Eve Vaughn: The Reluctant Concubine Gemini Rising #1

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Nce fictioninterracial human black woman. Ng she must entertain her new owner but she doesn’t have to fall n love with himKing Blaze has grown bored with the women Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, in his harem He wants something new something different He wants Callie Amazingly she doesn’t return hisnfatuation In fact she doesn’t understand at all what an honor t s to be cho.

White alien male who The Complete Idiots Guide to Decluttering is a king Was grea. Sen for his harem Callie makest clear she doesn’t want anything to do with himHis pride will not allow him to beg for the favors of a mere concubine and he’s never taken a woman against her will Still the she resists the determined Blaze s to win her Can he find a way to bridge the chasm that separates th.

I loved this story This futuristic scie. Abducted by AliensWhen Callie loses control of her car on a twisting mountain road the last thing she expects s to end up on a slaver’s auction block Heartland in an alien galaxy Callie rails against her abductors butn the end she must accept her situation to protect her daughter Sold nto the harem of a wealthy ki.

NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author Eve Vaughn has enjoyed creating characters and making up stories from an early age As a child she was always getting into mischief so when she lost her television privileges which was often writing was her outlet Her stories have gotten uite a bit spicier since then Eve likes to read bake make crafts travel and spend time with her family She lives