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Distinctly unimpressed especially as much of his reportage bounces around between decades when looking at court cases He doesn t really succeed in stating his thesis instead producing a tract about censorship efforts and Hollywood studios rather than demonstrating how hard core films and Hollywood intersected in any kind of struggle I find the repeated claim that Hol. In 1972 The Godfather and Deep Throat were the two most popular films in the country One a major Hollywood studio production the other an independently made skin flick At that moment Jon Lewis asserts the fate of the American film industry hung in the balanceSpanning the 20th century Hollywood v Hard Core weaves a gripping tale of censorship and regulation Since the industry's infancy film producers and distributors have publicly regarded ratings codes as a necessary evil Hollywood regulates itself we have been told to prevent the government from.

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Lywood benefited from the suppression of porn to be fairly specious That a concerted and futile effort was made to crush porn out of existence is undeniable the effort failed because American society wasn t generally on side with the idea as was demonstrated when video rentals and sales began and were promptly driven by porn He does make the case albeit inadvertently. Doing it for them But Lewis argues that the studios self regulate because they are convinced it is good for business and that censorship codes and regulations are a crucial part of what binds the various competing agencies in the film business togetherYet between 1968 and 1973 Hollywood films were faltering at the box office and the major studios were in deep trouble Hollywood's principal competition came from a body of independently produced and distributed films from foreign art house film Last Tango in Paris to hard core pornography like Behind.

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That Hollywood improved its product though he doesn t note that the presentation of said product was also gradually improved during the 1970s improvements to cinemas the introduction of Dolby technology and along with a renewed blockbuster mentality that became the standard after several films such as The Godfather Jaws Star Wars and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. The Green Door that were at once disreputable and for a moment at least irresistible even chic In response Hollywood imposed the industry wide MPAA film rating system the origins of the G PG and R designations we have today that pushed sexually explicit films outside the mainstream and a series of Supreme Court decisions all but outlawed the theatrical exhibition of hard core pornographic films Together these events allowed Hollywood to consolidate its iron grip over what films got made and where they were shown thus saving it from financial ruin.

Jon Lewis is the Distinguished Professor of Film Studies and University Honors College Eminent Professor at Oregon State University and the author of Hard Boiled Hollywood and several other books on film Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name