Lyle Brandt: Smugglers Gold Gideon Ryder #1

Oodshed want nothing than to rebuild a country vulnerable to corruption and criminal nterprises Disgraced x Deputy US Marshal Gideon Ryder has been given a second chance to serve his country as an agent of the newly created United States Secret Service Assigned to investigate a smuggli.

Five days after General Robert E Lee’s surrender at Appomattox President Abraham Lincoln is mortally wounded by an assassin’s bullet Scattered Confederate forces ignore the armistice determined to continue the Civil War despite the Union victory American citizens tired of years of bl.

Ng ring operating out of Galveston Island on the Gulf Coast of Texas Ryder must navigate his way through the population of immigrants sailors former slaves and x Rebels to infiltrate a gang of outlaws deadly and dangerous than the Secret Service could have imagined FIRST IN A NEW SERIES.

Smugglers Gold Gideon Ryder #1 ´ EPUB BY Lyle Brandt – chernov–

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