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As guilty as I feel for saying this this book was not in anyway well written I feel like it would Odd Man In have been better for Josefina to seek out someone toelp Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale her write this book but I understand that it mustave been therapeutic for Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children her to write every thing downerself Despite this fact this was truly a great story of survival Perhaps the most Carlyle Marney heart breaking part of the story take place after Josefina got out of the cellar Not only did sheave to deal with judgement from the press and broken familial relationships but she Shameful has toandle post traumatic stress disorder Who knows ow ard it must be to go back to becoming a functioning member of society after you ve been put into this survival at all costs mindsetIf you like survival stories and you Sacred Landscapes have a strong stomach then this is the book for you dare i used the word captivating book brilliant andorrific This book was pretty good I found the language to be a bit rough but I think that went along with the person that Josefina was Josefina was a strong woman and to write about a true story with all these Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, horrible gritty sad and down right disgusting details is a true accomplishment I m not really sureow I ve never Gold Rush heard to Heidnik before I used to live not far from Philly at all It s so scary to think that things like this. 'I stood there for a moment silently speaking to myself Josefina you will survive this You are strong You are a fighter You adapt'As a young mum of three Josefina Rivera was determined to geter troubled life.

Are still Girl Reporter happening It makes me want to never leave myouse If you want to read a book about courage and Hunted human endurance then this is it A book that makes you look at your life and your family and then realize justow Gingerbread Heart happy and lucky I am Strong woman are beyond me but I would like to believe that if we were put into such a tragic situation then we would all fight ourselves free A great book that kept me reading until the earlyours A view into a life that I could only imagine and into the mind of a victim doing what they ad to do in order to survive I love that when the ordeal is over the book carries on to show that just because you re out of the situation you never get over it So glad to see the appy ending too Wow Very touching I really enjoyed Josefina s perspective and after reading this I feel very touched As a survivor myself I relate so much to Biz Talk-2 her struggles I wasn t captured but was tortured as a child and I felt what she was feeling I felt disappointed that she used the wordsad sex with me rather than raped and I was a bit surprised at first that she did that Then I realized er istory isn t mine and A Historical Atlas of Tibet had she meant to say rape she wouldave I just The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, hope she truly knows whate did was always rape Not consensual in any way I m sorry they executed this vile non. Back on track But then she met Gary Heidnik and the next four months became a living nightmare Along with five women Josefina was eld captive in a cellar where she was starved beaten and repeatedly raped to.