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Is depressing And the story itself takes so fricking long to et into such are the excessive descriptions of things scenery and metaphors so much so one forgets what the novel is about I wasn t too sure that I d want to read about sexual violence rape in marriage anyway I didn t finish it I barely made 15 pages So not my thing It was all mind numbing dull and erratic attempts at metaphors analogies and descriptors rather than story telling I would have iven it zero stars despite having only managed to read 15 pages The OCD in me was compelled to rate it anyway I couldn t finish it I think Jelinek is the only person who understands it completely and perfectly I sure don t There is something deeply disturbing about this book this book has two as. Outineuze vervelende herhalingen van altijd maar hetzelfde Ze is vaak verdwenen en belandt af en toe dronken in de politiecel Wanneer Michael een student haar op een van haar vluchten opraapt uit de sneeuw wordt zij.

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This was the final nail in my already sturdy feminist coffinmansion this book broke my 3rd eye in 80 ways when i was 17 jelinek s musicality transcended what i thought belonged in sentences its cadence and beauty allowing for the violence it contains to be both swallowed and amplified like those pills with dinosaur sponges in them it s harder to recommend to friends than say Wonderful Wonderful Times but to be 17 to have stumbled upon this to learn that prose could be poetic and that aggression was not only nuanced but still all redredred was important something i d try to pass on to any critically thinking latently frustrated young woman about to embark for adulthood This won the Nobel Prize What a joke Its prose is all over the place the story. Uit angst voor aids ziet Hermann directeur van de papierfabriek voortaan af van partnerruil en prostitutie en rijpt hij terug op zijn vrouw Gerti Zij probeert aan zijn hernieuwde seksuele aanvallen te ontkomen die

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Pects the brilliant analysis and mirroring of sex with capitalism and the wearying repetition by the first thirty pages much of which i read on the el hoping no one would Always You glance into the book and see the inevitably sordid brutal sex scene of the moment i emerged from the el tunnel with new eyes toward the world as if the veil had been dropped it s a rare book that accomplishes such a thing in its readers so i was sold but despite how brilliant it was i m not sure when i ll want to dive into another of jelinek s works again it was brutal to read and by halfway through i wanted a significant number of the characters to die also i can t imagine having anyone with whom to discuss this book i wouldn t dare recommend it to anyone lest they hate me for Verliefd op de jongeod Eerst verleidt hij haar vervolgens vernedert en verkracht hij haar uiteindelijk zelfs in het openbaar De papierfabrikant vindt haar als een hoopje ellende terug Er is een ontsnapping mogelij.

The Piano TeacherShe was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004 for her musical flow of voices and counter voices in novels and plays that with extraordinary linguistic zeal reveal the absurdity of society's clichés and their subjugating power