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To nursing the dying woman who is pregnant with her husband s child all while the half delirious woman spews hurtful stuff in her direction Through it all Jane comes to feel deeply sorry for Maud and never says another negative word about the woman When Maud dies Jane bullies her family members into attending her funeral yes I know Regency women didn t attend funerals but the author doesn t browbeats the local clergy into treating Maud like a perfectly respectable woman and adopts her daughter as her own defying all kind of scandals in the process Where is Roger while Jane is ascending to sainthood He seems to take a lot of vague business trips and then he is busy investigating who is threatening them by killing random sheep Gee I don t know could it be Maud s cousin the servant who has been consistently described in creepy ways throughout the story who has already delivered Maud s compromising letters to both Jane and Roger who has been unbelievable forward and disrespectful to both of them and yet still has a job because reasons Somehow this is a pressing mystery that must consume all of Roger s page time until almost the nd of the book Honestly Roger does very little in this book besides meet with Maud angst about how Jane will be upset if she finds out he met with Maud brood about his approaching fatherhood and show up in Jane s room naked under a robe I lost count of how many times that A Conspiracy of Ravens (Lady Trent Mysteries exact phrase was used to initiate sexytimes When he wasn t being an unfaithful deceitful idiot he was about as interesting as slightly burnt toast After having attempted and then hastily resolved sometimes told in a summary paragraph four conflicts that could have been the focus of the book at the bitternd the author decides that the real obstacle keeping Jane and Roger apart is Captain Stephen Sir Giles son who Maud previously flung her charms at and who has apparently always had a thing for Jane Stephen is in fact a better match for Jane in Lakeside Redemption every single way which both Jane and Roger mentally acknowledge But after a super awkward public conversation in which Roger laughs at a DecemberDecember romance blossoming between minor characters and claims he has been in love dozens of times and in which Jane shoves his many affairs and indiscretions in his face claims all he knows about is lust and that if his gross and disgusting letters to Maud are love she wants none of it Roger has anpiphany that maybe he is not a fabulous husband shows up naked in a robe in Jane s room tells her he loves her and that is the happy In Pursuit of a Princess ending A great author could have taken all those plot points and turned it into a complex bittersweet tapestry of human relationships with the theme that society sxpectations cannot truly be overcome and all the hapless mortal can do is try to find contentment It wouldn t be a romance at all at least not in the modern meaning of the word and it would be at least three times longer It still wouldn t be something I would Second Time Loving enjoy reading but I would respect itsxistence As it is though there s nothing to respect and nothing to njoy Just an unfocused stilted tale of a good woman forced into a marriage to a bland feckless cad Read this years ago but still remembered my only reaction was seriously Jane loves Roger they have been betrothed since birth but she is now 25 and still no offer and he is shagging the whore of the town the very married slutty Maud She is on husband 2 who is almost bedridden after his son DECLINED her and had plans for Roger to be three she is pregnant with a babe she is claiming as Rogers and trying to pass it off as her husbands while stringing Roger along Jane catches him and his lover and decides she doesn t want to marry him that she does not want a marriage like that Roger however is trapped while he admits to himself at least that he sorta loves the ho he is aware that his father has gambled them into poverty and he needs Jane s money to survive he lies to Jane and promises to never see his whore again and you know as soon as he says it he is lyinghe still wants the woman and is mad at himself for his promise The whore blackmails him and he is still nchanted he meets with her again and again and is caught Dark Awakening every time this is where Jane loses my supportshe never holds him nor makes accountable his lies she allows she hides letters his whore sends her to torture herdisgusting letters only a man would write a whorejust to keep peace she is sent one of his scandalous love letters that he had written his whore and she hides it as well The whores snare for her older husband comes undone as he is not as senile as she believes so now of course shexpects Roger to clean up her mess and the idiot once again betrays his wife as the note smells lovely and he wishes ONCE again that he had not promised his wife wthThen the nasty baggage sends for her man and he is not there and our heroine is and our idiot makes herself completely a fool as she runs to the aide of that nasty whore who is maybe maybe not carrying her own husbands bastard I am Hawks Way (Hawks Way evil I would be hoping for the death of both as she has beenvil to her and it should come around and then the moron returns and rushes to his whores to find his wife The story continues as our former heroinenow moron subjucates herself for his whore while he ignores his wifeas he is hiding his shame and longs to confide why he betrayed her coward mongrel The whore of course dies leaving thewait for it A PERFECT child that the mongrel would like his good wife to raise so she can look at her Her betrothed in a tryst among the flowers and need not see the face of his lover to recognize the unlaced corset of Lady Horton Jane is cut by his scandalous behavior but Roger's rougish figure nonetheless torments her in her most private momentsBut suddenly Roger proposes and though Jane.

Regency Since her birth Lady Jane Sinclair has been unofficially betrothed to Roger Hastings heir to Trenton Abbey But at twenty five Jane remains unmarried and the rumors of Roger s liaison with the immodest Lady Horton have spread like wildfire While out riding she discovers her betrothed in a tryst among the flowers and need not see the face of his lover to recognize the unlaced corset of Lady Horton Jane is cut by his scandalous behavior but Roger s rougish figure nonetheless torments her in her most private momentsBut suddenly Roger proposes and though Jane is now assured of the husband she desires Lady Horton s challenge threatens to destroy her fragile future with Roger before it begins And Family Men even if she has never known the fiery passions of desire fulfilled she knows she must lure Roger away from this wanton woman if her tender love is to bloomThought it was a little too long I get the feeling that Lady s Jane s Nemesis really really wants to be literary peer of the works of Austen and the Bronte sisters telling a rambling domesticpic of stormy courtships troubled marriage affairs and illegitimate children stirred with pinch of the supernatural and a few nods to religion and shot through with keen observations about life love and human nature Unfortunately Oliver s no Austen and this is a cheap romance not a literary classic Constrained within the forms and tropes of a regency romance Creative Participation elements that might have been intriguing or dramatic become contrived sentimental idiotic or just plain infuriating In a story like Jane Eyre the reader doesn t have to like Mr Rochester or approve of all his actions to find the story and his relationship with Jane compelling A story like Pride and Prejudice has space toxplore all the implications and conseuences of various characters poor choices and a story like Wuthering Heights doesn t have to have an unambiguously happy Sabina Spielrein ending But a regency romance like Lady Jane s Nemesis needs a hero a heroine and a happynding That is the basic contract between book and reader that underpins the genre and the promise that Lady Jane s Nemesis utterly breaks by casting a feckless cad in the role of hero and consigning its too saintly heroine to a relationship that no one would wish for When the story begins Jane discovers Roger who has been informally betrothed to her since they were children having a tryst with his mistress Maud out in a secluded patch of open air Normally a beginning like this would develop in one of two ways Cognitive Radio Networks either it would not have actually been Roger having the tryst and Jane and Roger would have to overcome the horrible misunderstanding or it would be the catalyst for Jane breaking the relationship and changing her life from its previous form whereupon she would met the actual real hero of the story and the romance would begin Jane attempts the second course informing her father aunt and dearest friend about what happened and that she will not marry Roger All three of them however give her a boys will be boys pep talk and pressure her into maintaining the betrothal In this kinds of books youxpect such attitudes from the older adult authority figures but when her best friend who is supposedly happily married and has that previous book heroine aura around her tells Jane that it will be fine and that her marriage will be great because Roger is clearly good in bed I was livid Undercut by those who should have supported her Jane settles for giving Roger a stern talk and his promise that he is totally done with Maud who it should be mentioned is married to one of their neighbors Sir Giles who happens to be the father of Roger s best friend Just in case there was any doubt about just how shady this hero is Despite this talk Roger meets up with Maud anyway because she happens to be carrying his child and Jane sees them kissing This is supposed to be the big misunderstanding type tryst that the first wasn t but Personnel Management in Government even though Roger didn t initiate the kiss I found it utterly baffling that Jane would take him back considering he lies to her face and tries to cover up his clandestine meeting with Maud and the fact that he is the father of her baby She doesn tven confront him directly over it like she did the first time Instead bizarrely she tamely gets married to him Up until this point Jane read like a great heroine caught in a terrible book She s not a modern woman but she s a woman a modern woman can appreciate intelligent with scientific and artistic hobbies a keen sense of right and wrong and a constant chafing against the double standards of the world she s born into But when she marries Roger all of her independent spirit and refusal to take crap seemed to melt away into a generic puddle of goodness and sweetness After a few chapters in which the story spins its wheels with Out of This World episodes of Jane trying tostablish dominance over her household staff and Roger meeting with Maud yet again this time to try to get back the The Time It Never Rained explicit letters he wrote her the plot takes a sharp turn to the left when it turns out Maud is dying All of the sudden her characterization shifts from a storm ofvery conniving other woman stereotype in Regency romance to a poor pitiful invalid who has been cruelly treated by her husband who will just let her and her unborn child die rather than allow anyone in his The Child of the Soul and Other Stories employ to help her Jane with her new goodness and sweetness upgrade decides it is her duty to care for Maud Without any apparent internal conflict or struggle against basermotions Jane devotes most of her free time. A Voluptuous ChallengerSince her birth Lady Jane Sinclair has been unofficially betrothed to Roger Hastings heir to Trenton Abbey But at twenty five Jane remains unmarried and the rumors of Roger's liaison with the immodest Lady Horton have spread like wildfire While out riding she discovers.

Nd recall the wicked woman who birthed her the mongrel who bred her and the fact that he still has a tendre for the woman who slept with ALOT of menhe is taking the word of THAT woman as to whom the father isNow at this point Lady Jane to me deserves him she has become the whores handmaid while tending her listen to her whining for HER husband in her delirum and now she has taken her bastard in and thrashes after that child as if it is Jesus returnedas her husbands meely mouthed offers of sending her to the workhouse or a orphanage while hoping to raise his bastard yup hate her too nowI thought it could not get worse IT DID Lady Jane went to the funeral YUP while he is mourning the loss of that GREAT girl and all their fun times and yet delighted that he has his daughter to remind himWTH4 to 3 stars with that aloneMy fun did not begin until the old husband dies and claims the daughter to thwart the mongrelyeah and then the son that the whore wanted returns and guess who wantshas always wanted YEP Jane this is her chance but of course she has now become brainwashed by the mongrel and knocked up and she is stupidly hoping for a girl so the bastard and her daughter can be sisters and friends from 3 to 2 now Sometimes it s better to carefully sort through cheap paperbacks when you re at a second hand book stall instead of just picking up Childrens Phantasies everything and dumping them into the shopping bag This book would ve never made it to my reading list under normal circumstances But at least I didn t waste much money on itThis wasn t romantic at all and I stopped reading at around the 75% point because that s when the H s illegitimate newborn daughter was brought to his marital home so that the heroine could become her new mommy Up to that point I d still been hoping that the H wouldn t turn out to be the father But unfortunately after seeing the newborn child he declared that she s his daughter since she looks just like him Background InformationRoger the viscount H has been betrothed to his neighbour s daughter Jane the heroinever since they were kids But Plain Jane isn t his type and he d told her so when she was just 14 years old When the story begins Jane s 25 years old and still waiting for him to set the wedding date She finally decides to break the betrothal after she spies himin the woods making love to his married mistress If that s not disgusting nough I have to read the H s inner thoughts about the slutty OW Roger is so infatuated with the woman that he sends regular love notes to her and thinks she s so utterly divine and perfect when compared to Plain Jane At that point I was angry nough to uit He only proposes to the heroine after his loser father a maruess loses 20 000 pounds while gambling So now he s a golddigging fortune hunter type of H Jane s an heiress and the H and his dad desperately need her money because their The Soviet Union estate is in a shambles The heroine s father a rich Earl doesn t care that they just want his daughter s dowry All he wants is for his daughter to one day become a marchioness after she marries his best friend s son And the heroine who d been previously determined to go to London for the season and search for another potential husband surrenders to Viscount ManSkank after he kisses her and makes pretty promises to be faithful Up to where I read the OW s death during childbirth he d been faithfulven though he d met the OW in secret a couple of times But in my opinion Roger just seemed like a weak loser A H s supposed to be in control of his life This guy got his married neighbour pregnant And Gods and Heroes everyonelse in the village knew that the OW was a slut She d married her dead soldier husband s Science, Technology and Culture elderly uncle and was known for cheating on him too Everyonexcept the douchedonkey H disdained the OW and she wasn t invited to most aristocratic homes in the area For whatever idiotic reason the H thought that the OW was just amazing and perfect He was brought down to No Beast So Fierce earth after she started blackmailing him when his wedding date was announced But by then it was too late because she s already pregnant and he s scared of what Jane will say when the truth is revealed But the martyr heroine doesn t pack her bags and leave when she receives the letters from the OW The heroine takes it upon herself to visit the OW who s going through a torturous third trimester I just started laughing when the heroine became the OW s own little Florence Nightingale and started nursing her when she went into labour It s almost as if the heroine took it upon herself to become the OW s saviour At this point the book had turned into a sad spectaclespecially when the heroine revealed that she s also pregnant So Viscount ManSkank is going to have to xplain to two kids who are close in age why their mommies are different women The only positive thing about this book is the fact that the OW died in childbirth I m not ven ashamed of being happy when that happened because the OW was just an awful crude and manipulative Last Chance Bride evil witch If she d survived she d have been in the MC s lives forever because herlderly husband intended to kick her and the baby out of his home I don t know how things Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy ended because I didn t carenough to sneak a peekSafety The H doesn t actually cheat after he s married but his pre marital relationship with the married OW was just too disgusting for words Plus there s a lovemaking scene in the beginning when the heroine sees him with the OW This happened before he got involved with the heroine but it s still gross because he s betrothed to her. Is now assured of the husband she desires Lady Horton's challenge threatens to destroy her fragile future with Roger before it begins And ven if she has never known the fiery passions of desire fulfilled she knows she must lure Roger away from this wanton woman if her tender love is to bloo.

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Patricia Oliver is a pen name of Patricia De La Fuente Between 1993 and 2002 she wrote for the Signet Regency Romance imprint and for Jove under her other pseudonym Olivia Fontayne