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Large chunk of history in 100 pages As I have a long way to go in the awareness of world politics and history I felt lost for a few pages which is why I would love to bridge it with reads A nice Che centric biography covering his journey from bourgeois medical student to radicalleft armed revolutionist Most of his history is well known of course but the book also included coverage of his frustrating and mostly failed fforts to organize Congolese fighters in the aftermath of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba an Evolution As Entropy episode that I wasn t familiar withGuevara had the idea that Latin America was ripe for a continent wide revolution against imperialism and the locallites and that the Cuban model of guerrilla warfare was the way to ignite that revolution Cuba s own Forging Gay Identities experience the all outconomic and military opposition directed by the US should have been a warning that success was unlikely Interestingly one of the reasons for failure in Bolivia was that some form of land reform had already been instituted thus Forbidden History ensuring that the peasantry was not as motivated to assist the revolution That plus the nonstop US Bolivian propaganda against the rebels turned the local population against Che and his forces and led ultimately to his capture and murderBut he remains an iconic figure literally in large part due to his genuine and sincere devotion to bettering the lives of the poor and oppressed and also his courage and dedication to the cause This is one of the best birthday book present I havever gotten since I was kid I have certain Che mania and I read his writtings and books about him This comics is nice addiction to my collection The comics covers all life of the famous doctor Wonderful GN that looks at the life of Che Spain Rodriguez is one of the unsung heroes of underground comix movement Trashman Excellent starting point if you want to look at the life of this revolutionaries revolutionary and how he influenced a wide political spectrum. M from his motorcycle journey through Latin America his rise to prominence as a leader in Fidel Castro's revolutionary movement his travels in Africa his involvement in the insurgency that led to his death in Bolivia and his xtraordinary legac.

I m no history buff so I can t say much about the accuracy of Rodriguez s retelling of Che Guevara s life story but the book itself is asy to read the illustrations black and white line drawings are well crafted and appropriate for a comic for grown up readers and reading this I certainly got the impression the au A bit confusing at times but overall satisfactory for an introduction It is of course unfair to compare this to Sacco But since Sacco s blurb is on the back it seems somewhat acceptable to hold it to those standardsIn that light Che A Graphic Biography does a fine job of working through Che s life in an interesting and suitable way But honestly that s all it does The images fail to dramatically augment the narrative and vice versa Sure biography is not poetry but the benefit of most biography is that the details mount to create a vision of the person Here in a mere 100 graphical pages you simply don t get around to that and it nds up reading like study review material for a Latin American history class RodriguezSpainChe A graphic biography Verso London Copyright 2008This ntertaining yet addictive book gives us a first hand look on the Che Guevara revolutionary life It goes through his childhood What he did as a child To when he was an adult How got involved in politics Rodriguez Spain who was a cartoonist that created lots of graphic novel Spain has created books like Che and Trashman lives And owned his own company called underground comics Where made lots of books that went went viral This book takes place in the 1950s This talks about Che s life how he grew up how he got into politics It took place when Fidel Castro was the prime minister of Cuba Him and Che were good friends The book Che was based on true vents It started from he was born till he died It describe his life what he did how he got their One thing you will learn from this book is how people made mistakes Che when he was in control he made lots of mistake. Since his death in 1967 Ernesto Che Guevara has become a universally known revolutionary icon and political figure whose image is among the most recognizable in the world This dramatic and xtensively researched book breathes new life into his.

S You can understand how not to make mistakes and understand how not to do mistakesReaders who njoyed other famed Graphic novels about history will appreciate Che A graphic biography Like Persepolis and Maus All of these book are very similar to Che A graphic biography they are all historic graphic novels The intended audience is 16 and up Because there is some sense that are kind of crazy A The book was very uniue The artwork on the book was very uniue and creative the book has a very special way they used the artwork it s one of a kind which makes uniue and creative Overall was a really good book For someone like me who knew little about Che Guevara beyond his poster image this was a brief but informative account of his life I njoy graphic biographies and I think this served the purpose with the artwork suiting the book s format This isn t for people who already know about Guevara or want to learn but it s a good starting place I They Shall Be One Flesh enjoyed comic books when I was a kid My favorites were Superman and Blackhawk When I stumbled across Che A Graphic Biography by Spain Rodriguez I jumped at it Ernesto Guevara has become a universally recognized icon adorning t shirts around the worldven though many of the t shirt wearers have no idea who he was Reading the graphic biography reminded me of the Classics Illustrated comic book series from the fifties and sixties Thoroughly researched Rodriguez s book presents the The Heritage of Arabo-Islamic Learning early life of Che from his childhood in Argentina hisarly interest in politics his second division soccer career and his medical studies His motorcycle journeys through Latin America with his pal Alberto Granado were the life changing Hereward (Hereward, experiences that shaped his destiny He was deeply affect Reading Spain Rodriguez Che feels like the introduction I needed to a vast amount of impending literature beginning with Che s autobiography and Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto The illustration is fantastic and Spain has remarkably covered Story portraying his struggle through the medium of the underground political comic one of the most prominent countercultural art forms since the 1960s Spain Rodriguez's powerful artwork illuminates Che's life and thexperiences that shaped hi.

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