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She really hadn t had the courage to move on and leave him to it Where was her dignity Maybe though she was ust setting out to prove the point that she can go it alone and be happy without him Gentle tender and set against the breathtaking scenery of Cornwall this novel was like a balm to the soul The title remains a mystery all through the book finally only making sense on the last page and although it took a bit of pondering I was satisfied that it made perfect sense The book is inspiring and funny an honest reflection on what it is like to turn fifty I really enjoyed this it was real and dealt with real emotions Just ignore the weird title I really enjoyed reading this book intially though I felt the author rushed to end the story in the final chaptersand almost ruined the story by dramatising a story line involving the husbandfather that didn t really amount to much at all in the end The sudden ending left me asking too many uestions I liked the first two thirds of this book but intensely disliked the stupid extra storyline regarding the husband It would have been better NOT to have brought in the excuse for his errant behaviour and stayed with the fact that he was always a bullying horrible man The attempt by the author to create a mysterious ending Professors and Their Politics just felt like she couldn t be bothered writing any and so itust fell flat Sara having opened her eyes to the oppressive reality of her whole marriage deserved better Good read but ends rather abruptly I thought. An manage on her own That she is still an attractive desirable woman That she can be her own person and dance to her own musicShe might go back Maybe Or perhaps the future lies in a uite different direction altogethe.

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Sara is approaching fifty as the book begins The story starts with her husband Matt s 50th birthday party they have what appears to be the ideal marriage which makes an unexpected announcement from Matt s drunken friend all the shockingHowever the book opens with Sara at her cottage in Cornwall We uickly learn that Matt had admitted to infidelity and that Sara is very slowly and painfully making a new life for herself The book continues using different time frames zipping between past and present It could have been uite confusing but somehow it works We see snippets of the apparently happy home life that Matt and Sara shared but there are also hints of problemsAs a tale of growing independence for Sara of discovery of herself as a valid and beautiful person it works extremely well The writing is evocative the people believable But there are some odd plot threads which arred with the main gentle story One of their daughters becomes worried about her father the tension is built well as Sara waits to find out what the problem might be but when it s finally revealed it is so bizarre as to be unbelievable Then it s never really resolved The book ends uite abruptly with no hint as to what the future might hold I d like to give it three and a half stars the ending let it down badly I felt as did the strange nature of Matt s problem but the writing is good and the story as a whole thought provoking and enjoyable This was a really good light read for the first two thirds but Sara never doubted her husband the successful handsome Matt Then his best friend blurts out the horrible truth that he has a bright young girlfriend to match his glittering careerUnable to bear the pain and humiliati.

Thought the end was a bit of a limp cop out and it felt as if the author had got a bit bored and had hit her wordcount A tad disappointing for me Mostly warm and enjoyable but disappointing ending This was the first of Diana Appleyard s books I have read and initially I was enjoying reading about how Sara the main character set out to come to terms with the break up of her marriage I enjoyed also the description of her wee cottage by the sea in Cornwall and thought the author painted a lovely picture of the area surrounding Fowey where she lived However I would have liked to have discovered about the character Charlotte the daughter of the cottage s previous occupant and about the life of the character Ricky and his search for his real parents Also insight from Matt the husband s point of view of his relationship with his mistress Karina and how he really felt toward his wife Personally there were a few loose ends which could have been tied up such as whether Sara and Matt continued to keep in touch or what happened with Ricky Personally I would have liked to ending to have found Sara keeping her new sense of independence and attaining indifference towards her husband I though she was too forgiving even for the sake of her grown up daughters She came a long way making a new life for herself and was happy I felt proud of her However I felt that by including her cheating husband in her Christmas celebrations in her new home was a bit unrealistic and I was disappointed that. On Sara decides to get away To get right away to Cornwall where in a dilapidated cottage by the sea she hopes to find healing Ora new lifeWith a surprised urban dog and the minimum of baggage she discovers that she