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This book is full of a ot of information that I have never seen before about the real start of the American Revolution and all that had happened in Massachusetts with the establishment of the Massachusetts Government Act by Great Britain that basically took away the citizen s rights in that colony and how the common citizens took matters into their own hands to retain their freedom It demonstrates much dramatically how this nation was begun with truly democratic ideals of the common people being in charge of their own destiny and demanding a say in their own governance It kind of puts holes in some of the current notions about whether this country was started as a democracy or as a republic Some interesting information although a bit of a tedious read Standard narratives of the origins of the American Revolution often center around tensions in Boston as a result of the Coercive Acts specifically the Boston Port Act Ray Raphael sees this focus as completely inaccurate and his work The First American Revolution Before Lexington and Concord is an attempt to remedy this error Through a close Cambridge Horizons Level 3 Students Pack look at several primary sources Raphael asserts that the true American Revolution was prompted not by urban citizens responding to the closure of the port of Boston but by a swell of independent farmers in the countryside responding to the Massachusetts Government Act that dramatically restructuredocal government in the colony Raphael does bring an intriguing idea to the table yet the extremes to which he takes his views especially given his narrow focus raise uestions of validityRaphael s narrative follows the plight of country farmers in rural Massachusetts towns As he describes them they are politically active well versed in democratic concepts and ideals conditioned for communal problem solving and ultimately self governing Raphael attributes this primarily to the structure of their The Library of the Unwritten (Hells Library local courts and the necessity of communal participation that theirifestyles dictated Thus he paints a picture wherein these colonists have fully been transformed by their environment almost exactly as Frederick Jackson Turner has previously described Raphael focuses Galina less on a sense of American nationalism and onocal communal ties but adheres to the idea that the colonists were completely individuated from England and Dead Boy lived in a state of self government that revolved aroundocal concernsThus when the Massachusetts Government Act passed in 1774 disenfranchising Mud and Stars local citizens and revertingocal court systems to authoritarian structures seemingly subject to corruption the colonists were outraged and spurred to collective action Tracing an intricate web of dense primary source material Raphael constructs a narrative where farmers organized unprompted and eaderless to close the court system and render the new government proposed by the Act incapa. According to the traditional telling the American Revolution began with the shot heard round the world Now in paperback Ray Raphael's The First American Revolution uses the wide angle ens of a people's historian to tell a surprising new story of America's revolutionary struggle In the

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Y s argument that the closure of the state courts both Superior and Inferior was the true start of a transfer of power from the King s Government in Massachusetts to a democratic society is well constructed meticulously annotated and difficult to refute Although Eros Unbound (Great Loves, little known andess heeded the revolutionary events of 1774 sowed the seeds that marked the true birth of our country I unreservedly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in Massachusetts or Revolutionary history I thought that this book had a Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda lot of interesting information that I hadn t previously studied It showed the Revolution of 1774 which preceded the American Revolution Many parts of the book can be applied to current situations in the United States which made it a good read However the book was aittle dragging at times and had a heavy sometimes excessive in my opinion use of uotes that made me Mes recettes au baby-robot lose the author s voice I always knew there was aot going on in Massachusetts before Lexington and Concord What a great review of this history The story feels a La Stratgie du camlon little slow but I think it was the bloodless actions The story is very compelling because of the overall beginning of the American Revolution Informative and interesting It helps put the entire American Revolution into context An amazing book that really explains the true background to the beginning of the American Revolution The whole scale revolt by the Massachusets rural population is really what precipitated the actions thatead to the Revolutionay War Without that it seems much Personality Selling lessikely that there would have been armed conflict and revolution After reading this book I am shocked that they are not teaching this in our schools This is a must read for anyone who Lissa loves history or the American Revolution The First American Revolution is an interesting and well documented argument that the revolution in Massachusetts occurred before and independently of the American Revolution as we know it and I believe that it covers the gapeft by most histories between the Massachusetts Government Act and the outbreak of war caused by Lexington and Concord However I think that the author overstates the importance of these events Even in reading the The first American Revolution Ray Raphael makes it clear that the American Colonies not just Massachusetts had separated themselves ideologically and in their identity from their British origins The onset of the American Revolution was inevitable the events that actually signify the beginning of the war may not have been the shot heard round the world at Lexington however that battle is still the first violent conflict and thus also remains a significant event in the chronology of the Revolution This work documents rebellion to British rule in the years prior to the American Revolution of 1775 Gives a good portrayal of Black Mountain (Isaiah Coleridge life and politics in the colonie. Ester Massachusetts democracy set down roots well before the Boston patriots made their moves in the fight for independence Richly documented The First American Revolution recaptures in vivid detail the grassroots activism that drove events in the yearseading up to the break from Brita.

Ble of functioning This was done primarily through threats and intimidation with some Napoleons Military Machine Operations Manual limited violence Raphael goes to greatengths to show that the Americans actions were purposeful and politically motivated not emotional acts of vengeance Additionally he strongly emphasizes the democratic nature of these actions resulting in many interesting scenes of angry mobs which freuently interrupt themselves to take votes Raphael s main goal with this narrative is to demonstrate that this revolution was truly by the people and absolutely rooted in democracy As he states This was truly an uprising of the people With no central command tens of thousands of men responded the people themselves following strict principles of participatory democracy took over The closing of the courts and refusal to accept the Massachusetts Government Act Raphael asserts is the true American Revolution not the She Wants It later actions of the Continental Congress or the War for Independence which he claims Britain hadost before a single shot was fired Such a grandiose claim is somewhat misleading Perhaps a better term for these events would be the Massachusetts Revolution since Raphael never Colorist's Special Effects 2: Step-by-step coloring guides. Improve your skills! looks outside the colony Neither does he examine any social groups outside of white maleandowning farmers allowing for some brief sketches of their Tory antagonists In some respects he should not be faulted for this narrow focus as it is exactly what he intended to write Nonetheless his expansive conclusions seem exaggerated given the small scope of his study This is true of his source material as well Raphael makes extensive use of source material perhaps too much At times it seems that almost a majority of the book s volume is given to Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions lengthy uotations of primary materialeaving Writing in Public little room for the author s analysis His sources while numerous often represent singular points of view which Raphael accepts uncritically for the most part Though his focus is narrow and his conclusions perhaps too far reaching Raphael s ideas are certainly intriguing This story of the people s role in the incipient stages of the American Revolution casts the once familiar tale in a newight He may not change the reader s conception of the Revolution but he will significantly add new elements to it While many of these same concepts are explored through a slightly different and wider ens by T H Breen in his American Insurgents American Patriots Raphael s narrative is still a uniue ook at the Revolution that Latino Mennonites leaves the reader with plenty to think about An important story to be told but I m not sure that Raphael s telling is particularly inspiring With strong support from primary sources historian Ray Raphael argues that a Revolution was won byeaderless and thoroughly democratic citizenpatriots in Massachusetts When Cricket Was Cricket long before a shot was fired by either the British or theocal militias Ra. Ears before the battle of Lexington and Concord Why the Amish Sing local people men and women of common means but of uncommon courage overturned British authority and declared themselves free from colonial oppression with acts of rebellion thatong predated the Boston Tea Party In rural towns such as Worc.

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