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If you like action wounded heroes paranormal woo woo and smoking sexyou really need to try this seriesKira s had an affinity with animals since the day she was born But once she hit sexual maturity her affinity took a rather startling turn She goes into heat just like her animal friends And if she doesn t have sex and a whole lot of it for four weeksshe ll die When her two assistants at the animal shelter disappear right before her time begins she s a bit worried But when she catches sight of the second replacement she s no longer worriednow she s just hornyNobody really likes Ender and he s just fine with that After all he doesn t like anybody ither And he s a killer an assassin and uses his nasty temperament to keep others at arms lengthexcept for the women he uses and discards like candy His orders are clear bring Kira in to ACRO or kill her And although he thought he knew about her mating heat her constant presence does something to him and for the first time Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction ever his mission may take second placeWoo hoo these two were a roller coaster ride of dominance battles yet neither was mean or nasty about it There sven a little bit of riding crop action The best part of this story for me was the slow unfurling of the connection between Ender and Kira Their struggles to try and keep their hearts safe from further hurt was touchingand hot at the same time I also learned a bit about the mysterious head of ACRO and their Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer enemy organization and his love And the secondary romance from the first book just keeps building in this one Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler have penned another winner for me and now I m off to read book thre. Ing Kira kicking and screaming if necessary into the Agency for Covert Rare Operatives and harness herxtraordinary gift He never FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck expected the powerfulmotions she would ignite in him or the fierce desire to keep her safe from harm For as darkness gathers around them Kira is feeling the heat once again leading them both on a wild ride of delicious thrills and terror beyond imagining.

Kiraor TomAndAnnika Creed still have to much drama going onButI Loved Devlin and view spoiler Oz hide spoiler Wow this book was better than the first installment Loving this ACRO series 5 stars Paranormal RomanceEroticaWOW As much as I liked the first book Riding the Storm the second book in the ACRO series Unleashing the Storm is Big Little Man even betterI LOVED it Therotica meets X Men series centers around ACRO Agency for Rare Covert Operatives heroesheroines with paranormal abilitiespowers battling it out with bad guys and having lots of hot sex in the process Julie Auntee and Daisiemae all have great reviews on this so check them outUnleashing the Storm has an inventive plot great characters The Man from Beijing exceptional writingxciting action and lots of Creating Lasting Value erotic sex Tom Ender Knight and Kira s relationship is steamy tender sweet and heart wrenching all at the same time Their angst andmotional pain brought tears to my Understanding Markets and Strategy eyes than once I love Creed and hope that he and Annika can work out their drama and find their HEA together The malemale romance between the ACRO leader Dev and ghost medium Oz is a really nice addition to the story and I hope they get a nice HEA too I hated for Ender and Kira s story tond so I m hoping that they will at least have some small part in future books in the series ACRO is a kick butt smoking hot paranormal Montana Dreams erotica series I can t wait for book 4 Taming the Fire to come out in May and for books in this awesome series Holy cow I liked Unleashing the Storm the second book of the ACROStorm series by Sydney Croftven better than the first See my review of Riding the Storm book one Mar09 review for the back story but. Rn predator has arrived at her isolated Idaho farm for reasons all his own At first Kira isn’t interested in Knight’s motives She only needs him his body his hands his scent But soon through a daze of desire and distrust Kira discovers Knight’s world the world of a covert operative one man among dozens of secret agents waging an astonishing global war Knight’s mission is to br.

45 starsOMG I loved it I couldn t put it down once I got to the good part This one was so much better than the first installment in the series I m not giving the whole 5 stars rating only because the beginning was a bit lame Only sex and nothing really going onUnleashing the Storm has a much interesting plot better characters and Immerwelt - Der Pakt exciting action so be prepared for a great ride with this one Tom Ender Knight and Kira s relationship is so many things at the same time you can t help to love themI loved the two main characters specially once they started to really care forach other And seriously in this book we have so many things going on I almost Modern South Asia even cried oncelol I loved it I stayed till 6 in the morning reading it and then at 10 I was up to work lolThe other stories are amazing as well it s like you don tven care that the story isn t about the two main characters at times because the others were great as well I loved Creed and Annika s story and I hope that they can work out their drama and find their HEA togetherAnnika and Creed are amazing I just wanna smack Annika hard in the head with something for not realizing how hot and great Creed is Dev was a much interesting character in this book and I liked Oz as well which is weird because I usually don t like mm relationships but I don t know in this case it just made sense My only problem with this book was the beginning I was bored with it but it doesn t matter because then it got absolutely amazing Let me know if someone is reading this series because I m njoying it a lot and I would love to discuss about it I m the odd one out on this onecuzI didn t really like. Feel the heat Hear the roarThe fever has begunThere’s a storm rising Electricity crackles in the air For Kira Donovan it’s that time of year again when the need floods her flesh when almost any man the bigger and the stronger the better will do For Kira an animal psychic the heat is a matter of life and death and this year it has come at just the right time Tom Knight a natural bo.

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