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The four I listed and then read until your heart is content because the list of Annette s books is very long and I myself can t wit to read her next one Lizzy s indecision about her beliefs is causing heartache for not only herself but the two beaus wanting to marry her When realization does hit her dreams will come true Living almost in the shadow of the Logan temple it was interesting to hear of some of the miracles involved with it s construction Lizzie is a young woman growing up in Cache Valley Utah as the LDS temple is being built in Logan She is struggling with the sacrifices being asked of her family and uestioning whether there is a God because if there is then He is ignoring her Parts of this book were interesting and ven compelling Other parts were boring or frustrating Basically the story suffers because it is an Childrens Phantasies early novel from the author From other reviewers I understand the second book At the Journey s End is fulfilling to read I will give it a try. Hat she will be forced to choose between Abe and Joshua two good men What does she truly want in her lifeHouse on the Hill by best selling author Annette Lyon will sweep you back in time to a faithful community where life was simpler than it is today but matters of the heart werevery bit as complex.

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Of my favorites This book was the first I read of hers and it hooked me so thoroughly that after I was done I went back at the bookstore and bought as many of Annette s books that I could find She is an amazing author and I love all of her books that I have read Since buying this book and the other three that are like it I have read and re read them several times Each of these books take you back in time to the days of the arly saints She adds a intriguing story and soon you are swept away into the 1800 s and you can t stop reading because you feel like you are really there You laugh and cry with her characters and if your like me maybe shout a time or two when something is not going right Lol The point is this whether you are reading House on the Hill Spires of Stone Towers of Strength At Journeys End or any of her modern Books she has written well I recommend them all Annette is a fantastic Author and I have never been disappointed by any of her books So start with. G friend Joshua behindWhen a family in Logan invites the Sullivans to share their home Lizzy's father begins work as a mason on the Logan temple Against her mother's wishes Lizzy begins a relationship and falls in love with Abe a young man who is not a member of the Church Little does Lizzy realize

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Lizzy has been raised in the church all her life but failed to gain a testimony of her own based on her parents testimonies alone When tragedy reaches her family through fires and death and hardship she blames a God who isn t interested in hearing the prayers of someone so unrighteous as herself When they move closer to the building of the Logan temple Lizzy leaves behind her best friend Joshua Little did she know that he would like to make her a permanent part of his family She then meets Abe an Indian and Heathen according to her mother because he doesn t belong to their faith Her mother forbids her to see him and this only allicites secret meetings Lizzy can finally tell someone of her unbelief and believes that Abe is the man she loves With continued tragedy Lizzy learns about sincerne prayer and does get an answer to her prayer at last great story of love loss and testimony building xperiences As far as inspiration fiction goes Annette Lyon has always been one. It's the late 1870s and Lizzy Sullivan is struggling to understand why God hasn't healed her little brother David Then one night tragedy strikes Lizzy's family when their rural home burns down Financially unable to rebuild the Sullivans must find another place to live and Lizzy must leave her lifelon.

Annette Lyon is a USA Today bestselling author an 8 time recipient of Utah’s Best in State medal for fiction three times for novel length works and five times for short fiction and a Whitney Award winner for BAND OF SISTERS She's the author of over a dozen novels at least that many novellas a cookbook a popular grammar guide and over a hundred magazine articles She’s a founder and regula