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I use this book as my primary text when I teach Christian Scripture While Cosby provides the usual critical approaches his focus is much on interpreting the various genres of ScriptureIn addition one of the features of this book that I liked is that it does no. Written with both professors and students in mind Interpreting Biblical Literature provides an academically challenging introduction to biblical studies in a style that engages eaders Students and professors alike appreciate the photographs ma.

T start with Genesis So the novice student is not confronted with the difficult interpretive work in week 1 or set up for controversy with the instructorBy the time the student gets to Genesis they have learned about poetry proverbs wisdom and narrative Through. Ps cartoons and thought provoking exercises in this full color textbookABOUT THE AUTHORMichael R Cosby is Professor of New Testament and Greek at Messiah College Grantham PA Since 1985 he has inspired students to interact with the Bible teachin.

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This approach they have encountered source and form criticism in neutral contexts Of course the Psalms have sources and genres etc My students ate this book highly at the end of the semester Give this book a tryI think it would work in a Church setting as wel. G them how to interpret biblical texts in their ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean contexts Other college textbooks by Cosby include Apostle on the Edge An Inductive Approach to Paul and Portraits of Jesus An Inductive Approach to the Gospe.