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Nyway D it was so much better than the 1st book managed to read it in one daySo many good twists DSome of them were a bit obvious though DOverall though fantastic Cant wait till SKYFIRE coming out in JULY Chasing the Valley The Borderlands is the second book in Skye Melki Wegner s Chasing the Valley series Danika and her crew are fleeing Shar Morrigan and her hunters after destroying the tyrannical King s airbase think Sadam Hussein As they nter the magical wetlands between the kingdom and the valley the only way to the free lands in the Philosophy of Religion east they find new challenges and realise that they haven t stopped the King s invasion of the lands beyond the valley as the King has a plan B Danika must begin to trust her proclivity of Night and fight to stop the Kingscape the hunters and save her friends No Respect especially Lukas from disaster The Borderlands is fast paced action packed book It introduces new characters and plot twists Injoyed the book though at times the pace was unrelenting the twists not all that surprising The smugglers introduce a new and interesting The Spirituality Revolution element to the story and the climax was suitably satisfying leaving room for the next book Overall I didnjoy reading this book though I think I would have liked a few lights in the picture to give weight to the constant darks I will be reading the next book to see how Danika Lukas and the others fare You can t have light without dark and you can t have stars without the night Just as fast paced and action packed as the first book Borderlands was an Comptia Cysa+ Cybersecurity Analyst Certification Bundle (Exam Cs0-001) entertaining read that managed to answer all the uestions I had from Chasing the Valley I really liked how there is a nice recap weaved into the first few chapters of Borderlands It d been a while since I d read the first book so a lot of the details had slipped from my mind and having that subtle recapping was really uite usefulWritten in first person present tense there s a very modern narrative voice which seems to suggest to me that it s targeted at younger readers Things are often also very overtly stated and the twists are sort of by which I mean very obvious Again I think this is probably because it s targeted at a slightly younger age groupA lot of the things that were left unexplained in the first book such as why the proclivity marks were covered up and wherexactly charms come from are Economies and Cultures explored fully in this one definitely decreasing the issues I had with the world building The general world building was pretty good with of the magic system beingxplained Although I must say there was a sorrowful lack of foxaries these massive foxes that people ride around like horses omg gimme one now in this one hahaWhereas the first book was very centred on action and adventure and trying to reach the Magnetic Valley the seuel is focused on the development of Danika s character I mean obviously they re still trying to reach the Magnetic Valley in order to be safe from the King and the Hunters Designing with Web Standards etc but the plot was also about Danika trying to get over the guilt of causing a character s death as well as her attempting to overcome her fear of using her proclivityEveryone whonjoyed the first book to some degree should be reading this seuel it s just as fabulous as the first Much like Chasing the Valley Borderlands Sadies Surrender (Oyster Harbor, ends on a slightly cliffhangerynding with the promise of But the borderlands they must cross to reach the Valley are smugglers' territory lawless wild and steeped in ancient magic When one of the crew is badly wounded Danika turns to the smugglers for help – and accepts a bargain that might prove de.

Rating 45 starsI feel like a proud mother right now My babies have matured uite a bit compared to the first book Also the friendship in this seriesSO good Sadly this second book in the trilogy seemed like a lot of filler a bit like the 7th Harry Potter movie It took forever for anything to happen and the death of a certain character came way too rapidly after their reappearance Finally they get to where they ve been heading for the last 2 books Yay I m going to read the final one just to see what happens An inspirationI love this novel it s my backup book Whenever I m at a loss for what to read im instantly rereading the series I ve obsessed over the series from the beginning sentence I highly and completely recommend this Story to all ages personalities and preferences it never gets old This review contains spoilers mainly because I m terrible at writing one without them they are covered thoughIn the second book of the trilogy Danika and her crew have successfully destroyed King Morrigan s stash of Curiefer and are now heading once again to the Magnetic ValleyHowever turns out what they destroyed was only PLAN A for the King has a PLAN B putting a damp once to the crews planAlong their journey to stop the King they Structure Of The Nucleus encounter smugglers and a new acuaintance within them named Silver who will be of much help to the crew and holds the key to their success they are forced to leave friends behind run away from new and oldnemies and will be surprised when an old friend makes a reappearanceOnto the reviewThe story was an improvement from the last book Undeniably uick paced the characters didn t First Anthology even get much time off before they had to once again run for their lives or deal with a new threat In fact I d say that s one of the things what made this book so frustrating I mean seriously give the kids a break dear godOverall though I m happy with the story and thending I ll admit however the supposed twists and surprises weren t much of Releasing The Power Within Through Spiritual Dynamics either I could pretty much guesssmell them from the get go view spoiler When they met Silver forxample I KNEW the moment this happened Silver I whirl around to search for the old woman her voice still ringing in my Passage Through Crisis ears She stands a metre away from me panting heavilyI force my tongue to work Your proclivity is Night She nods Yes That she was Lukas s grandmother Call me crazy but the fact that she was an old lady used to be a great alchemist and was the first to create alchemy bombs had this undeniable infatuation with Danika s charms PLUS the whole Night proclivity thing it justclicked Then there was the whole How alchemy charms are really created ordeal Give it life I say What do you mean Silver gives a low chuckle but she sounds sad than amused To create and alchemy charm someone must die In their last throes of life they may choose to pass a fragment of their dying proclivity into the metal Wanna know what happenedShe diesYes I m notven kidding She gets stabbed by a piece of metal and before she does grabs Danika s little star charm and gives it a piece of her proclivity Also we find out she was the granny all along like wow I can t Science, Technology and Culture even totes didn txpect this major twist wowowowo hide spoiler better than the first book got to know about the proclivity s and a fantastic plot but you can guess what was going to happen but i like it The action packed adventure continues in the second book of the Chasing the Valley trilogyDanika and her crew of The Road to Einsteins Relativity escaped refugees are seeking the safety of the Magnetic Valley – and trying tovade Sharr Morrigan the king's most lethal hunter.

Dventure to comeRatingsOverall 910Plot 45Writing 45World Building 45Characters 45Cover 25 BORDERLANDS was the first book I read in 2014 and my first 5 star read was an amazing thriller of a read When I discovered that it was the second in the Chasing the Valley series I was a bit worried because I hadn t read the first Not a problem at all I was sucked into the story from the very first line and at no stage did I feel that I had missed anything Having said that I am going to go back and read the first one to catch up on the background in depth BORDERLANDS is a wonderful blend of adventure science fiction and magic set in a dystopian world In this world is the country of Taladia which is ruled over by a really nasty king who is set on conuering all the surrounding lands so he can make Black Boy even people miserable Danika and her friends havescaped death and destruction and are heading for Magnetic Valley an almost mythical land where Nighttime Sweethearts everything is beautiful and peaceful They have survived getting out of the city now they have to survive the borderlands They are being hunted by the king s special troop of hunters who haveverything to gain by capturing the group on top of this little set back of being hunted there are smugglers with ulterior motives and a huge army between the group and their destinationIn Taladia Maternity Bride (Silhouette Desire everyone has a magical ability when they reach their late teens their ability becomes known and a little tattoo appears on the back of their neck that reveals the ability Danika is just learning hers it is night She can create an illusion spell to hide herself and the others and she can melt into darkness and get through solid things Others in her group can control animals start fires and become one with birds BORDERLANDS is about friendship and working as a team despite personality clashes it is about using your magical talent and it is aboutthics most of all though BORDERLANDS is about survival Fast paced full of drama and humor the story was action packed I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next The Safe in My Arms ending was greatdge of the seat stuff and with some deaths but nothing graphic It is good to know that there is a third book to come due out in July 1914 and hasn t been given a title yet but this knowledge means that possible the nasty old king is going to have another crack at conuering the world or is he vanuished finally Will the Magnetic Valley be the utopia Danika and her friends are hoping for All will be revealed I m sure and I plan to be front and center getting it when it comes out I HAVE TO KNOW what happens in the Presunta colpevole end As Danika Glynn and her crew of refugees Teddy Lukas Maisie and Clementine continued their journey to the Magnetic Valley they were still being pursued by the king s hunters with Sharr Morrigan in the lead Sharr was a vicious and lethal hunter and determined to finish off the refugees who had bested her in the past Her proclivity was Flame one of the most dangerous of all When they finally arrived at thedge of the borderlands they realized the danger had just magnified the alchemy magic was spread throughout the land and if they went the wrong way they would be lost Suddenly though Danika had to seek help from the smugglers whose land they had strayed onto one of the crew was desperately injured and needed a healer uickl. AdlyIt is Lukas however who hides the most dangerous secret What has he seen through the Poisoned Secrets (Murder and Mayhem eagle'syes The answer can be found in an alchemy charm and a smuggler's tale and will lead Danika and her friends to an lectrifying unputdownable showdow.

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