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I was giving this book thru the author for my honest eview This is a ZombieLoveViolence kind of story For this being Katelin s first book I have to say you did awesome I couldn t put it down I just had to know what happened next If you enjoy post apocalyptic moviesbooks check this book out you will love it You were supposed to be my wingman not my freaking kamikaze pilot You do know you e a woman ight I ask Are you sure Olivia asks with an astonished face I thought I had a penis lol SURGE by Katelin LaMontagne was provided to me free of charge in eBook format by the author in exchange for an honest eviewThis eview contains spoilersThis book is set in a post apocalyptic version of our world Researchers have discovered a cure for cancer known as Gene K It showed great promise in chimpanzees and human testing soon followed The vaccine was used to treat 1100 terminally ill patients before the FDA had a chance to test and approve it Within a month the patients seemed to be cancer free However a month later side effects began to be seen the most significant of which appeared to be a build up of blood in the lungs causing the person to make a constant wheezing sound with every breath they took Fearing an outbreak the initial 100 people were forcibly confined and soon began to show violent tendencies The other 1000 test subjects soon showed the same symptoms and began scratching and biting anyone they came in contact with The infection spread like wildfire and Wheezers became a genuine threatNow than a year later Jared his sister Sarah and Jared s best friend John have collected uite a few survivors and brought them back to the elative safety of their condominium The problem is supplies are unning low and the stores and esidences surrounding theirs have been picked clean More and Wheezers are amassing and the trio decide the safest thing to do is to elocateHowever before this can happen Jared is saved from Wheezers during a supply un by Olivia who is one kick ass chick Bringing Olivia back to their home base is one of the best decisions of Jared s life Shortly after her arrival the group is attacked in the night by uthless human aiders that Olivia has encountered before What follows is an epic struggle of good vs evil and proves that Wheezers are not the only threat to the groupThe characters are well portrayed and Jared is an interesting mix of good and bad His heart is in the ight place but he is definitely a typical young adult male who often lets his libido get the best of his common sense Since this is true of most men his age it comes across as believable if a little crude at timesJared s younger teen age sister is a great character Strong in ways and so young and naive in other ways she inspires loyalty and protectiveness in all who meet her Growing up in this nightmare world would be difficult for anyone but Sarah seems to be growing up ight Thanks in no small way to Jared and John s devotion to keeping her safe and as sheltered as possible from the darkest ealities of their situation John is Jared s best friend The story of how they met in Kindergarten will make you laugh He has a weakness for women and women seem to fall at his feet He is definitely a ladies man although he is a bit of a dog with them and he finds it impossible to be a one woman man After the attack the group learn from Olivia that knows of a place where they can go to be safe Fearing etaliation from the aiders they set off to find itDuring their exodus they discover that Olivia has been through a traumatic ordeal Creatures lurking at your door step but are those what you should be afraid of or is there a greater monster to fear Jared Benson is a survivor but that's all he's done is survive He's about to meet a girl that's going to make him want than the ability to breathe but it comes with a price follow your head or your heartJared Benson is your average twenty three year old male he has a foul mouth he.

Nd is both physically and emotionally scarred But despite her issues John finds himself drawn to her and he begins to develop feelings for herThis is not just a zombie story It details both the bright and darker sides of human nature It is a story of survival not only of the body but of the mind This is well written and brilliantly structured and I very much enjoyed the fact that the author has written a book of substantial length Too many ecently published novels are excessively short which is a good way to sell books in theory but in eality it just frustrates the eader and makes himher feel cheated There are a few minor editing issues with this book such as since she s wasn t blind or deaf Which should ead since she wasn t blind or deaf Or so she seen the news eports which should ead So she had seen the news Or even so she had seen the news There are also a few instances of the wrong word being used probably caused by typos fixed by computer generated spell checking For example Olivia is telling a story and it says Me especially because I want to see what else she ecants I believe the author meant to use the word ecite ather then ecant Also when describing the two versions of the infected they are eferred to as strands when strains would be descriptively accurate Strand can work if eferring to DNA so I might be wrong in thinking that strain is what the author meantHowever despite these glitches which are easily fixed by an attentive editor I am still compelled to give SURGE a very strong endorsement and ate this book as 5 out of 5 I can t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series by Katelin LaMontagne I suppose it s possible that I did not give this book much of a chance but I just could not on any level make myself care about the female lead in this story Suddenly I understand wholeheartedly what it is that bothers so many eaders about a Mary Sue character Maybe I have a higher tolerance than others or maybe this particular Mary Sue out Mary s all the other Sues in Suesville I absolutely could not stand her not one bit She was a better fighter than everyone else She was smarter than everyone else She was beautiful than everyone else She figured out survival techniues that no one else had even considered Most all the other women hated her and were depicted as villainous because of it The group she was in actually asked her to show them all self defensive techniues even though the group she was in also included the person who showed her most of those moves in the first place and had been there for uite some time before M Sue even showed up Anytime the male lead said or did anything however small to leave Miss Perfect feeling in any way incensed the entire est of the group practically strung him up for it It s like he had to go through pretty much every other member of the group before being allowed so much as a conversation with her all the while putting up with We ve got our eye on you type vibes from half of them at least To make things worse this group was one he himself actually started I do feel a little bit bad for disliking this character so much because of all the terrible things that had happened to her at the start of the book But to me bad things should just be considered bad things and not something that has to be used to make a specific character less contemptuous to the eader Anyway I just got to a point where I spent time perusing Goodreads for my next book than I was actually eading this one and didn t pick it up again Not only was the female lead insufferabl. Likes sex he despises attachments and he doesn't take shit from anyone; he just happens to be living in a post apocalyptic world Almost two years ago the world as he knew it ended and he had to learn how to adapt to his new surroundings As the appointed leader of a agtag group of strangers Jared's focus is on survivalGathering supplies fighting infected and ending daily disagreements or skirmi.

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E to me I also got kind of bored I won t say that picking this up and finishing it at some point is impossible but it eally isn t very likely 45 Stars I finished eading this story about a week ago but I ve put off the eview for many easons The main being I don t think I ll do this book justice I know this is something book bloggers everywhere say at least once a week but I truly don t think I can describe my feelings for this book It was such a complex story emotionally and story wise It was attention grabbing but it was definitely not an easy ead There is so much emotion anger despair pain humor horror love frustration that made me feel as if I boarded the train to Crazy Townwhich we all know I did a long time ago With a lot of books it can take a while for me to become attached to the characters No matter what I eventually ate a book it can take a few chapters to become involved but not with this one I fell in love almost instantly which is unfortunate because one of the characters I wanted to see of died Surge follows the lives of a hodgepodge group of survivors that include an elderly person a doctor a couple of love smitten teenagers and a few too many clich fashionistas that complain about everything and arely keep their legs closed This group is led by a 23 year old snarky young man named Jared and his slutty best friend John both of whom initially banded together to protect Jared s younger sister when the world fell apart around them They slowly met with other survivors who joined them in living in Jared s apartment This all happened before the beginning of the book the book actually begins when Jared and John are scouting for weapons make an unwise decision as usual and become overrun by a horde of hungry wheezers They are saying their goodbyes when a short motorcycle helmet disguised woman in all leather decimates the entire group of wheezers and saves their asses for the first time of many Her name is Olivia and she takes them back to one of her houses where they uickly fall in lust with her survivor skills and her cooking and maybe a little no this book does not a love triangle at least not a traditional oneJared was an interesting main character I haven t ead many books in the male POV and I think this one was by far my favorite even though he was kind of the typical teenage male asshole at the beginning of the story I don t look down on the author for this as I think it gave him dimension because I saw tremendous growth from him all the way through the novel He changes from an immature boy who s only interests are sex from whoever spreads their legs and survival to a man intent on evenge and safety for his group and especially the love of his life He s a eal main character one who has the normal thoughts and actions of a boy his age but eventually grows upI also eally loved Olivia aka Jared s damaged lover even though her story is a terrible one I won t spoil the story for you guys but just know that if you have triggers or can t stomach abuse or ape in stories this is not the zombie story for you Don t be alarmed there is a happy for now ending but this book has some themes that can be disturbing How can it not be when view spoilera convicted apist and his minions escape from prison during an apocalypse and mutilates the main character in ways you can t even imagine hide spoiler 45 stars for this completely outta the blue fantastic ead it s been a while since I ve been blown away by a book let alone a debutthis was SO fucking amazing I don t even know how to explain why it. Shes amongst his anks are his new daily outine; but that's all about to change A chance meeting with a stranger tips Jared's world off it's axis and he's going to uestion what's eally important Come join Jared his sister best friend and those he meets along the way as he learns to choose if surviving is enough or if there is eally to lifeMALEFEMALE omance; violence; language abuse; male pov.

I'm twenty three years old currently in college and an avid book reader I'm an animal lover as can be seen with my profile picture That's my first baby a four year old Silky Terrier named Elvis My second baby would have to be my books I love sports but have to support my home teams the Sox Pats Bruins and the Celtics I recently picked up the hobby of writing and Surge is my first a