy Dane has returned to town has won back the woman he loves but he has trouble connecting with the son he never knew he had with herWhy has he gotten used to you Riley and Cooper and not me He comesver to hang The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified out with you guys and the moment he sees me he stops talking and tries to look anywhere else When I talk to him he answers inne syllable words What am I doing wrong How do I reach him He s been trying for some time now and since Jayden the son keeps his distance his mother Charlotte doesn t really know how to stand She knows she loves Dane but there is a serious problem to. Much it warms my heart that you fell in love with this family I've decided to revisit each White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs of the brothers becausef all the wonderful emails I've received ver the past couple f years asking What happens next Back Cover BlurbDane MacKenzie has made mistakes but despite them all he's reconnected with the woman he's always loved and the son he.

45 Stars Way to go Liliana Hart This is just what I was looking forI read Dane about 2 years ago and while I felt it was a steamy little short and had potential it lacked depth I always wondered if the author would revisit with these characters and expand Scab on their story Well much to my surprise and delight she did and wrote a fantastic story The whole MacKenzie family gets involved Still plentyf steam between Charlotte and Dane but what I really enjoyed was seeing Dane and Jayden find their footing and build a relationship Then the author topped it In a World Created by a Drunken God off with a beautiful epilogue Liliana Hart made me a happy camper Again too short but I m glad we had gotten from Dane Charlotte and Jayden I wish we had gotten to read about Dane meeting Jayden for the 1st time but it was nice to see them come together A Christmas Wish Dane Dane MacKenzie and Charlotte Charlie Munroe45 Stars A Christmas Wish Dane is the continuationf the first novella Indo No Kao of The MacKenzie Family series by Liliana Hart Favorite uotes He wants us to be a family I want to be a family I love bothf you with everything I am You ve made me the man I never had the courage to be before Dane I was just waiting for the right moment Put the ring n my finger love and let s live happily ever after Charlie 35 StarsThis series is turning ut to be the perfect in between read This books picks up a couple Giant Peach Yodel of months after the endf the first book Dane and Charlotte are engaged but she s reluctant to set a wedding date Dane and his son Jayden have a bit Sinai and Zion of a strained relationship and frustrations and regrets are flying high Dane wants to complete their family but both Charlotte and Jayden have fears that he may leave again How can he prove to them that he s in it for the long haul How can he reach Jayden and show him that he belongs as a MacKenzieI m seriously loving this MacKenzie clan This book isverflowing with family and love Does the pacing move a little too fast. A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Dear Readers A CHRISTMAS WISH is a continuation f Dane MacKenzie's story DANE which can be found for free at all retailers It is highly recommended that you start with DANE since A CHRISTMAS WISH takes up where that novella ends The response to the MacKenzie Brothers Novellas has been verwhelming and I can't tell you how.

Solve here Maybe a good hearted snow battle and a treasure hunt will help Go for it kid If you act like you re hurt Thomas will come ut to help you and you can get him good It ll nly work nce though so make it count Jayden nodded and smiled and Dane s lips curved in an identical grinHe comes to realize that keeping distance between him and Charlotte is not a good idea He needs to see that we love each therDon t worry there s a HEA coming your way After all it s a Christmas story so it can t go wrong And I liked reading it you could feel the family love and enjoy the easy banter but I want no I need something darker now This was the perfect continuation Iniquity of Daneit completed what felt very unfinished in the first book 45 StarsLoved Loved Loved this watching Dane try to build a relationship with his son was heartwarming and the moment when Jayden finally called him dad made my eyes go all watery This was a lovely end to Dane and Charlotte s story and anyone who has read Dane should definitely read thisDane is still free at US UK and at 081 045 this little novella is a steal In the mood for a nice hot and sexy read with a big punchf story Get the 2 books Dane and A Christmas Wish Dane by Liliana Hart for nly 99 for bothI have been dying to get to Liliana Hart books but have been so busy I just haven t gotten there yet But let me tell you after I read Dane the first in the Mackenzie Brothers Series I knew I wanted to read by Liliana HartDane Erotic Romance Book 1 MacKenzie FamilyDane targetblankDane by Liliana Hart is currently FREE n and is a sexy little 50 page novella In this novel So happyLoved this story Left me with a warm happy feeling Loving MacKensie family welcomes Charlotte and son Jayden into their folds Dane is loving getting to know his 9 year ld son he just found ut about and he s determined to be the best father and husband ever Of course Charlie throws him for a loop with her surprise Very good. Never knew he had But things haven't gone the way he hoped Charlotte still hasn't set a wedding date and he's a stranger to his son The Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Holderness, N. H: Year Ending January 31, 1937 (Classic Reprint) only thing Dane wants for Christmas is for them to be a real family A carefully planned seduction anld legend and a family that never gives up Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook on eachther will give Dane the chance to get his Christmas wish.

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Liliana Hart spent five years teaching music in the public education system She molded America’s youth busted kids for smoking pot in the restrooms and broke up illicit affairs behind the stage on a regular basis Liliana’s Addison Holmes Mystery Series about a small town teacher who gets into a whole lot of trouble is somewhat autobiographical but she won’t confess to which partsLiliana