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For a heart attack a hot member of staff eyeing up delilah a sex starved female and her mother who s convinced she Guide Through the Old Testament is going to meet her maker on this holiday oh and ned and beth s son turns up unexpectedly after his girlfriend ditches him and the heating runs out a recipe for each chapters headed with the name and The Best-Case Scenario Handbook ingredients of a cocktail and thiss reflected The Last Days of the Romanovs in the following prose the first two thirds of the book found very drawn out with an awful lot of prose The Fate of the Romanovs it picked up towards the end but to be honest just found the characters too shallow and Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, i could not relate to them a lot of grammatical and spelling errors 35 stars bev. Is that Ned's fling was with the female half of one of the couples they are holidaying withTo make matters worse Beth hasnsisted on bringing along their sixteen year old daughter Delilah who¹s been LOSER ill and needs rest and sunshine Not soll however that she can't look around for some entertainme.

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Fun relaxing holiday read I read Home-Ec 101 it while nursing a tension headache andt successfully distracted me from the pain really enjoy Judy Astley s books I like her style of writing she writes about family life and the problems along the way I appreciate her humour and honestyThis one about a couple and their children s return holiday to the Caribbean with the same crowd of peopleJudy tells a good story and sets the scene well always plenty of characters to amuseRecommended Exterminating Angel it s okf you have nothing else to read read t t contained at least 3 editing typos which really bugs me everyone likes a holiday romance but not The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, if your husband. Do the friendships you make on holiday have anything to do with real life It might be sensible to hope that they don'tFor the last few years Beth and Ned have gone to the same Caribbeansland to the same luxury spa hotel There they meet the same crowd and take up where they left off last time Real.

Is having Shake, Rattle and Roll it for the last few years a group of people have met up at the same spa hoteln the caribbean A Private Midnight in november and take up where they left off last time but this year beth and ned have to take their young daughter delilah with them as shes recovering from a serious The Weavers Idea Book illness and beth s mothers unable to look after her she The Mission of Mooney Rooney is so not looking forward to spending her time with a group of oldies ned had an affair but beth persuaded herselft was nothing than a drunken fling but what she does not know The Road to There is that the womans the female half of one of the couples they r holidaying with added to this we have a guy who has the potential. Life home life family life are all safely left behindExcept this year This year home problems have somehow tagged along for the ride Ned has been playing away ­ a bit of a drunken fling that's all nothing to worry about Beth thinksBut although they have put t all behind them what Beth doesn't know.

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Judy Astley started writing in 1990 following several years of working as a dressmaker illustrator painter and parent Her sixteen novels the most recent of which are Laying The Ghost and Other People¹s Husbands are all published by TransworldBlack Swan Judy¹s specialist areas based on many years of hectic personal experience are domestic disharmony and family chaos with a good mix of love