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This is a spin off from the Kris Longknife series It follows a similar theme as the protagonist is Her Imperial Grace the Grand Duchess Victoria Marie Teresa Inez Smythe Peterwald aughter of the Emperor She is also a Lt Commander in the Greenfeld NavyTo add some additional spice to the story Shepherd has her new step mother Annah out to assassinate Vicky Annah is also consolidating her own power and building her own Army for a secret bid to take over the Empire Shepherd has Vicky as a spoiled and Will in the World demanding young lady who after her encounters with Kris Longknife is becoming aware of theanger she is in and that there is a conspiracy to take over the Empire Vicky may have been raised to use sex as a tool and her training in ethics uestionable but that is starting to change The Vicky character is starting to June Fourth Elegies develop into a responsible adult and grow into her role of power I amisappointed with Mike Shepherd He Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes developed an interesting plot and characters but then chose to make the second half of the book into a trashy romance novel The trip on the small space craft could have been made exciting by playing hide and seek with Vicky s step mother s thugs but instead Shepherdecided to make into one long sex scene Ugh I hope things improve in future books Dena Pearlman narrated the story Vicky is not Kris but they The Confabulist do have similar problems Now they re both trying their best to save their societies Each just has her own skill set to use effectively My biggest issue with this book is that Vicky bluntly is written pretty much as a complete slut Which is not at all consistent with the appearances over in the Kris LOngknife series So while I m glad to see a bisexual heroine in a SF novel this is less than thrilling Howo you make a a story set in the Longknife universe with another strong female character and not have her seem like Kirs twin Make her completely Der Illusionist different Kris knows guns and strategies Vicky know sex and politics She uses her sexual talents as if she were Modesty Blaise and works the back channels of the palace with a sniper s skill Vicky slowly awakens to the fact that her empire and family are rotting away from the inside Kris may not always get along with her wacky Longknife family but at least they never tried to kill herirectly Vicky Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue deals with multiple assassination attempts before lunch everyayThis story arc is appealing to me this could turn into a pincer attack that ends with a new and better grand universe Vicky is exploring a uniue solution to a very big problem and I like where she is headedI Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, did find that the banter became a bit predictable but seeing the tech and tactics from a non military perspective was refreshing DNF p 26Usually I m pretty strict with my 20% rule but I just can t this time It s too stupid It is uite possibly the stupidest thing I ve ever read It s not just the poor languageIt s not just the juvenile or extremely chauvinistic I can t uite tell attitudeOn both these points see my update commentsIt s not just the complete lack of any establishment of character setting or plotIt s the combination of these things that make the whole so much less than the parts I wish it was so bad it s good or at least funny and at times it almost was Some of the sexism toward both sexes mind you not that that makes it any better and the blunt frivolity could have maybe been meant tongue in cheek but Ion t think it was intended and in any case it Ask the Past didn t work BEAUTY AND THE BATTLEFIELD Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Victoria Maria Teresa Inez Smythe Peterwaldaughter of wealth and power was raised to o little except be attractive and marry well Then everything changed her brother her father’s favorite and the heir apparent was killed in battle by Li.

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Believable and very few things could be even less tastefulThen that erotica tag I m no puritan if you want an oversexed protagonist in the oversexed world that s fine count me in even if it s well written But I on t like people having their cake and imagining they can eat it too and that s what the author or less tried to pull off in this book If you have a protagonist who Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, does theeed with all but two of her subordinates tries to seduce a superior officer and shows her nipples on interplanetary TV to backstab someone who saved her life no less in the first five chapters without anyone so much as raising their eyebrows that s perfectly OK You can t however balance it out by casual sex suddenly becoming a big Different Class deal one can be blackmailed over and the selfsame protagonist being shocked SHOCKED that other aristocrats areoing or less the exact same things for or less similar reasons Windmills Short Stories by Roald Dahl don t work that way goodnight FWIW actual graphic anything but four letter words level of graphic sex scenes are written rather well with only one awkward moment I can think of You have a philosophical conversation in the middle of THAT All rightOtherwise the book is nice if not particularlyeep space opera with lots of well paced well written action and entertaining enough except for that pep talk cure Sorry 2 stars for that 1 for clumsy sexploitation 1 because I liked everything else Adds up to 3 stars VICKY PETERWALD TARGET is not my favorite of the Mike Shepherd Longknife series A spin off of fan favorite Vicky Peterwald it opens with Vicky lying about the alien invasion by the planet looters while wearing an outfit that has a number of Goldilocks the Three Bears de Source Library LoanGenre Futuristic Science FictionRating 35My ThoughtsTarget by Mike Shepherd is the first installment in the Vicky Peterwald series Target should come with a warning If you haven t read Shepherd s Kris Longknife series yet especially the novel where Kris and Vicky come face to faceon t just blindly jump into this story expecting to have a clue where the story picks up or why Vicky has had so many assassination attempts made on herFull Review Posting Gizmos Reviews Link Belowhttpgizmosreviewsblogspotcom201Published June 24th 2014 by Ace first published January 1st 2014 I had high hopes for this book but was isappointed The entire book felt isjointed There were some great chapters followed by poorly written ones The worst offense was the character Socialist Realism development of Vicky It was all over the place and unbelievable I found myself frustrated and annoyed often I am not sure whether it s just the awkwardness of a male author trying to write a story from the perspective of a woman particularly one as sexually active as Vicky SPOILER no woman who was raped would have one nightmare and then be completely okay with it after a nights sleep and jump into the sack with another man If you want her to be the kind of woman who can use sex to further her own gains then you need to own up to that and not hold onto this angelic submissive side It s inconsistent andestroys the character Overall I would say it was a good rough I Look Up To... Michelle Obama draft that needed a thorou This is one of theumbest books I ve read in uite awhile If I Doctor Extraño didn t need it for a reading challenge I would have DNF it at page 14 when the female lead was intentionally having a wardrobe malfunction uring a tv news interview forreasons I ll stick to Kris Longknife This is going straight to the onate pile. Of a whole new world where use of her ample charms will not lead to advancement But her father is the Emperor and what he wants he gets What he wants is for Vicky to learn to be efficiently ruthless and eadly Though the lessons are hard learned Vicky masters them with help from an unexpected Kris Longknife.

S far as I read the line on page 14 Vicky had their attention Not with her words Her boobs takes the cake when it comes to stupid writing but what actually pissed me off a little bit wasn t some awkward one liner Vicky leaves the safety of Kris ship to supposedly tell her side of the story of a war with aliens that is mentioned in passing but we know nothing about to the media and eliberately unintentionally flashes her boobs to the camera to make the interviewer giver her enough camera time The media has been flooding their communications with reuests for statements ever since they arrived so why this ploy for extra time is necessary I have no idea She blames everything on Kris Longknife and paints her as the most vile heartless sex crazed femme fatale in the universe I know they re supposed to be enemies from before but she shows no animosity towards Kris in this book and even spends uite some time telling us how they re all getting along so well So the motivation behind this why she needs to go to such Feminism is for Everybody drastic measures to voice her version of the truth is not explained whatsoever We have no idea why she isoing this she just says I need to Deterring Democracy do this and then sheoes this The impression is that she leaves the ship because she s bored and seems to have a ton of fun making all the men she meets brains explode with her nipple slip Fine well not really fine but I m thinking this is building up to something There is some information we re not getting yet but there must be a really good reason for her to create this media shit storm putting her reputation and safety at risk Right Then at page 26 When Admiral Gort turned on her he was livid How could you make such a spectacle of yourself he Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, demanded I might have actedifferently if I Hunters Heart d known that you were coming sir Have you heard of communications Lieutenant You could have sent a simple messageVicky felt the bloodrain from her face She had never thought of something so simple as sending out a message Besides she had no idea who to address it to Her Menneskefluene (K2 dad The Navy She hadn t the foggiest notion who in this situation she was supposed to report toWhat the f Really I mean this is a joke right skimming ahead to see if this complete failure of common sense and human action is addressed at all no mature loverOpportunitiesThe alien ship was the size of the moon sirThat big huh What the hell am I reading why is nobody in this book acting like real human beingsIs she is supposed to be some idiot savant Or maybe just a stupid princess who is the readers portal into a world ofanger and aristocratic intrigue that happens around her because she s always where the important people are but never actually Nazi Gold does anything herself except mistakes that might end up being fortunate mistakes after all Actually that might not be a half bad idea well it s not that strong of an idea but it s still better than this because she s supposed to be a Lieutenant and argh I soon t care any I can t bring myself to keep reading it s just not going to be worth itP S Two words Annah Bowlingame First the worst There is rape in this book and it s handled badly with something very close to the reset to status uo button Seriously someone forced at gunpoint with events immediately preceding and following being almost as gruesome Mr Majeika and the School Inspector doesn t completely breakown then return to her bantering libidinous self after one nightmare and one pep talk session Almost anything else could ve been. Eutenant Kris Longknife Selected Poems daughter of the Peterwald’s longtime enemies Vicky vowed revenge but her skill set was suitable for seduction than assassination and she failed Angry andisappointed her father ecided she needed military training and forced her to join the Navy Now Ensign Vicky Peterwald is part.

Mike MoscoeMike was born in the Philadelphia Navy Yard Hospital and left that town at the age of three days for reasons he does not presently recall But they had to draft him to get him back there He missed very little of the rest of the country Growing up Navy he lived about everywhere you could park an aircraft carrier Mike was one of those college students who didn't have to worry about finding a job after graduation In 1968 his Uncle Sam made him an offer he couldn't refuse Two days into boot camp the Army was wondering if they might not have been a bit hasty Mike ended the day in the Intensive Care Unit of the local Army hospital Despite most of Mike’s personal war stories being limited to How I flunked boot camp he can still write a rollicking good military SF yarnsMike didn’t survive all that long as a cab driver he got lost or bartender he made the drinks too strong but he figured he could at least work for the Navy Department as a budget analyst Until he spent the whole day trying to balance the barracks accounts for paint Finally about uitting time a grinning senior analyst took him aside and let him in on the secret They'd hidden the money for refitting a battleship in that little account Slowly it dawned on Mike that there were a few things about the Navy that even a kid who grew up in it would never understandOver the next twenty years Mike branched out into other genres including instruction memos policies performance standards and even a few labor contracts All of those you may notice lack a certain something Dialogue those things in uotes In `87 Mike’s big break came He landed on a two year special project to build a digital map showing where the trees rivers roads Spotted Owls and other critters were in western Oregon The list went on and on with no end in sight and two years became ten Since there was no writing involved in his new day job Mike had to do something to get the words out He signed up for a writing class at Clark Community College and proudly turned in a story Star Wars shoots down the second coming of Christ Two years later Analog bought Summer Hopes Winter Dreams for the March 1991 issue Four years later he sold his first novel In the ten years since then Mike’s turned in twelve novels and is researching the next threeMike's love for Science Fiction started when he picked up Rocket Ship Galileo in the fifth grade and then proceeded to read every book in the library with a rocket sticker on its spineMike digs for his stories among people and change Through his interest in history he has traces the transformations that make us what we are today Science launches us forward into an ever changing universe Once upon a time the only changes in peoples lives came with the turning of the seasons and the growing wrinkles on their brows Today science drives most of the changes in our daily lives Still we can't avoid the pressure of our own awakening hormones or hardening arteries Mike is happiest when his stories are speeding across thin ice balanced on the edge of two sharp blades one anciently human the other as new as tomorrow's researchTrained in International Relations and history salary administration and bargaining theology and counseling Mike is having a ball writing about Kris Longknife coming of age while the world her grand parents built threatens to crash down around her ears These are books I think you’ll love and my granddaughter and grandsons tooMike lives in Vancouver Washington with his wife Ellen his mother in law and any visiting grandkids He enjoys reading writing watching grand children for story ideas and upgrading his computer all are never ending