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The publish button It is clear that the author needs to do a lot research into the time period Not sure how they figured you d need a sovereign 20 shillings or 1 pound to pay for a glass of mead in the 1800s that would be like paying 400 for pint in the pub today and I m not sure what the two silver pieces someone was using to pay for drugs was supposed to be Update As I have continued this book i have become increasingly convinced that the author is trying to emulate Sarah Waters and doing a terrible ob Then when I got to page 83 I spotted me she thought amusingly in love with another woman and alarm bells went off Then on page 90 and read You are a man Mr Searson and may do as you please I am a woman and may do as I am told That s not like Sarah Waters that ust about IS Sarah Waters aside from the name pretty much straight out of Fingersmith Now I am disgusted not only is this book badly written with poor editing and terrible research into the time period the author could not even think up their own sentences and resorted to plagiarism I really liked all of the characters except one for obvious reasons They were sweet and lovable Elizabeth seemed a bit too progressive at times and there are so many punctuation errors that it was distracting until I got used to it it really needs a good editor But the story was great and I really liked the book overall Glad I read it I like girls dressed as boys stories and was looking forward to this but unfortunately the writing was not very good and an 18th century apothecary would not recommend vitamins which weren t discovered until the 20th century. Soon finds she is uite popular with the ladies and finds herself under a particular ladies spellWill Elizabeth dare to reveal her true gender and risk losing her beloved apothecaryContains Mature Content.

Descent and lacking at the same timeThis book was a great easy readand also not that predictable The romance comes at the latter half of the book and I was hoping there d be of it throughout otherwise awesome book Didn t actually finish it even though it was only short What I had anticipated as being an interesting view of the time period and genderueer fiction sadly started out with a very straight and surprisingly descriptive straight romance uote marks because it seemed convenient and mostly one sided A little warning of that would have been nice as it is really not my bagShame really I couldn t work out when or where this novel was supposed to be set and I m not sure that the author knew either This set the whole novel off kilter both through Too many missing apostrophes Needs one round of edits The story is also far too rushed for all it contains and very repetitive The heroine comes across as a little girl on one page and a 20 yo the next Inconsistent I guess I didn t read the description very well because I did not realize this was a lesbian romance But I found the story to be very entertaining several typos aside It was mostly about Elizabeth and her struggles with ineuality as a woman in 18th century England and not focused on the sex although there is someHappy reading Frankie I found it boring and couldn t force myself to finish it Book may be based on a true story but when heroine got all her problems solved without any real difficulties and most of the time without any difficulties at all it started to look like a mary sue fanfic This is one of those books that are really ha. In 18th century England a woman's role is to be a wife and a mother something which holds no appeal for Elizabeth Searson When Elizabeth's Professor dies unexpectedly leaving his apothecary to her she dis.

Rd to put away once started The story is good and I can really empathize with the narrator and her affections for the other characters I only found the character of Merril a bit superficial which is a shame since the personalities of the other characters are much clear through the bookI uite liked this novel though No stars Horrendous so badly written and if I was Sarah Waters I d be ringing a solicitor This was another book for research and to hone my editing skills So far this book needs a lot of editing skills The style seems forced and does not read smoothly at all Dialogue is stilted There are large chunks of information dumped on the page to fill in the back story of the characters and I ve only read 14 pages so far This book is teetering towards my abandoned shelf but I m forcing my way through in order to learn about what NOT to doUpdate I ve figured out one of the main things wrong with this text The author is trying to write with 19th century expression but it is way off It feels as if they have grabbed a few words such as UPON instead of on FOR instead of because SHALL instead of will MAYHAP instead of maybe and then flooded the otherwise modern text in the hope that it sounds olde worlde It doesn t it sounds stupid and trite Only problem if you are going to write expressively in an older style your entire text needs to reflect this not ust a few choice words There is also a healthy splattering of typos which really distracts and looks unprofessional I don t think this book has seen a spellcheck let alone an editor or even a friend of the author to give it a read before someone hit. Covers that she must marry in order to claim her inheritanceThreatened by bankruptcy Elizabeth begins a double life by dressing as a man and uickly learns the perks of being male Under her alias Elizabeth.

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