David L. McKenna: Never Blink In A Hailstorm And Other Lessons On Leadership

KennaDavid McKenna became a college president at the tender age of thirty thus he has spent a lifetime nduring the trials and tribulations of being a leader In this book McKenna offers timeless advice summed up by twelve short adagesWith Revived ever adage starting with the word never the book at first glance seems like it will be very negative but as McKenna concludes Nothing is worse than trying to leave when the boundaries are hidden or freedom is fuzzy The book contains interesting stories funny anecdotes and most importantly solid wisdom I felt like I received a lot wisdom from this small book than the other leadership volumes I have read Anyone interested in working in Christian higherducation administration will njoy this work If you can t stand loneliness stay away from leadership. Rom the ultimate leader Jesus Christ McKenna imparts practical advice like Never hide behind a gas mask and Never play God The advice in these short catchy chapters will provide clarity and wisdom for pastors church leaders and any Christian who serves in a leadership rol.

This was a great book I read it and I laughed was ncouraged challenged and felt as though God was teaching me leadership ualities that would forever shape how I lead othersThis book is a uick and njoyable read and it will challenge you McKenna does not over complicate the message but delivers it straightforward I ve always wanted to read this book David McKenna was the youngest president of a college in the US at age 30 something He was also president of Seattle Pacific University where my father wentIt s about the things a leader must never do The title hooked me although a list of nevers almost seemed cliche The writing style was asygoing but the insights packed a punch Points were Love for Imperfect Things emphasized byxperience and then held up against the ultimate model of leadership Jesus ChristI Leadership can be an A Heart of Stone exhilaratingxperience But it also has its challenges Leaders who cast visions Taking Instruction (Taboo, explore options and take risks are also restricted by legalthical organizational and positional boundaries When it comes to testing these boundaries xperience is key Au.

On t read a lot of books on leadership but I liked this one It was fresh McKenna got me genuinely interested in what he had to say about leadership his stories other people s xamples and biblical principles And I might forget most of the stuff in the book but I have a handful of nuggets that I m most likely not going to forget For several reasons I love working in higher Divertimento education I plan on working in higherducation for the rest of my working life and I love chatting with men and women who have served in higher Love Is a Fairy Tale education for many years I have been very fortunate to have some great conversations with some very wise men and women Their storiesnergize me and remind me of why I got into this fieldWhen you read Never Blink in a Hailstorm it feels like you just had coffee with David Mc. Thor David L McKenna is a leadership Promise at Dawn expert with over thirty years ofxperience in leadership roles Building off of his administrative positions at a variety of colleges and seminaries McKenna now introduces fourteen maxims that all leaders should read Drawing xamples

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