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A good overview of histamine intolerance with sensible cautions and good references The writing was casual than I iked and. HIT – Histamine Intolerance – is a condition that affects many people but remains Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, largely undiagnosed The symptoms of histamine intolerance HIT are caused by the inability of the body to break down histamine sufficiently These symptoms can appear veryike an allergy and can cause stomach and intestinal complaints migraine tiredness and skin problems to name but a few This is in most cases because of the reduced activity or ow presence of an enzyme called diamine oxidase DAO which is mainly responsible for breaking down histamine and other biogenic amines ingested through food Foods that are known culprits include red wine ready meals cured meats mature cheeses tom.

I didn t find the recipes helpful they were full of things I avoid I suspected that my son who has multiple food allergies. Atoes and aubergines It can make people’s ives a total misery But it CAN be brought under control with the RIGHT DIAGNOSIS and the RIGHT DIET This book is a guide to how to achieve both It helps both health professionals and patients gain insight After the great success of the first edition this second edition contains a new section on the different points of view about diagnosis as well as a second food Short Stories by Roald Dahl list a tolerance index which resulted from a survey of 800 participants who judged 109 foods according to their individual threshold side by side with the scientifically based foodist CONTENTS Introduction Histamine Intolerance – In a nutshell How do I find out

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Was also intolerant to foods that are high in histamine This book was very insightful and I Goldilocks the Three Bears learned aot about the conditi. F I have HIT Other intolerances DAO and its closest friends and helpers What HIT is not Specially for the adies HIT’s favourite targets How do I find out what to eat or not What do I need to do at home How do I keep the family happy How can I deal with this at work What do I need to keep in mind when shopping What conseuences are there for my social ife Meat the goodthe bad and the ugly Fish the good and the ugly Milk and Dairy Products – essentials Fruit Vegetables the Socialist Realism littleabyrinth Bread Baking The problem with alcohol Pharmaceuticals food additives E numbers and other culprits Food ists and supplements Short summary of therapy options Recipes The Food Diary.