Abigail Keam: Wall Of Peril Saga of the de Magela Family #2

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Acters develop further. Ong life and powerWill he sacrifice Maura to gain control of the Mother Bogazkoy Or will Dorak's love save Maura from the Black Cacodemon who wants to destroy the Princess for his own evil purpos.

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Continues and the char. Hey fall in love with each other But Dorak loves something power He conjures an evil Wizard to gain control of Hasan Daeg and the ultimate prize the Mother Bogazkoy a magical plant which grants

The intriguing story. Princess Maura is trying to save her country from the tyranny of the Bhuttanian Empire but she is held captive by the Aga's handsome son Dorak who connives to marry her To their mutual surprise

Hello Gentle Reader I am Abigail Keam the award winning author of the Josiah Reynolds mystery seriesDeath By A HoneyBee won a gold medal from Readers' FavoriteDeath By A HoneyBee and Death By Drowning both were Finalists in the USA BOOK NEWS Best Books List I am a professional beekeeper and have won 16 awards for my honey I live in a metal house overlooking the Kentucky River I have t