Sabine Otten: Towards Inclusive Organizations

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Diversity arising from the mixing of peoples from different cultural backgrounds has long been an issue in nations such as the United States and Australia and in ecent decades European nations have Jacques Prevert reached unprecedented levels of cultural diversity due to increased migration This phenomenon of increasing cultural diversity at the national level sets the context for current social scienceesearch on the conseuences of diversity for social integrat.

Ion institutional functioning and interpersonal elationships This book eviews theory and esearch in social and organizational psychology on the management of diversity in work organizations The book shows how diversity management takes place across multiple levels at a national level at an organizational level between work groups and teams in interpersonal elations and at the level of individual experiences Each chapter summarizes elevant empi.

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Rical esearch and considers how the dynamics of workgroup How to Write Essays relations are likely to be affected by cultural differences among group membersThe contributors also describe the variables which organizational leadership should be sensitive to in designing and implementing policies and practices for inclusive organizations Towards Inclusive Organizations will be essentialeading for esearchers and advanced students in social and organizational psycholo.